Lil Wayne Is Married to the Game

Lil Wayne

The game keeps calling Lil Wayne. The rapper was back on the court for the Miami Heat vs. Indiana Pacers game at AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami on Monday (Nov. 22). Weezy F. Baby wore a red plaid shirt, camouflage shorts, and sneakers, with his hair tucked under his cap. Mack Maine and DJ Khaled joined him courtside. He will perform “No Love” with Eminem on the December 18 episode of “SNL.”

Lil Wayne Lil Wayne, Mack Maine, and DJ Khaled Lil Wayne and Janelle Sanchez

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  1. gonewithewind



  2. gh



  3. soowoo

    he looks baked!!1!


  4. Li

    So when is he going to grow up?


  5. Davidson

    damm that hoe thick asss fuk


  6. The Truth

    Wayne looks cute in these pics :)


  7. Bavonne Michaels

    Weezy mwaaaaaa……aah


  8. jAyMeN13

    where did he get that hat and all of his hats they are tuffffff!!!


  9. sol

    lil looks gr8 with those capes:)


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