Video: T-Pain f/ Rick Ross – ‘Rap Song’

Nappy Boy meets Maybach Music in the video T-Pain’s “Rap Song” featuring Rick Ross, a single off his fourth album rEVOLVEr. In the T-Pain and Todd Angkasuwan-directed clip, the camera zooms past patrons frozen in time outside the club, heading inside the establishment where clubgoers are shown throwing cash at strippers, spilling drinks, and partying it up.

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  1. Gond

    Expected it to be a lot better… I mean the still camera roaming around was boring.


  2. Mr Back To Tha Future (I'm So McFly)

    This is Very “Creative” Dat’s Wussup! T-Pain Good Job!


  3. Lisa

    Very creative, but not for this song. I want to dance and shake my booty when I hear this song. Leave the art to Kanye.


  4. the truth

    i love t pain and this song: this is creative but not for this song he should have been moving while everybody else still


  5. Jayson King

    I really like this video.


  6. CheChilia

    this video was niiice!


  7. MONEY



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