Rihanna Makes Noise on Charts with No. 1 Single, First-Week Album Sales


That Rihanna reign just won’t let up. The pop siren has lots to be thankful for this Thanksgiving after scoring her career best on the charts this week.

The red-haired singer swoops in at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 albums chart with 207,000 copies sold of her fifth album Loud, earning her a career best in first-week sales and her fifth top 10 bow.

Meanwhile, RiRi claims her ninth No. 1 single with “Only Girl (In the World),” a feat that puts her in prestigious territory. With the accomplishment, the Bajan crooner becomes the only artist since 2000 to have as many chart-topping singles, besting Usher who has scored eight No. 1s since the start of the decade. Not only that, but “Only Girl” becomes her fourth No. 1 single this year, making her the first female and first overall artist since Usher to nab as many No. 1 tracks in a year, according to Billboard.

She celebrated by sharing her excitement on Twitter. “Only Girl is no. 1!!! HOLY FUCK!!! And thx to u guys, I’ve had the biggest first week of all my albums so far! #whosloud ???? We are bitches,” she wrote. “Congrats to RihannaNavy! We breakin our OWN records!!! 9 no.1′s baby…We got the #CenturyOnLockWho’s badder than yall??”

After holding down the top spot two weeks ago, her second single “What’s My Name?” drops 7-8 on the Hot 100, while the Drake-assisted collaboration earns Airplay Gainer for the fourth consecutive week.

Keeping Rihanna company on the Billboard 200 is Scottish singer Susan Boyle, who bows at No. 1 with 335,000 copies sold of her holiday album The Gift, while Nelly’s 5.0 enters at No. 10 with 63,000 units.

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  1. love love 90210

    Lmaooo tell it Rap up!! That Rihanna reign just wont let up, lol

    Nah but seriously congrats to Rih!!!


  2. Zoey

    there’s lots more where that came from!!!!!1 rih rih ain’t done! WORK BITCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!


  3. MB92

    Good job ri ri, I thought she would have sold more but still thats good, i expected Nelly to sell much More especially with Just a Dream being a hit. Lmao at Susan Boyle shitting on EVERYBODY lol i dont even know who she is and on top of that it’s a Holiday album HAHAHA oh My


  4. Giamma

    We got the Century on lock! BOW DOWN!!!



    she’s on fire it’s nothing else to say really, it’s just her time! and this is just the beginning, LOUD os stuffed wit nufn but #1 hits! making hits is what she do, it’s almost like she was tailor made for radio!


  6. tiffany

    hum rapup is a rihanna fan??

    what a shame!!

    she is nothing!!!
    what a shame to buy this poor album

    nicki is horrible in this, all is comercial



  7. maison martin margiela

    #CenturyonLock !!!!! And this is just the beginning. LOUD is gonna make alot of noise all year long. That Rihanna Reign just wont let up; Rapup is right :-D


  8. back2basics

    congrats RIRI


  9. Cakes

    #centuryonlock? cocky talentless b@tch!
    Number 1s arent special anymore special anymore.


  10. EL

    I love the #CenturyOnLock tag. It’s true, it’s true!

    This is just her time, indeed. She’s got IT. You can’t deny her. So stop trying.


  11. Kyle

    I was hoping that “Only Girl” would make it to #1 this week. WOW is all I have to say. Good for her. And regarding the album, it’s about damn time one of her albums sells over 200,000 copies in its first week. For such a global phenomenon and being so successful in the U.S, I always scratched my head over her album sales. I still can’t believe with all the hype she had last year with ‘Rated R’ that it only sold 180,000 in its first week. I remember like 2 months before it came out I was predicting she would sell well over 350,000 in her first week. Hopefully the sales for “LOUD” will continue throughout the holiday season. GO RIHANNA!!


  12. J-Wellz



  13. saul

    I’m so tired of you pressed trolls saying #1 singles aren’t important and are easy to get. If that were true: THEN WHY IS NO ONE ELSE RACKING THEM UP??? WHERE ARE YOUR FAVE’S?



  14. Gavin

    When you really think about it, it’s not really that much of a surprise Susan Boyle sold more albums than Rihanna. Look at their audiences.

    Boyle controls an audience that still actually buys albums (how man 40+ year old woman do you know that know how to use torrents?) Rihanna has the pleasure and crutch of tending to the youth and young adults of America, a group of people who rarely buy albums.

