New Music: Soulja Boy f/ Trey Songz – ‘Hey Cutie’

Soulja Boy and Trey Songz

Soulja Boy Tell’em and Trey Songz holler at the ladies on their latest collaboration “Hey Cutie.” The 20-year-old bachelor impresses his admirers with his riches and six pack, while Trey seals the deal with his smooth talk.

“It’s something for the ladies out there,” Trigga Trey told of the playboys’ pairing. “It’s got a little bounce to it, a feel-good record, make people want to dance, sing along.”

Listen as the fellas put a smile on your face below.

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  1. gonewithewind

    Decent song…


  2. ayesha taft

    Fact these two decided to calab agai I know its gonna be hott


  3. mama

    this song is cutee


  4. Ash

    He’s so cute


  5. Cmonson

    Cant wait to see Soulja Boys album flop so i can laugh my ass off. This dude is irrelevant. #Thatisall


  6. MiC Alexander

    im sorry, i just can’t see why people like soulja boy. he has no flow and his lyrics are amateur at best. not hating, i think he’s creative sometimes (rarely) but on a consistent basis….(Ed Love voice) C’mon Son!


  7. Chaaych

    Treyy Songz Is Thaa Sex!
    Soulja Boy… Not so much..
    He Has No Swagg and Can’t Rap.. WTF is he famous for?

    Just About Bearable Song Though..


  8. Music

    @Cmonson : u can laugh now cuz he already flopped hard


  9. asd

    party artists


  10. MeMe

    Wow, he’s terrible! This is ridiculous
    And I love, love, love Trey Songz and he sounds good on here. But he can do so much better


  11. Ruthy

    The good parts of this song is the beat itself and Trey’s vocals. Hell, Trey should’ve keep this track for himself, it suits him better.


  12. honeybun

    yes i just like this song because of trey thats the only reason why i clicked the song in the first place..


  13. T.I. Supporter

    Soulja Makes This Song ! #NoDenying


  14. SPiDA

    OMG best song ever! i love trey songz but soulja boy is the best rapper ever! but if chris brown was featured on this like he was meant to be then this would be a No1 hit! 5 stars.


  15. thandey Barnz

    They are both SEXY wooow love erm <3 <3 <3


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