Poll: Who Will Win the Thanksgiving Week Sales Battle?

Justin Bieber, Kanye West, and Nicki Minaj

The race is on! One of the biggest release weeks of the year is here when record labels line up their MVPs to drive holiday sales. So we want to know, whose album do you think will sell the most units in its first week? Will Kanye West’s highly-praised My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy crush the competition or will Nicki Minaj lead a Pink Friday massacre with her debut? But don’t forget the power of Justin Bieber, whose acoustic album also arrives in stores this week. And never underestimate the underdogs, Ne-Yo and Lloyd Banks, who will also vie for consumers’ Christmas cash. Make your predictions below.

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  1. math_

    Kanye West and Nicki Minaj! i can’t choose… LOL


  2. YEAH

    if they going up against JB then idk LOL But I hope Nicki M. win


  3. LOL

    well…of course LLOYD BANKS is gonna sell the most…lmao


  4. ...

    I say it goes Kanye-Bieber-Nicki-Ke$ha-NeYo-Jay-Lloyd Banks.


  5. LOL

    actually…ke$ha might just make a strong debut!


  6. lukex1990

    I say it goes Kanye-Bieber-Nicki-Ke$ha-NeYo-Jay-Lloyd Banks.
    I agree


  7. lukex1990

    ‘I say it goes Kanye-Bieber-Nicki-Ke$ha-NeYo-Jay-Lloyd Banks.’

    I agree


  8. MONKEY!

    this is retorical


  9. TYLER

    sorry but justin bieber, nicki, or kesha will be winning this. everybody is bieber crazy and my sis is ready to buy his album. Nicki and kesha will be up there to. But please ppl kesha might surprise. her songs have been debuting at #1 and top 10 as soon as they get released.


  10. sashaj

    Is everyone forgetting about Susan Boyle and Taylor Swift LOL??? Kanye will have the number 1 spot and Nicki will probably have the number 2 spot but Susan Boyle been selling 300,000+ copies now for two weeks in a row whose to say she wont sell that again this week?


  11. dame

    Kanye, bieber, kesha, minaj


  12. mike

    sorry but Susan Boyle will take the top spot another week, nobody’s checking on Kanye, and Nicki’s album is lame as hell, Bieber’s is just a acoustic album and Kesha’s a re-release, so it’s clear Susan Boyle and her troop of grannys will buy her album


  13. You Kno Me


    Kanye has no hit singles off his new album just alot of controversy. Bieber has a cult like following, Nicki still has her buzz going..Ke$ha has the serious club bangers,


  14. YMCMB

    Wow, when I voted Ne-Yo received 0% of all the votes, LOL. Anyways, I’m thinking…

    1) Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
    2) Nicki Minaj – Pink Friday
    3) Justin Bieber – My Worlds Acoustic
    4) Kesha – Cannibal
    And 5) Jay-Z – The Hits Collection Vol. 1

    I also think Kanye Will at least go Gold in the first week of sales. I wouldn’t be surprised if he debuts Platinum either.


  15. JaggerSmith

    Kanye with 500.000-600.000


  16. cari s.

    I think (and hope) Kanye.


  17. WeezyFan

    Justin Bieber is a little baby bitch


  18. ChoyceIsUrs

    Lloyd Banks
    That was tuff @ChoyceIsUrs


  19. Phoenix_Wright

    it would be funny if Susan Boyle remained at #1. She still is selling but not selling like she was last yr


  20. Drew

    Conway lol


  21. 7UP



  22. Kyle

    I think we have to be practical and I honestly think Kanye will have the strongest #’s. It’s been 2 years since his last album and he has remained relevant in the media for his questionable behavior and childish antics…which makes for strong publicity. Not to mention, has anyone seen reviews yet for his album?! Rolling Stone gave it 5 STARS! They rarely give anyone that honor.


  23. Keith

    Kanye is going to do the most damages with the sells!


