Video: Jesse McCartney – ‘Shake’

Jesse McCartney

Jesse McCartney may no longer be the fresh-faced teen from “Summerland,” but that hasn’t stopped the ladies from loving him. Now 23, the pop heartthrob gets grown and sexy in the video for “Shake,” the lead single off his forthcoming album Have It All (Dec. 28). Dressed in a gray suit, J-Mac keeps it simple on a silver soundstage, cutting a rug with gorgeous gals who surround the singer as he romances them one at a time. Watch the lady killer in action below.

[E! Online]

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  1. sean

    boooooooooo, jessie booooooooooooo………


  2. MONKEY!



  3. Manjeo22

    I like the video


  4. Dillon_68

    Hot video, hot song!


  5. kimberly

    Damn that turned me on. Simple and sexy, love it!


  6. M&M

    Clean and sexy! Hot!


  7. Jay

    loooooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeee it


  8. jonNbk

    YESSS JESSE I WILL BE GETTING (downloading) his Album.. Jk haha


  9. Gabriel

    Leonardo DiCaprio?!?!? UAHuahUHAUhaUHA


  10. Kaene

    Nothing like I thought it would be. The girls are hot, the video is clean, and the song is dope. I’m watching for more of this dude.


  11. DJ

    Our little Jessie is growing up into a hot young Man. The video was cool, more Jesse less booty shots!


  12. DJ

    Love the song and video.


  13. JENN

    I love jesse mccartney he has got so hott


  14. Jazmin

    Lets Say He Grew Up.


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