    Rihanna has had two Billboard Hot 100s in the past 4 weeks, because she appeals to a large audience, however that audience would prefer download albums then paying artists for their work.


  15. justme

    This proves that Rihanna is only good as her next single… one bad single and its off with riri’s head lol.. when will she sell albums?


  16. Shilee

    kkkk lemme get this straight ummm yall rihanna fans r fuckein dumb as hell she has number one singles but still not a numbr one album and ths good the bitch cant sell freakn records shes a singles artist shes not a real artist and the only reason she won at the amas was bcuz alicias and sades album cm out like a yr or two ago rihanna is a fukin joke to b honest she is so ghetto actin like that at the amas when she won shes a joke and loud is shit..didnt yall say it was gonna b like thriller or some shit lmfaoooooo this bitch suxxxxxxx shes not a real artist now beyonce onthe other hand shes royalty she is a fuckin real artist she sells out anddoes it alllllllll cmn now ri ri or w,e her raw ass name is shes a joke tell her to make some diff kindha music than the same bullshit music she makes get real for a min and whoever wnna argue wit me les fucking goo


  17. sagb

    YEAH YAH!!!


  18. Darling

    YESSSSSSSS!!!!!! Rihanna jus keeps gettin better I mean sum of her number 1 haters are up Herr …. Dat Tiffany b* wit her floppin fist brown and cakes who didnt relize that for a talentless person yy did she get a standing ovation atthe AMA s yy did she get a award…yyy is she still relevant… Cuz she has talent… Only the bitter bitches say number ones don’t matter… Smh

    And just me… Wasn’t rockstar101 a bad single wasn’t te amo wasn’t rehab????? Please SHUTUP!!!!


  19. lexus

    @Shileee wait, where do you come from? Why do you type in such a terrible manner? Get off that rent a centre computer and get an education bitch. No one cares about Beyonce’s #1 albums. Go listen to them if they’re that important. Dumbass. B’day debuted at #1 with 541000 yet has sold (over) 2 million less than Good Girl Gone Bad which came out nearly a year later and did only 160000 in it’s own first week.
    I get why you’d be mad…lmao. LOUD ‘suxxxxx’? Is that why the critics rated it higher than any of Beyonce’s albums? Lmfao. Girl please. Rated R has been out only a year and has done 3.2 million. Around the same I Am Sasha Fierce did in it’s first year. So why you mad? And let’s not forget Beyonce had to release a million singles and re-release after re-release to push those figures.
    Go pat your lacefront or something. Lmao. Ugly hating ass bitches. And yes, I know you’re ugly. You will just have to deal with it.


    joel Reply:

    @lexus, its funny how you never mentioned Beyonces first album dangerously in love which has sold 11 million copies worlwide, Rihanna has never even come close to selling that many copies of an album and she never will. Beyonce is the best.


  20. lexus

    And to the “just me” neanderthal up there? She’s sold over 19 million albums worldwide. Yes that makes you mad, but you will just have to deal with it.


  21. Nicky





  22. Nicky



  23. NellysDaKing

    OMG wtf…dicksuckers out there
    greets from germany..i don’t care what y’all say about that REAL SHIT!!!


  24. Cakes

    @ Lexus – Rated R barely sold 3m WW, so stop with the lies. It was a major flop for rihanna thats why she rushed to released another album less than a yr later.
    Rihanna isnt raking it up on tour and in album sales thought! SINGLE ARTIST!


  25. Yes!!

    Lol bitches are mad I have to go on record saying this,
    If Rihanna was like B nd pushed albums draining albums with 10 singles plus and 5 rereleases she would rack the same sales.
    I love Rihanna nd it’s true she should be pulling in more numbers but come on 9 number ones lol she’s defiantly the shit tell ya girl B to rack up her number ones


    joel Reply:

    @Yes!!, Rihanna just wastes music, she releases rated r and then that was a flop so in the space of just a year releases another album to make up for it, Beyonce doesnt waste music as she releases as many singles as she can from the albums whch is what a true artist should do, i mean if an artist has put so much time and energy into making an album then they might as well use the album to its full potential like Beyonce does. Plus, Rihanna has 7 number ones actually, your countin live your life and love the way you lie which were not her songs, they were TI’s and eminems. Also, Rihanna has got 7 number ones but then shes got five albums out, whereas Beyonce has had 4 number ones with only 3 albums meaning the ratio of number ones to album releases works in Beyonces favour.


