Video: Black Eyed Peas Perform on Oprah’s ‘Favorite Things’

Black Eyed Peas

The Black Eyed Peas jetted in from their South American tour to Harpo Studios in Chicago to perform their brand new single “The Time (The Dirty Bit)” on Oprah’s “Favorite Things” episode. Emerging from a giant snow globe, the white-hot group got the audience on its feet with the upbeat jam from their new album The Beginning, later bringing out a choir to join them for a remix to the Christmas classic “Little Drummer Boy.”

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  1. yeps

    such a horrible song.
    while their past work was incredible, i dont personally know anyone who thinks they shouldnt be shot for this MESSSSSS. dead to me xx


  2. Adam

    wow amazing, i cant wait to see the AMAs performance
    the beginning will be epic


  3. Daniel

    Cool performance, the beat is sick, love it.
    Fergie’s voice is perfect!!!!


  4. Teezy



  5. Adam

    fergie’s vocals were AMAZING


  6. cari s.

    So I guess this is how hell sounds like?


  7. kani

    lame, laughable, gospel electronica


  8. saint

    where the fuck is rap here? just techno! previous album was wack, this one is totaly disaster. we want old BEP. monkey business was awesome this is not good


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