  24. Kyle

    PART 2: Next up, I honestly think Nicki has the #2 position in the bag. I would say Justin Bieber would but where is his promotion and it’s just an accoustic album; nothing really THAT NEW. At this point, I think Nicki’s first week sales will determine a lot for her. This date has been set in stone for months now and her hype has been NEVER ENDING. If she does anything less than 250-300K I might have to vomit. All I know is her album is the only one I’m planning to buy tomorrow. I am so pumped.


  25. Keith

    Kanye might sell 1million in the first week….he deserve to….he put real true hip hop classic album this year….it’s something that’s not being made no more any artist….I do see it!


  26. Brionna

    I say it goes Kanye-Bieber-Nicki-Ke$ha
    Kanye 460K-540K
    Nicki 315K-400K
    i hope Nicki wins but time will tell


  27. Kyle

    Part 3: To hell with the other releases. Susan Boyle and Taylor Swift will continue to close out the rest of the top 5 for the rest of the holiday season. Obviously Bieber will make it in the top 5 and Ke$ha actually might have a chance too. Sadly, but truely. I feel like over the past year she has really managed to attract quite a large fan base. I would say that she is more of a “digital songs” artists but her debut album did sell over 1 million copies within a year…which is quite impressive.


  28. You Kno Me

    Taylor & Susan boyal arent moving from 1 & 2 billboard charts.


  29. Lolsmileyface

    This is not what I actually want, but listen this is how it’s gonna go down. I’m not doing sales because I have no idea, but the order will be.

    1. Kanye 600k
    2. Nicki 325k
    3. Justin 180k
    4. Ne-Yo 95k
    5. Ke$ha 75k
    6. Lloyd 60k
    7. Jay-Z 30k


  30. 7UP

    Wait…did Rolling Stone really give kanye’s new album 5 stars? Aren’t there scores out of 5 stars? You saying he got a perfect score? o_O


  31. Nick

    LOL I’m not sure what ya’ll smoking. That pop trash album of Nicki’s will not be selling any more than 200K. Most likely less.

    The biggest sellers will be Kanye, Kesha, and Justin. The question is RHETORICAL.


  32. oji

    i cant choose…….kanye – nicki – jayZ – JB – Neyo – Ke$ha uhuhuhuhuh


  33. tom

    doh Susan Boyle


  34. Kyle

    @ 7UP- yup. Pick up the latest issue of RS (with Eminem on the cover) and they gave him 5/5 stars. I seriously couldn’t believe it when I saw it. I know it’s just an opinion from a magazine writer, but still…that’s nothing but good promo for him.





  36. ponyo

    This could be a little tricky I would wait this out…I voted nicki but she and kanye might be neck to neck


  37. chov55

    Of course Kanye will win!Nicky might come second. BUT, also Susan Boyle’s The Gift will compete in her third week and Taylor Swift Speak Now. Obviously Justin Bieber will make into the top 5, and maybe Ke$ha


  38. Lisa

    Nicki isn’t selling over 200K. It will be Kanye, Ke$ha, Justin, then Nicki.


  39. Sweetbaba

    SUSAN BOYLE, old people don’t play


  40. MB92

    Um i like Nicki but i really dont think she’ll debut higher than Kanye or JB. she might do better than Ke$ha but im doubting that aswell. But Im not saying Nicki wont have good first week sells though
    1)Kayne or JB
    2)Kaynoe or JB


  41. ugh

    #1 Susan Boyle
    #2 Jackie Evancho
    #3 Kanye West


  42. MB92

    I dont even think Nicki’s Album will be good other than her Singles


  43. Rihanna Baby

    lets be fair, this fight is truly against kanye and susan boyle


  44. ash

    Kanye will be #1 …. after that it doesnt mater. 2nd place is just the 1st one who lost :p


  45. brandon

    kanye then nicki then justin then kesha but then again susan and taylor will probably still be up there to so idk i do think nicki will be in the top 3 tho


  46. Whatcha_Sayin

    Kanye’s new album has a rating of 100 according to Metacritic, meaning “universal acclaim”. He could sell close to a milli i think.


