New Music: Kanye West x Jay-Z f/ La Roux – ‘That’s My Bitch’

Jay-Z and Kanye West

Kanye West and Jay-Z appear to be making good on their promise to deliver a joint album with one of their fruits of labor, “That’s My Bitch,” hitting the net. The old school-inspired tune, which features a chorus from La Roux’s Elly Jackson, rocks with a busy beat and witty rhymes.

“If Picasso was alive, he would have made her/ That’s right n***a, Mona Lisa can’t fade her/ I mean Marilyn Monroe, she’s quite nice, but why all the pretty icons always all white?/ Back to my Beyoncés,” raps Mr. Carter.

Can’t wait for Watch the Throne? Listen to the track below.


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  1. Sweetbaba

    I like it


  2. Eddy

    Me 2


  3. DarkD3vil

    this is a hit. i love it. i wish this would have in my dark twisted fantasy.


  4. Jon

    so so


  5. Lisa

    Trash. Jigga is terrible now.


  6. Saadkid08

    eww its not mastered. I’ll wait till its officially released.


  7. back2basics

    i like it


  8. Sarah

    Yes I love how Jay shouted out Bey.

    “If Picasso was alive he would have made her, that’s right n**** Mona Lia couldn’t fade her.”

    “She tell me to keep my own money if we did split up, how something so gangsta be so pretty in pictures.”

    “Now back to my Beyonce’s.”

    I LOVE IT!


  9. A.d.



  10. Tev

    This song is tuff can’t wait for the final to come out.


  11. From Tokyo

    La Roux!


  12. Natasha

    I can’t believed he just referred to his wife as a harlot!!!!!! Beyonce sweetheart thats nothing to be proud about!


  13. T.I. Supporter

    wtf are u talking about @lisa jay-z is one of the best living rappers around


  14. Mack

    love it.Ye.


  15. dankingkemp

    Yeah ever since Jay Turned into Nicki, things have Been Lame duck in Rap…..TI is considered the Best..(dk


  16. dankingkemp

    Actually, this is a Great Track..)d


  17. blackguyfromNY

    tough track, its definately got a old school flow wit new school equipment. props to jay, kay and q tip


  18. K.K.



  19. Shady

    Its good, but it needs another verse from ye-jay, this isnt the final version I think


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  21. A Realist

    Love it.


  22. Bob

    “who’s the new old perv thats tryna play second fiddle/no disrespect, I’m not tryna belittle/
    but my dick worth money/ I put Monie/ in the middle”

    A sly dig at Quincy Jones from Kanye.


  23. L.A

    ha, shout out to monie love


  24. Shawn

    i don’t walk around calling bey an bitch for the record.


  25. Shawn

    as long as she no i’m not calling her a bitch then thats the end of it.


  26. Taydoe

    Looking forward to hearing the track, never know what to expect from these 2


  27. LAD

    yup that’s my bitch!


  28. Fan Ov A Fan

    hmm… naah
    there both my two favourite artist but i dont like this song


  29. Hana

    Yeah Yeah Ye lol


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