Video: Soulja Boy f/ 50 Cent – ‘Mean Mug’

50 Cent and Soulja Boy

“Don’t f**k with my little ni**a,” warns 50 Cent in the video for “Mean Mug,” his hard-hitting collaboration with Soulja Boy from The DeAndre Way, due November 30. The 20-year-old rapper and his mentor rule the underground in the dark Colin Tilley-directed clip. Check out the terrible twosome mug for the cameras below.

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  1. Lovely



  2. Raheem T



  3. EmsFaveFan

    I can’t stand Soulja Boy, he’s so annoying and all his songs is the same.. ANNOYING!
    Fiddy killz it.


  4. Shady

    Weak song in my opinion, just like the rest of his songs..


  5. c.webb

    shit is hard in clubs.


  6. gonewithewind

    damn its a banger already…


  7. glo

    what fuck you doing 50 soulja is wackest rapper ever and being with em you gone bee also wack asshole


  8. Cassive

    Don’t like either of them but I like 50 as an actor, not a rapper though.


  9. CiaraMedlies



  10. @Debora3m0

    very nice ;)


  11. therealsouljagurl

    I love you soulja boy YOU ARE MY IDOL


  12. iryna

    50 cent u r the best


  13. emye



  14. varun

    Lovely boy that is good


  15. Game,fun

    game make Better!


  16. Lita

    One word: Joke


  17. Crymetyme

    What is the girl name in this video?


  18. Oh hell no

    Someone plz tell me the name of that women


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