Nelly Celebrates Album Release with Chris Brown and Friends


Nelly celebrated the release of his new album 5.0 last night at Playhouse nightclub in Los Angeles. With Jermaine Dupri working the ones and twos, the “Just a Dream” rapper partied with Chris Brown, Robert Kardashian, and McLovin’ himself, Christopher Mintz-Plasse. His promo tour continues with a performance tonight on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Nelly Chris Brown Chris Brown

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  1. Abbie

    Chris brown is sexy :)


  2. SG

    Congratz to Nelly on the album it is amazing. Don’t sleep on it people.


  3. tiffany

    yeahhhhhhhhhhh chrisssssssssss

    this(nelly 5.0) will be the best album of the year with the ciara, the T.I, the keri hilson’s one

    (make sure to have the four in your closet!!!)

    real artsits


    “long gone” is a very cool song for chris and nelly.
    nelly is a master, and chris the greatest performer…


  4. M francis

    His album will sell less than 100000 copies this week.His sales are in decline just like hip hop sales.Just 3 artists can go platinum now:jay-z;eminem and drake..


  5. NellysDaBoss

    Don’t sleep on dat ishh
    @m francis we’ll see…


  6. teyonna

    There is no way that Nellys album is selling more then Rihannas album this week. Hers is already 1# on itunes


  7. tunde ville

    ure the nelly, i always enjoy ur show,video every thing about you…………?


  8. VONiE

    them glasses are KiLLiNG me… like wat kind of stylist do u have?? ilCB && all but dem glasses have GOT to GO!!


  9. not hateN

    This about Nelly, no need to bring up Drake, Em, Jay Z and Rihanna! Why do you all always feel the need to compare artists with other artists, mainly the one’s yall are big on. Different people, please stop!


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