New Music: Trey Songz – ‘Don’t Forget Ya Ring’

Don't Forget Ya Ring

Less than a week before its November 28 due date, Trey Songz unleashes the final leak off his #Lemmeholdatbeat mixtape. On the original song “Don’t Forget Ya Ring,” the ladies’ man talks dirty, reminding his married girl to put her ring back on after their sexual encounter. “No disrespect to you husbands when I lay up with your woman/ We don’t be kissing and snuggling/ She just be lickin’ and f***in’,” sings Trigga Trey. If you like it, put a ring on it below.

Trey Songz – “Don’t Forget Ya Ring”

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  1. YEAH

    TREY I <3 U


  2. YEAH



  3. Gail

    didn’t kind of start here and went in the direction of singing, took a minute, but he has made it in this industry, why do something that right now the fans are not looking for from you. I mean it is alright but I would not run out an by it like I have all of the rest that he’s done in the last 4 years.





  5. Young Fly B

    Yoooo I knt wait im on lke white on rice…ya digg


  6. From Tokyo

    Those lyrics. Wow. Guess it’s not for me to listen.


  7. sad

    No Trey, don’t go to this way…


  8. A Realist

    Sounds very nice.


  9. ada

    Wow I so love u trey I need u to come to Richmond va


  10. N.G

    I love this song Trey did it once again <3


  11. marlenis

    omg im a fan u the best singer ever i lve all ur songs keep it up


  12. suav3

    my dude keep doin ya thing.. and 2 the ladies u gotta remember most time when people make songz like this sometimes they jus having fun u know.. brainstorming.. its not personal its just fun gotta make music 2 fit all kinds of people in dif situations u know. cant stay one track.. if that was case nobody in music would have a girl cause of there lyrics..and vids.i sing and write my own songz. my girl dont complain when i say i do this or that ..or if i say i hate love and so on u know.. sometimes its jus thoughts


  13. suav3

    its funny my boi dropped it on his bday.. haha


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