J. Cole Eyes Spring Release for Debut Album, Reveals Collaborators

J. Cole

Now that J. Cole has given fans the appetizer with his latest mixtape Friday Night Lights, he’s focusing his attention on the main course. The “Who Dat” rapper shares a few more details about his highly-anticipated debut.

“The album could be done. If I needed to put it out next week, I would be able to,” the Roc Nation signee tells Rap-Up.com. “My expectations were already super high and I think the fans’ were too, but now that the mixtape is out and the response is what it is, I kinda want to go back in and do a few more songs that are that much better, just to boost the level of the album.”

He is now eyeing a spring drop date for the project. “I think we’re looking at a March release date or something around there with the single coming in a couple weeks.”

While he wouldn’t reveal the song’s title, he did hint at a guest appearance. “As of right now, it has a feature,” he says of the undisclosed tune, adding, “I think it’s what a lot people been waiting on.”

And despite Cole World being thrown around, he has not announced an official title. “I never announced that as the name of the album, but it’s a sick title. I did think about that as a possibility, but as of right now, that’s not the title,” he states. “When I get a release date that I’m confident about, then I’ll put out the title of the album.”

One thing he would share was his current list of collaborators. “If the album was to come out tomorrow, it would be me for the majority of the production, No I.D., one from Danjahandz, and one from Brian Kidd.”

Fans can get their fill of Cole with his new mixtape Friday Night Lights, featuring appearances from Drake, Kanye West, Wale, and Pusha T.

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  1. YEAH



  2. lol

    j cole too fucking sick.. best nigga in the game, fuck the drake fans.. stop comparing drake to this nigga


  3. www.nuanalog.com

    Friday Night Lights was dope


  4. bgbenz92

    i hope that new single gets ALOT of radio play!!!


  5. T-Mac

    He already said that only feature on album will be Jay Z. And maybe Kanye… That’s it.


  6. Jon

    This guy’s gon replace Jigga.


  7. kekeluvsu

    Cold World, still a Cold World. LOVE this guy so much. He is def. spittin’ that real shit. And i really think ppl should STOP comparing him and Drake because they are NOTHING alike. They are very good but very different.



  8. ILLA

    Cosign @ kekeluvsu

    Cole World no snuggie lol


  9. Vegard

    Future legend! Just sayin’


  10. jhuntdaprodigy

    He said he thinks it’s what everybody’s been wating on, and everyone’s been waiting on the first J. Cole feat. Jay-Z track, so that’s most likely what it is. Although I seriously doubt it will even crack top ten, I hope it goes to #1


  11. Unk

    hopefully brian kidd doesn’t give him anything that sounds like timbo old style lol


  12. me


    how u gonna say fuck drake fans when drake and jcole are going on tour together? no wonder hip hop isnt selling, its the fans fault


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  16. Rosalyn Whickum

    I’m so excited for this! He’s my favorite and i really look up to him. I can care less who’g going to be on the album…… IT’S HIS and point blank that’s why I’m goin to buy it! Haha Cole World No Blanket
    sincerely signed Jemaine Coles’ Cool Kid


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