  47. jhuntdaprodigy

    F**k all that, it’s Kanye that’s selling the most! From the movie, to the controversy, to having good music in general, Ye’s album has a huge buzz. For those of you saying Ke$ha, do you think #1 singles really mean an album will sell big? Katy Perry had 2 #1s and TD only did 192,000. Flo Rida stay making big singles, and his albums never sell alot. An artist who has bandwagon here-today/gone-tommorow hit singles won’t prevail against a consistent proven artist with a loyal fanbase


  48. G-Unit

    Lloyd Banks H.F.M.2 album of the year!


  49. Adam

    between Kanye & Nicky


  50. Boy Wonder

    Not to be biased but I think the Biebs is on his way out unless he comes with some new music. He doesn’t have a MONSTER single on the radio like he did with One Time, Baby, Somebody To Love, or even a buzz single like Runaway Love. The top sales either going to Kanye or Nicki (most buzz, most dedicated fan bases, most stans)

    I’m anxious for Banks tho. He’s always been the best in G-Unit and he’s so slept on it’s ridiculous.


  51. tomaszbutrym

    1kanye 2nicki 3neyo 4jay-z 5justin or susan


  52. will

    Kanye West Dark Twisted Fantasy: 750,000
    Nicki Minaj Pink Friday: 504,000

    Remember i said it!!!!!


  53. yulii

    nicki or kanye deserve it

    hope not bieber


  54. GENIUS

    Kanye is going to be first.
    Album of the Year…


  55. jimscreechie

    its between ye and nicki but ye will win.


  56. Noi

    kanye’s album was average its is 3rd best album out of 5


  57. Truth Be Told

    Kanye by far has the best album of 2010. 5 Star rating it doesnt get any better than that and thats coming from Rolling Stone, New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, Slant Magazine and Chicago sun Times. He will do very big first week numbers.


  58. Lenny

    Kanye most likely will win the sales battle

    *The College Dropout (Feb. 10,2004)- 441,000 copies first week/ #2 on Billboard (only because Norah Jones album debuted with 1 million copies that same week)

    *Late Registration (Aug. 30,2005)- 860,000 copies first week/ #1 on Billboard

    *Graduation (Sept 11,2007)- 957,000 copies first week/ #1 on Billboard (beat out 50 Cent’s Curtis which sold 691,000 copies)

    *808s & Heartbreak (Nov. 24,2008)- 451,000 copies first week/ #1 on Billboard (Although it was his lowest sales since his debut, it still beat out serious competition like Guns n Roses during Black Friday week 2 years ago this week)

    Judging by Kanye’s 1st and 4th album debut sales week, Kanye seems to have an initial automatic fanbase of 450,000 copies that will be sold AT LEAST. Even with the controversy in the last couple weeks, the perfect to near-perfect reviews his album has been getting, how he has had a track record of outselling the fiercest of competition since his 2nd album, and the fact that he is mostly back to his original style of music should be more than enough to equal up to him selling quite well. However the gap between his 2nd lowest sales and 2nd highest sales is a big one (451,000-860,000) I believe he will sell between those 2 numbers and debut at #1, making his 4th consecutive #1 out of 5 albums. And plus it should be noted that although his debut album debuted at #2, it still was a #1 Hip Hop/R&B debut album, like his 3 others.


  59. QWERTY

    I dont think Pink Friday will not outsell Thank Me Later.


  60. Christina

    If Bieber’s new album was NOT acoustic I would say him, but since it is I’m going with Kanye. The reviews for the album can’t give it enough praise, and he has such a huge fanbase that he’s gonna take it.


