Rap-Up Previews Nicki Minaj’s Documentary

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj’s Barbz will have to wait until November 28 to watch her MTV documentary “Nicki Minaj: My Time Now,” however, Rap-Up.com scored a front row seat to view several segments of the hour-long production in advance.

Produced by Radical Media and executive produced by MTV’s Dave Sirulnick, the doc provides an intimate look at the person behind the pink lipstick and elaborate wigs. “‘My Time Now’ really allows viewers to see part of [Nicki's] world that she hasn’t given people access to,” Sirulnick reveals inside a conference room at MTV’s headquarters in New York City.

The feature presentation showcases the Queens rapper traveling to her native Trinidad, which she hasn’t visited since the death of her grandmother seven years ago. Hugging cousins upon her arrival, the 25-year-old star lets down her guard. “I don’t want to act like Nicki in front of you guys,” she says, before cameras catch her purchasing $12,000 worth of merchandise for the family she’s just reunited with.

“Everything in Trinidad reminds me of family that’s no longer here,” Nicki tells director Michael John Warren during an intimate sit-down. After Warren asks the solemn-faced artist if her deceased grandmother would be proud of all she’s accomplished, the unthinkable happens: Nicki Minaj cries. But not for long. As tears stream down her face, the rapper quickly reaches for a pink mirror to look into, and hide behind, to prevent her mascara from running.

The production moves forward as the Pink Friday creator admits her father fell victim to crack and stole from the family, including the video games her younger brother owned. On the other hand, she praises her mother, a woman who “kept us together even when she was embarrassed.” As a sign of appreciation, Nicki signs the dotted line on a stack of papers and hands over the keys to a new home to her mother.

Fans of the Young Money collective may question why the entire team is absent from the doc, but Warren felt the extra additions weren’t necessary. “Nicki was like, ‘Why aren’t you bringing anyone else into [the documentary]?’” he states. “I only bring people in when I feel like the artist hasn’t given me enough. She gave me so much material to work with.”

Before the 20-minute preview ends, the animated lyricist explains exactly where her alter-ego Roman Zolanski comes from (“Roman is a crazy boy who lives in me. He was born out of rage. People have conjured him up. Now he won’t leave”), erupts into a rant after another artist seemingly acts lackadaisical in returning a favor (“When men are assertive, they’re bossed up. When I’m assertive, I’m a bitch. You have to be a beast to get respect”), and discloses the real reason behind her crazy smile (“My happiness comes from seeing life without struggle”).

“Nicki Minaj: My Time Now” airs Sunday, November 28, at 10 p.m. on MTV.

–Georgette Cline

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    CAN”T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!


  2. OnikaHasMyHeart

    I can see I’m going to need a box of tissues while watching this!
    11.22.10 Pink Friday


  3. Rihanna Baby

    ill pass


  4. DrDreStillGotIt

    I’ll check it out.


  5. The Truth

    Bitch you got fired from all those places because of your “attitude”. dnt try and act like you never even told anyone this because its nothin new. I SWEAR this bitch is sad and whack. Lola Monroe just debuted er new single “Overtime” feat. Trina on 106&Park today and she kills Nicki in EVERY way possible. Sorry Nicki but Lola Monroe is fnna take your spot now :)


  6. A Realist

    I like it.


  7. CheChilia

    I love her! ;D kisses to her!


  8. I

    @The Truth

    shut the fuck up, it doesnt matter why she got fired, you idiot! Who gives a fuck about a lola monroe, never even heard of the bitch… next!!!!


  9. 49ers160

    I love watching these documentaries. It goes into an artist lifestyle and she definitely has an interesting lifestyle.



    @ The Truth

    I saw that Lola Monroe video. Trina stole the shine from her. Lola Monroe is a pretty girl but her rap game is cool…but not on Nicki’s level.

    NICKI IS THE QUEEN!! Wake up!






  12. ponyo

    i will be watching……read her birhdayscope guys it will explain why she is the way she is….it even says that people born on her day will be fired lots of times….p.s still #teamqueenbee & #teamnicki #teamtrina


  13. 2011k

    @Ponyo: are you serious?? “Birthdayscopes” don’t define people and their behavior…if a person has a crappy personality/attitude, then that person just has a crappy personality/attitude (not saying Nicki’s personality is crappy because hell, how would anybody actually know?? She switches every two days)….lol, why did you even allow yourself to type that foolishness??


