Keri Hilson Reveals J. Cole Collaboration

Keri Hilson and J. Cole

In addition to Chris Brown, Kanye West, and Rick Ross, Keri Hilson has added Roc Nation rapper J. Cole to the testosterone-heavy features on her sophomore album No Boys Allowed, due December 21.

Plus, go behind the scenes with the “Pretty Girl” and her chain gang as they strut on the city streets for her album packaging shoot with photographers Gomillion and Leupold.

“I knew I wanted my album title to represent women and most of my songs are really about how hard it is out here to weed through the boys and find a man,” explained Miss Keri. “It’s like a day in the life of a crew of unruly bad bitches—unapologetic, reckless, just independent.”

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  1. sabrina

    So many features. Well good luck to her.


  2. Video: Keri Hilson’s No Boys Allowed Album Photoshoot

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  3. v

    no female collabo but rep women huh? miss i need a collabo to even chart


  4. harvey

    shoot Keri’s single is doing something it cracked pop top 50…and currently sits at #38 on rhythmic pretty girl rock is rockin them charts I think she going on jay leno tonight or 2mmarow and then the monique show she gonna do promo all december for no boyz allowed.


  5. Truth

    Keri is incredibly beautiful i dont get how anyone could call her a “Bird” or ugly i mean shes one of the most stunning looking woman in the music industry and thats a fact.


  6. mrmagoo

    harvey… you are a liar. its not even on the pop charts.


  7. harvey

    2mr.margo yess it is,because look on mediabase american music & All Acess. the song is on pop charts for real.


  8. uhhOK

    so lemme get this straight..the album is called “no boys allowed” but it features all these male collabos? LOL


  9. tracy

    For all u ppl dat has the IQ of a chimp, its tlkin about ‘boys’ not men. She said her features are real men


  10. Got Em.

    I swear some people need to be stoned in the head. The “No Boys Allowed” title is saying that Woman need a Man not a Boy in order to withhold a relationship, be responsible, etc. Keri Hilson wants a man not a boy and its looking like the people who dont get the title are too young to understand or just havent matured yet smh.


  11. Cmonson

    @uhhOk Are u really that stupid o_O???


  12. jk

    @tracy…ohhh please and plus kast time i checked real men dont hit women… *cough*chrisbrown*cough*


  13. Kyle

    I am so pumped for this album. J. Cole is a good addition and I am still loving “It’s The Way You Love Me” with Rick Ross. Roll on December 21st…


  14. harvey

    jk,wow chris brown wasnt evan muture at the time because clearly abuse was in his home when he was younger.what happened was a Wake Up Call.


  15. beyonce2011

    whoever said keri hilson don’t have a female feature she does its with lil kim dummies.

    and i dont know why ppl think keri hilson gonna be like rihanna and only put 10 or 11 songs on her album the album will have close to 20 tracks and a delux edition


  16. o_O

    Am I the only one that has noticed her nipples showing!? She is gorgeous though…I’ll be buying her album.


  17. Lil' Nello

    LOL @ o_O I noticed too & Keri is really gorgeous! It’s like someone mentioned on Twitter yesterday during the awards she’s so gorgeous, is well spoken & can sing & songwrite so they don’t understand why she’s hated so much! That’s a good look for J. Cole too & can’t wait to cop the album to see the final artwork!


  18. Yas

    “Get a Cole feature, that will put you over budget…”


  19. Amanda

    Excited for this! Love J. Cole and his mixtape Friday Night Lights is so good! Been listenin to it all week.


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