  61. taj mahal

    Kanye has 100 out of 100 at metacritic which is the average of other critics’ scores. Nicki has enough buzz to do well. Ne-Yo has been on many anticipated lists and has good reviews. Bieber has been changed to Friday and only at Target and itunes. Lloyd Banks has had a good year and good fans. Jay is self explanitory. Ke$ha is just a ep with a pop single that went #1. Boyle’s is a holiday album. My Chemical Romance change its day to tomorrow. Really think about the music, fan base, reviews, year, and body of work.
    Lloyd Banks
    My Chemical Romance


  62. kani

    maybe taylor swift or susan boyle.


  63. JAYLA



  64. Eddy

    Kanye will win ! His album is GREAT !


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  66. Saadkid08

    Im rooting for Kanye! I hope Nicki does well too, she definitely deserves it. Its a Good week for music, pun intended.


  67. michelsontv



  68. Kyle

    @ MB92, I disagree. I actually think Nicki’s single choices are quite weak compared to the other songs I have heard so far off the album. Overall I think this is just a tough battle to call. I am so anxious to see final sales next week because I think anything could happen. Everyone seems to have so many different predictions so it’ll be interesting to see the final results.


  69. A Realist

    Its between Kanye and Susan Boyle. LOL. Idk about Taylor Swift. This is like her 4th week coming up so I doubt she’ll stay up that high for a fourth week in a row. Nicki will definitely be top 5.


  70. mr. minaj

    @mike Nobody’s checking on Kanye!!!! what are you smoking!!

    I say Kanye-Bieber-Nicki-Kesha-Neyo-Jay-Lloyd.


  71. Dougie



  72. BarneyMosby

    @Lenny that was a great analysis, i’m gonna predict the chart will go something like this:

    Susan Boyle
    Nicki Minaj
    Taylor Swift
    Justin the Blow Job Bieber
    Some beatles album


  73. The Truth

    Sorry but Nicki Minaj album leaked PLUS 90% of people sayin its GARBAGE?? She might go gold but thats it ;/ . Kanye will win.


  74. mike

    i think kanye but lloyd and nicki will be fighting for second plaace


  75. shamu630

    kanye and nicki


  76. Chris Shorts

    kanye and nicki gonna eat it up im buying both so its all good


  77. followalejandro

    they both got haters. they both got devoted fan. fuck JB. does it really matter? it’s gonna be a good week for music.. that’s for sure.


  78. Alejandro



  79. K.K.

    Give it to NICKI!!!!


  80. Hope

    Lol. Ya’ll real stupid if you think Nicki is selling any more than 180K. lmao.


  81. fdsfsdfsfsd

    Google in the input: = tradeone.us = you can find many brand names, even more surprising is that he will sell you the unexpected o(∩_∩)o


  82. MusicMusic01

    @Boy Wonder he doens’t NEED a big single his fan base is f**king HUGE. he’s got 6 million followers on twitter and all he has to do is tell them to go buy the album. you see what happened with the AMA’s, he won every category he was nominated in. and Nicki is selling way more than 180k…


  83. imeafk

    i think it’ll go like this

    kanyewest: 400-500k
    nicki minaj: 250-350k
    justin bieber: 200-300k
    jay-z hits: 150-250k
    lloyd banks: 50-150k

    but im not that good at predictions :P. Lets see :)


  84. EmsFaveFan

    Kanye will win, ’cause Jay-Z is The Illuminati.


  85. D rod



  86. Albums_2010_realeases

    Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy – 400-500k
    Ciara – Basic Instinct – 200-240k
    Nicki Minaj – Pink Friday – 150-200k
    Soulja Boy – The DeAndre Way – 150k
    Young Jeezy – TM 103 – 150k
    Keri Hilson – No Boya Allowed – 120-150k
    Neyo – Nibra Scale – 100-120k
    Justin Bieber – Asoustic Album – 80-100k
    Chrisette Michele – Let Freedom Reign – 80-100k

    And i dont know much information about the Cannibal album of kesha, i only heard her new single and nothing else?
    And i heard also nothing about akonic ( akon album ? )


  87. JustKiddingTruth

    Kanye, Justin Bieber, and Ke$ha will round up the top 5. And Nicki Minaj will make it in the top 10 or at least top 7, but hopefully she does better than what I expect tbh. She should have performed at the AMA’s last night for extra promotion, but at least she got to present.


