Rihanna Opens Up About Past Romance with Drake

Rihanna and Drake

Rihanna and Drake ignited the screen and the rumor mill with the video for their Loud collaboration “What’s My Name?” While their relationship these days is strictly platonic, Rihanna opens about her past romance with her co-star and why it didn’t go far.

The pop singer, who is currently in a relationship with L.A. Dodger Matt Kemp, admits that sparks once flew between her and Drake. The superstars were spotted making out at a New York bowling alley last year. Drake documents their short-lived relationship on his song “Fireworks.”

“We weren’t really sure what it was,” RiRi tells Angie Martinez when asked if they once dated. “We just went out—my friends, his friends.”

Rihanna concedes that she was drawn to the “Fancy” rapper, but the relationship never blossomed. “I definitely was attracted to Drake, but I think it is what it is, like it was what it was,” she continues. “We didn’t want to take it any further. It was at a really fragile time in my life, so I just didn’t want to get too serious with anything or anyone at that time.”

While they’ve moved on from the past, their friendship stays intact. “Drake is awesome. We remain friends and we had fun shooting this video and working together on this song.”

RiRi’s current boyfriend doesn’t have a problem with the steamy video—at least that’s what he told her. “[He] never said it out loud, but I don’t know what he’s thinking,” she laughs. “He watched it the other day and he was like, ‘I love that video. It’s a great video, babe.’ I don’t know how true that really was, but he seemed to like it.”

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  1. ebba

    i think they would be good togheter:)


  2. K.K.

    She’s good with Matt Kemp. Drake just don’t belong to her…


  3. LOUD

    Yea Drake and RIRI would be soooo cute together!!!


  4. qt girl

    Please don’t force something on them with very high expectation.


  5. Brionna

    i like her and Matt together i don’t think her and Drake would have lasted long because the media would break them up


  6. Becca

    Drake belongs to Nicki lol.

    Rihanna can keep Matt


  7. ntzi

    she won’t last wit drake, bt i thnk she stil luv breezy


  8. will.i.am

    Nicki and Drake belong together.


  9. tiffany

    that’s cool

    we don’t want rihanna with a young money memberrrrrrrrrr


  10. Mely B

    As a fan of both, I’m glad she cleared the air & I believe her statement. When I heard about them I figured Drake was headed for “rebound guy-ville” – they got together too soon after the incident. It’s a shame he got his feelings hurt but maybe he learned a lesson about how to treat females in his future. I also wish that HE had handled the situation better when asked about it earlier this year.


  11. Jermany

    i miss rihanna and chris brown..they were soo cute together…y did he have to hit her…:(


  12. WhatTheF

    ^Rih likes grown men. Not little immature boys.


  13. Peggy Sue

    Matt and Rihanna are very cute together, but I feel like she and Drake would be just as cute.


  14. PUHLEASE!!!

    Umm yeah, I just think that’s kinda of disrespectful to her dude. And they talk about their short lived “romance” to much. If I was a dude and if I was Matt, or even if I were a girl in his position, I would mind all that. That’s just disrespectful to me.


  15. ZANIA



  16. Boy Wonder

    That woulda been interesting can’t really see them as a couple tho. They seem better as friends.

    @PUHLEASE!!! how is that disrespectful? Matt got her now so I doubt he’s pressed. She’s not saying “yeah I really loved Drake” she’s basically saying “it wasn’t serious and didn’t get far” That’s stating facts.


  17. mr. minaj

    @WhatTheF, I think drake is older than rihanna, so wtf do you mean?

    I think they would be good together. The song is poppin, tho, that’s all that matters at the end of the day.


  18. Brown Sugar

    I just hope that if Rih marries Matt, she makes him sign a “PRENUP”, Oh Na Na!


    Sexy t Reply:

    If u say drake is way 2 gud does dat means riri isnt?nd i yes ur in luv wit drake nd u wnt him 2 urslf wel 2 bad coz neither u nor rihana wil hv him sory@Brown Sugar,


  19. K

    Drake is way too good


  20. Paul

    Drake was going to make Rihanna crazy he is into Weed and rihanna likes weed too so that was going to be a bad combination. from her interviews she sound smitten with her man(matt kemp) and afterall she is the one who first claimed him on Ryan Secreast so I believe every word she said in the inteview she is in love and she looks happy to me Drake statement about the relationship sounded as if he fucked her if it was only bowling then it was a fling nothing serious i think Rihanna made a good choice coz this guy Drake is just like her ex kiss and tell


  21. Meme

    Call me whatever you want, but I like seeing Chris with Rihanna.

    I really hope years down the line they reconnect when both of them are more mature.


  22. hayla

    rihanna getting beauiful but getting 0ld! :D


  23. Mz.Drizzy

    i like rihanna but i dont want her with drake *kanye shrug* lol drizzy can find other women


  24. Reda

    I miss Riri & Breezy :(((…
    but she looks cute with Matt…and we don’t want her with a young money member


  25. Lexx

    @BrownSugar its more like matt should make her sign the prenup…


  26. Terri

    Matt and Drake are both very nice guys. I don’t see Rihanna wanting to go back to Chris after experiencing better.


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  28. godfrey

    i think drake is awesome, and that he deserves a girl as cool as rihanna, but nicki is perfect for drake. well for Rihanna, i think she is yet to see CAPTAIN AWESOME.


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