  14. jhuntdaprodigy

    @The Truth SMH, how is this bitch sad, when ur the no-name clicking on an article abt Nicki just to talk shit about a d-list rapper ain’t no one barely even heard of taking her spot? Aye aye aye


  15. mr. minaj

    Nicki is prepared to take to over the world. No matter what you guys say, this girl has gotten where she is for a reason. The collabos, interviews, cover stories, DEBUT ALBUM, all show she is headed for a legendary place in hip-hop, if not for her music, for how she revolutionized it and brought it into the 21st century.

    Fifteen, even 10 years ago, hip-hop was in a different place, for females and even rappers who didn’t fit the gangster, street persona. Now people like Drake, Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, Kid Cudi have had success without resorting to the fictional gangster, street thug, drug dealer, pimp persona. Even Rick Ross got criticized for being a correctional officer in real life, when his music is all about a fictional life, a “persona”, it’s not meant to be real.

    Hip-hop is being kept alive with few talent, and young talent at that. However, there is still a long way to go. No matter which way you look at it, Nicki Minaj is keeping hip-hop alive. and that’s the truth.


    teamminajOZ Reply:

    @mr. minaj, i like was you said very smart and so very true! Nicki Minaj defines rap in a totally different way.. if people would acctually stop and listen to her they would understand that this is a girl that Grinds HARD and learns what is impossible for others to learn in a lifetime, makes it her own and CONTINUES TO BE GREAT!


  16. tipsy minaj

    @The Truth Nobody even knows who Lola Munroe is unless you’ve listened to underground. That girl can’t rap to save her life, the only reason she is where she is, is because of Trina helping her out. #sitchoassdown.

    Can’t wait for this interview <3


  17. emil

    @ mr.minaj. I’ll love to have what you’re smoking.


  18. Rap-Up Previews Nicki Minaj’s Documentary | NickiDaily.com - Your #1 Nicki Minaj Fansite providing News, Photos, Media and more! "Pink Friday" coming November 22nd, 2010! • Your Love • Check It Out • Right Through Me

    [...] Source: Rap-Up [...]

  19. Boy Wonder

    She’s humble. I can see that she doesn’t care what the world thinks as long as she and her family can eat and live good and I relate to that %1,000,000


  20. Say

    This is y rappers have beef cuz of people like ya comparing Lola already, can a bitch live. I love nicki minaj. I don’t really know who’s Lola but I bet she’s a girl rapper. Stop the beef people we all live at the sane place USA, we all love music, we all love every girl rapper if u really a true rap fan. I love rap and being that I’m a girl I love rap females cuz they can talk about shit that us girls do. I hate the Kim n nicki beef, I just wish they can do a song together. Eve, Trina, diamond, Missy, Lil Kim, amel, foxy brown, remy ma and Any rap female needs to come out.


  21. Jordan

    Obviously, Nicki has a huge heart. All she cares about is her family. She does not promote drugs, she doesn’t rap about dick and getting fucked in every song like other females did, and Nicki has an “attitude” because she can. You have no idea what she has been through in her life.
    If you do your research, not only did her father try to burn down her house when she was young, but Nicki was raped. Nicki’s been fired from many jobs. Nicki was always told she would never make it.
    That’s why Roman exists… most people who went through something extreme make up an “alter” so that they can protect them. Most people believe that Roman is not real… but HE is.
    It’s a real disorder.
    This girl has been through so much and for you to judge her just because of her “persona” with the wigs and animated faces is messed up.
    Nicki is a great person with a huge heart.


  22. young$$MOVEMENT;

    i love you, nicki. #teamminaj


  23. K.K.



  24. ...lol...

    she is oo so coky
    but it works for her


  25. J Rock

    @The Truth

    Until Lola monhoe gets her own flow
    and stop biting rasheeda, she will not be mentioned , when it comes to nicki, if “lowlow” was so damn good, she would be wear nicki is right now, Thats why she working with trina the “miilion dollar” ooooops i mean 31k Girl..

    Bitch now step off

    “its barbie bitch”


  26. monica

    i think one day nicki minaj will have alot of songs and that alot of people will like her and including me because i like her rap songs. i think that she is a great raper and she should be one….


  27. anynamous

    enemies of progress always have negative to say about another individual and cannot accomplish anything themselves haters she said she doesnt care whatever anyone say about her isnt it a waste of energy to continue hating someone who dont care what you say about them she is progressing GOD bless all her progress


  28. anynamous

    she is a beautiful looking black woman who has accomplished success and overcome all adversity in her life haters try that for success


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