New Music: Brandy, Ray J, & Willie Norwood – ‘Talk to Me’

Talk to Me

It’s a family affair for the Norwoods on their first commercial collaboration as a family. On the ’80s-tinged ballad, Brandy, Ray J, and their gospel singer pops Willie Norwood Sr. take turns crooning uplifting lyrics over silky instrumentation. “I remember times we had/ Just the two of us, you know it takes me back,” sings Willie to Brandy, who responds, “Now that, daddy you’ve shown me what a man is supposed to be/ I couldn’t make it without you, daddy.” In the spirit of Thanksgiving, get together with the Norwoods below.

Brandy, Ray J, and Willie Norwood – “Talk to Me”


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  1. Lolsmileyface

    LOVE IT.


  2. set_it_straighter_like_an_iron

    Something Sweet for the holidays.. Very Cinderella its all about family this time of the year.. BRan definitly tapped into her NEVER say NEVER.. her best tone for me.


  3. EmsFaveFan

    who the …. are they?


  4. Shaytan

    @ Ems Fave Fan

    They are people making real music. Thats who the __ they are! I know your generation doesn’t listen 2 real R&B & Hip Hop


  5. kayla

    Wow. Brandy needs to put that hotness called her album out because her voice is at its best it got so strong. If people dont know by now Brandy isgoing to change R&b game again she is going to show them haters why she has been out for 16 years and it wot stop from there.

    Team Monica and Brandy!


  6. Lil' Nello

    Yes I love this a very soulful & uplifting song! Perfect time to release it on the eve of Thanksgiving too!


  7. Jarvis

    sound like something off a soundtrack….its ok…i would rather hear brandy voice on the whole song,not ray j


  8. set_it_straighter_like_an_iron

    I think Ray J sounds GoOd on this album..and Brandy Sounds Like Gold. Her Father is an excellent teacher and mentor for both vocally. Hav to give respect where due.

    I want a NEVER say NeVER tone for her next Solo project.. I miss that


  9. Keona

    Brandy went innnnnn on that song I freaking love love love Brandy’s voice she killed it!!!!!! Her dad and Ray J sound really really good as well. Ray J’s voice has really improved. Of course their dad sounds amazing but Brandy’s voice stands out there is just something about Brandy’s tone and voice that gets to me every time. For some reason I think she was holding back but she still killed it cant wait for her solo album straight fire:)


  10. bass_man

    brandy has one of the best voices in the industry. period.


  11. NikkiIsChillin

    Oh, I just love this song. I have it on repeat. Love that its all about Family. The Norwoods sound beautiful. Brandy’s voice is amazing. B-Rocka is back!


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  13. BEAUTY



  14. Angela Lee

    I applaude them for doing something positive – together. I have not seen that in a while unless there was movie coming out and a soundtrack needed a song like this. It is nice to see this when everyone, lately, is out for themselves or someone elses.


  15. marie

    hello ray j this is marie and i love your songes sometimes you have to moues fun.write me back your friend marie


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