Sneak Peek: Black Eyed Peas – ‘Do It Like This!’

Do It Like This!

The Black Eyed Peas kick it old school in the preview for their online-only “Do It Like This!” video, where the quartet turns into 8-bit characters in the Nintendo-inspired clip. Playing like a classic arcade game, the animated vid shows each of the Peas bopping up and down at the bottom of the screen while their lyrics scroll above them., Fergie, Taboo, and will perform at Sunday’s AMAs before dropping their album The Beginning on November 30.

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  1. kani



  2. Lisa

    WTF!! This shit is whack


  3. dr

    bass is bumpin i cud hear this blasted in my car


  4. R.i.P.




    what has happened to music nowadays


  6. Nait Phoenix

    At least they did the video for the better part of the song!


  7. Mr Awesome

    pokemon much?


  8. pap-game

    i love It It’s Fuunny


  9. Mike

    Awful. This album so far is a fail.


  10. Trust Me



  11. Tavo_RocZ

    shit looks crazy. it’s a different concept than the norm.


  12. Ricky

    I don’t know what you people complaining about this record is fun. The lyrics are creative and hilarious. The video is definitely cool. Why are you all so afraid of dance and dub step type sounds in the BEP production? They do the best of makin’ it hip hop with the dance production.


  13. Miniblock



  14. kani

    this is not dubstep.. this is dubcrap.


  15. Adam

    to those who dont like the b;lack eyed peas or is not liking their music, they dont have to enter posts abou them and comment, no one is making you…

    they rock
    i Ffin love both songs that r out !


  16. taylor

    i acutally like this! cool song!


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