  88. georgetown

    Wow u people are realy stupid to think nicki is gonna sell more then kanye hahahaha go back to dreaming ppl


  89. Eliana

    I believe justin dude will cause come on every single girl likes him I don’t
    :] So Nicki minaj/Kanye West <3


  90. Carmen

    lol it will be funny if Nicki does outsell Kanye becuz noone is expecting her too.

    She does have a few things in her favor. Kanye has the good reviews, seriously Im getting both but Kanyes whole album was filled with guess appearances. I can tell he worked hard for it. Nicki’s album is a good album too, no skips only check it out and your love are the weakest tracks. Its a really good first album.

    Down side more pop than rnb soul. I wish Kanye would take her under his wing and on her next album produce it for her and I know he’ll help bring out the absolute best for her.

    Kanye has an established fanbase and history on his side so if Nicki loses to him, she shouldn’t feel bad. I like Kanye and nicki minaj so I hope they both do well.

    Neyos and lloyd’s promotion is kind of weak. Neyo will do better than Lloyd. Dnt kno much about the kesha chick. Justins is an acoustic album. But they all should put up big or decent numbers.


  91. JeezyOverJesus

    I’m hoping Kanye does 1.3 million, just to thumb his nose at Taylor Swift.

    That being said, Kanye is probably gonna do 850K – 950K this week. Nicki Minaj isn’t touch those numbers but she’ll pull in a strong 475K.

    Shout out to Susan Boyle.

    I don’t know why people are sleeping on Ne-yo, hes still good for 200K in his first week, even with the bad promotion. I get the same feeling about the Ke$ha EP.

    Banks isn’t gonna do crazy numbers, he’ll barely crack 100K, signaling the end of the G-Unit era (the actual end coming when Yayo releases an album and it fails to chart).

    All in all, it’ll be a great week for Hip Hop, because Currency’s Pilot Talk 2 is out.


    J. Cole – Cole World

    Kanye – Dark Twisted Fantasy (check)

    Dr. Dre – Detox*

    Jay-Z & Kanye – Watch The Throne

    Young Jeezy – TM 103

    Lupe Fiasco – Lazers

    * I don’t know I bothered to include this, its never coming out. Watch it get delayed in January


  92. A Realist

    Hits Daily Double (a very reliable source) is already predicting Kanye and Nicki to be fighting for the number one spot, both with first week sales over 400K. This is insane because, to my knowledge, the only other female rapper to do over 400k in the first week is Lauryn Hill. And that was back in the era when people actually bought CD’s and didn’t always illegally download.


  93. K.K.

    Voting NICKI and hope she wins
    but the spot should be KANYE’s


  94. lyrykal

    4 real pple gotta c dis from da buzz point of view, nicki got da craziest buzz of da year + her album is amazing no matter what da reviews say. she got a massive fanbase and her promotion is crazy, kanye’s album is incredible and all those good friday tracks gave him a good promo for his album. now nicki got white girls thinking they barbies and black girls going crazy she got da gay community rooting 4 her do the math say 300k white barbies 200k black barbies 200k normal fans 100k gay fans and 50k male hiphop fans + 100k young money fans + 50k bought by label = platinum


  95. KanyeForTheWin

    Kanye’ll probably sell as much as his last album sold, around 450k, and if it hits 500k that would be great too.

    Nicki Minaj will start at no. 3 (not forgetting Susan Boyle’s album, who’s still selling strong!) with around 200k.

    I hope Lloyd Banks and Ne-yo both top 150k, they’re great artists too!

    Talent-wise, Kanye is no. 1. This man’s a genius! Hope he goes even higher than what I predicted!


  96. krystal mckenna

    Lloys Banks’ album is theeee best of all of them, HFM2 had to have sold the most!!


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