Mariah Carey Saw Big Things for Nicki Minaj

Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj

Pop fans were introduced to Nicki Minaj when she appeared on the remix to Mariah Carey’s “Up Out My Face.” Nicki shares the encouraging words the pop diva told her that gave her a boost of confidence.

The head Barb relived the experience of shooting Mimi’s video with Entertainment Weekly. “I was shaking,” she recalls after meeting the Grammy-winning songbird. “After we shot the video, she gave me a little pep talk that was really sweet and sentimental. She was like, ‘You’re going to make it. You’re going to be really big!’”

Mariah was right. Since then, she’s appeared on tracks for Christina Aguilera, Usher, M.I.A., and many more. Her debut album Pink Friday drops tomorrow, but Nicki is not worried about the sales.

“It doesn’t matter if I sell 80,000 or 800,000 in the first week,” she says. “Eventually the album will be multi-platinum, because it’s a body of amazing work. I don’t have any fear about dropping the same day as Kanye. People like good music and when they hear good music, they’re going to buy it.”

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  1. TeamKeri 4 EVER

    Yes yes yes I knew nicki would be big too!!

    I mean I’n our radio station I’n the UAE they were playing Keri’s Get Yo Money up that features Trina. But then next thing you know they got the Nicki version & I was like YAAAAAAY!!

    Lol anyways, Nicki is the best rapper she really is, and I love her so much. Am so buying the album when it drops here ;)


  2. YEAH

    she will be


  3. Chri$

    Why isn’t it any good friday-song this week???????????????????????


  4. Sol-power

    I think because MDTF is dropping this week.
    Yeezy said that Good Friday was just till the album came out.


  5. K.K.

    I know Nicki from ‘Up Out My Face’. and from that, I always follow her work. They’re all masterpiece!


  6. The Beast

    no he said til christmas

    the first time i heard of nicki minaj was last thanksgiving day when someone played me “sweet dreams remix” off of no ceilings with lil wayne and beyonce. such a sick song. thats when i saw she was going to go places


  7. Stan

    Ms Nicki, Drake had more hits on radio as a featuring act as well as a solo act,yet still couldn’t earn a multi platinum album. What makes this crazy broad think she can? lmao

    Nicki has the same type of fans chris brown and Trey have. Mostly Black women 15-30 years old, and gay&lesbian fans. She haven’t really earned an other fans lol. She will sell the same as chris brown and trey’s last albums around 350k at the most. It won’t go gold. QUote me on dat When the sales come out next week lol


  8. Chri$

    Oh:( I love the G.O.O.D. Friday songs. But I love the new Album even better:)


  9. brandon

    @Sol-power naw his good friday songs was till christmas

    but i knew nicki would be big too


  10. Jordan

    I knew Nicki would be huge also. She’s unique and just… awesome. I love Nicki.


  11. Jarvis

    @ stan

    You have a point


  12. LongLiveMinaj

    @Stan Wrong Nickis fans base is more than black women. She is an multiethnic act blacks,whites,muslims,asian,hispanic are crazy over Nicki & she’s blossming into an International act it seems that people in Europe/Africa/and parts of South America are feeling Ms Minaj so even if her cd dosnt go multiplat. She still is going to have an awsome career


  13. Rihanna Baby

    overrated bitch


  14. Boy Wonder

    @Rihanna Baby why the need for hate and you have Rihanna in the title? I like Rihanna but people in a glass house can’t throw stones….


  15. lovethesetits

    Pink Whiteday is soulless. Does Nicki think this is the route to success, to disregard her core audience? Dear Wayne, why did you have to go away and leave Dear Old Nicki without guidance?


  16. JAYLA




  17. Riyah.Finessence » Mariah Saw Big Things For Nicki Minaj

    [...] day as Kanye. People like good music and when they hear good music, they’re going to buy it.” source Filed under: Mariah, Music, Other Celebrities Posted by Seymone | No Comments » Date [...]

  18. Rihanna d Queen of POP

    love nicki minaj so getting her album..she a bad chic!! haters fall back n keep gaging


  19. coco

    LOL wow, pink Whiteday? I will have to hear a few more songs. Im not feeling what I’ve heard so far. She was good on Up Out My Face tho.


  20. Mariah Floppy

    Poor thing she can’t see big things for herself except for her fat figure!


  21. Mariah Floppy

    According to Hits Daily Double, Merry Christmas II You will drop 10 places to No 14 in its second week. This week, only 30,337 copies were sold. Last week, the album sold 55,000 copies. In 1994, Merry Christmas debuted at No. 30 with 10,000 copies less, but that album eventually sold 500,000 copies in its sixth week and a total of 1,859,000 copies sold in 1994.
    We could fool ourselves that Christmas albums are slow starters, but this is just not true. Susan Boyle’s new Christmas album, The Gift, sold 320,000 copies in a single week. That’s 4 times the amount Mariah sold in two weeks. Will Mariah have another flop, after poor sales of E=MC2 and Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel?
    The official album sales figures are determined by Nielsen SoundScan and will be released later this week.


  22. The Truth

    It’s so sad when bitter pathetic souls like “love these…” spend they’re days coming on blogs to talk trash about others, when they could be spending they’re days doing something useful and not spreading hate. Like Bun B would say, “go read a book you illiterate son of a bitch!”


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