New Music Premiere: Fefe Dobson feat. Pusha T – ‘Stuttering (Remix)’

FeFe Dobson and Pusha T

Pusha T gets caught in a lie by Fefe Dobson on the remix to “Stuttering,” the second single from the Canadian singer’s sophomore album Joy, in stores November 30. “You sound guilty ’cause you’re stuttering,” sings FeFe, to which the Clipse rapper replies, “Lie just to spare ya/ Life ain’t prepare ya/ Now you wanna leave, man I double dog dare ya.” The relationship drama unfolds on the rock-tinged J.R. Rotem production, co-penned by Fefe and Claude Kelly. has your exclusive first listen below!

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  1. EDrizzle

    this was meant for Rihanna…cos this aint even her style, pusha T made this song.




  2. Frenchy1011

    J.R. may be the best “pop hip-hop” producer for catchy melodies and banging hooks … every song he makes is radio ready … nice work


  3. Kidd

    Rihanna?? Rihanna’s took her style. I think the song fits her good. People these day just don’t know music


  4. CC

    Yeah, Rihanna stole Fefe’s style actually! Don’ think this would suit Rihanna as well as it suits Fefe…i love this song so much! Deserves to be a hit


  5. Madison

    @EDrizzle – I can see why you would think that, but if you followed FeFe back in the day (she came out on Def Jam way before Rihanna), you would see that in fact Rihanna copied FeFe. Its like after the label dropped FeFe, they took her style and gave it right to Rihanna. Rihanna def did not look stylish or edgey when she first came out. FeFe was always a trendsetter and a style maker from day one. I like Rihanna but to be fair, she 100% jacked FeFe’s whole vibe and ran straight to the bank with it.

    Check out these clips I found and see for yourself:


  6. mya

    rihanna???? fefe co wrote the song herself


  7. Eva

    real talk mya!!! fefe is a writer. she wrote records for all them disney chicks & jordin sparks. i like rihanna’s music but she didnt write sh*t on any of her songs. if u see her name on the credits is b/c she jacked folks for publishing too. she must have some good ass lawyers (lmfao).

    @madison i checked out ur you tube clips. whoa!


  8. Purple1

    saw her on Hellcats. she performed on the show like 2 weeks ago. fefe>3


  9. HiHaters

    I like this song. it’s a good look for her.


  10. Tiff

    FeFe Dobson is back? Nice. I like her. This song is pretty good. I can hear it on the radio.


  11. YEAH

    yup Rihanna would’ve slay this track!! Should’ve gave it to her.


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  13. harvey

    I my goshh…FINALLY yall post something on RiRi idol lol.Fefe Dobson rocks stuttering is auctally doin well on the pop charts I could’nt believe its her 4th top 50.


  14. Dave

    YASSS CICI! Ri-bore-a is just a Fefe wanna be. Wasn’t Rihead reggae/dance when she 1st came out? =O oh…


  15. Ashley

    I’ve always been a Fefe fan since I was like 9. I’m 17 right now. Pretty cool how her music is more out there now! Go FeFe! Her style is similiar to RiRi’s though.


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  20. Wills

    Love Fefe Dobson. Fefe Dobson is in the Jordin Sparks, Avril Lavigne genre of music, not the Rihanna genre of music.


  21. xedos

    fefe try to do punk rock and was not accepted by the white crowd. I don’t know what the hell rihanna stole from her. if rihanna stole something why did rihanna become a global superstar and not fefe. you think a hair style gonna make you a super star? Rihanna have the it factor fefe didn’t lots of you idiots did not give a shit about fefe when she just came out,but now you all talking shit. its like the beyonce haters, always blaming Matthew and beyonce for kelly’s failures,but never bought a Kelly Rowland cd. then when she flops blame Matthew and beyonce this is what kanye means by haters always need a villian


  22. ZJP

    Good work Fefe and Pusha =]


  23. bass_man

    fefe needs a hit. let’s hope this pops off.. and this would be a great look for pusha t too. he’s everywhere now


  24. Wills

    Fefe Getting crazy radio play across Canada.


  25. Bran

    the only reason Rihanna is a superstar now is b/c her label gave her the “it” you wrote about. she was the 1st release on Def Jam with L.A. and Jay-Z as joint Presidents. Def Jam spent something close to 8 million dollars on the 1st album and it barely went Gold. L.A. and Jay-Z couldn’t lose on this one so they kept spending money on her and shoving her down our throats until the consumers bought in. She used to be just a pretty face. Her live performance sucked and her voice was just okay. Her success is due to brilliant A&R job by her label to find her HUGE hit records and the commitment to keep spending money on her until she broke. I’m sure if the same amount of money and support goes behind FeFe, she will be just as big as Rihanna. Talent has only a little to do with success in the music biz now a days.
    Don’t get it twisted, Rihanna would have just been a prettier Cat Deluna if she wasn’t signed to L.A. and Jay right when they needed a win the most.


  26. Kai

    I like this song.


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