New Music: Lloyd Banks f/ Eminem – ‘Where I’m At’

Lloyd Banks and Eminem

With his third album H.F.M. 2 (The Hunger for More 2) in stores today, Lloyd Banks teams up with Eminem for the Boi-1da-produced “Where I’m At.” Over oozing synths and brash drums, Em drops a visceral verse aimed at an ex, rapping about his tortured heart while putting down the former flame. Banks picks up where he left off, spitting, “Love is like a cancer when you don’t let go.”

“Lyrically it’s taking it to another place,” the G-Unit member previously told Rap-Up TV. “This is a unique record and it’s powerful.”

Feel their pain by listening to the iTunes bonus track below.

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  1. Sargewp

    HFM2 is on itunes and in stores NOWWWWWWW


  2. c.webb

    album of the year.


  3. Alex 259

    Great song!


  4. plk_all_day

    love the song !!!


  5. chrille man

    this song is fuckin awesome


  6. Jon

    whatever is with Em’s constant yelling. he should switch styles


  7. dead92

    better than roman rvenge


  8. Jassi

    hey Jon, it’s called emotion


  9. Lala

    Love Em!


  10. alessandraj

    WTF, I like this song! But, on itunes you have to purchase the WHOLE album to get this song. WTF, why cant this just be a single!

    $14.99 HELL NO!


  11. Shaun

    Whoa, shout out to Boi-1da (Matthew Sameuls) keep doing your thing my friend. I love the track but Emimen’s verse is too short.


  12. asd



  13. Tee

    rap up do u listen to music or skim thru it?

    Eminem is talkin to his former self not a former flame


  14. Bangers N Mash

    one of the hottest tracks of the year. Easily. Both fucking killed it. And dissed the new age rap game while doing it.


  15. EmsFaveFan

    When Em dies(hopefully not soon!!) hiphop’s dead and there’s nothing left for music.. F*ck the 2012-profitee, my world’s going to an end when Eminem dies.


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