  26. redbonechick22

    she aint my fav (n i wont buy any of her records), but im REALLY happy for her. no need to hate. great job girl, congrats.ummm id say congrats to her fans. they did a great job. they bought like 100 copies of her album. now we’ll wait till january to see what the beyonce “own genre” sounds like..people r sayin that she’s about to shut the game down again…maybe she’ll sell a million the first week…


  27. Nicky

    @ CAKES




  28. Cakes

    I am not pressed about rihanna 9#1s but how can you call her the best when she is very ordinary at selling everything else beside singles?
    she is a single artist therefore i expect many more #1s from her.
    @ yes!! – Rihanna cant ‘drain’ her album like beyonce because unlike rihanna, beyonce pays for her sh*T and release videos(not singles) just because she can.


  29. YEAH

    ok Rihanna fans/stans & Beyonce fans/stans both these bitches is doing it so STFU I like both of these artist and I hate when ppl go back and forth about them like they PAYING YOUR BILLS or something. JUST STFU ALREADY DAMN!!!!

    Both got platinum albums/ grammy’s/#1 singles etc…leave that shit be ok. We get it Beyonce is better and Rihanna is a singles artist(which makes prefect sense because that’s what an artist is suppose to do, put out hits right?)



    oh and P.S.
    Rihanna albums >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Beyonce albums #justsaying Rih has better songs DEAL WITH IT!!


  30. MaZ

    Congrats Bitch!

    Love those green eyes!


  31. jjj

    I am proud of Rihanna!
    Great numbers and success on the charts.
    Congrats girl.


  32. Darling

    @shilee… I’ll fucking argue so let’s gooo….

    Last time i checked number one album ain’t shot pol get number albums with sales of 117000…, roti sold
    More Dan dat so get ur shit straight and da girl still relevant after 6 years!!!! So obviously ppl checking for herr… Y’all hatred can keep wit da essays on why you hate Rihanna but at the end of the day she’ ll still be selling records and breaking records…coughbeyawncecough


  33. Ann

    I am soooooo proud of Rihanna!! I love you girl I love your album. She will have at least 2 more number 1′s just watch. Cheers drink to that and Man down…I just feel it!!Big up to the Caribbean massive!! she is making us proud!!


  34. I guess!!!

    Yall haters are mad trying to down play her singles and her 
    growth….  Everybody can see yall jealousy because yall want 
    her to do bad.,.. But she is doing good and a # 3 album is not bad…Congrats Rih


  35. renaee nae





  36. clark

    only the ppl who’s faves suffer to get number one’s actually say that number one’s dont matter…smh


  37. priscilla

    riri is NOT African American (AA) ass hole.


  38. king

    rihanna is the fukin best that is y she have so many haters and for beyonce fans beyonce needed a groub to make her big rihanna jus came out and get big by her self get loud ppl


  39. priscilla

    I cant believe it. people are just so so STUPID. ha is riri the best.SERIOUSLY. the girl cant even sing. if you ask me, she only gone be out a little bite more and thats it. she still out because she have some good people with her.


  40. carlos

    yea number three is good same as Ciara with fantasy ride it made it at number three which is good so just because it doesnt make a number one doesnt mean its a flop thats so annoying. but i am shocked she havent had a #1 album and cici did have a #1 with evolution!! i love both tho! :) and i like loud album alot too but she slaying and cant wait for basic instinct! :)


  41. FTW

    Congratz and her sales just keep getting better. I would expect them to decline but none have declined which means she hasn’t peaked which also means there is more to come. I’d say she’s got 5 years in the game before she peaks after that its up to her to seal her spot in the game to later on be respected and remembered as an icon. A lot of artists like Usher have peaked but they still have that fan base and hits to keep them going for years to come. Good luck to RiRi! I think she’ll be fine.


  42. king

    look priscilla go kill your self u have nothing good to say u is jus a big fat hater


  43. lexus

    @Cakes bitch STFU. Rated R’s done 3,192000 so gtfoh with your stupid ass. And it did that in less than a year so wtf you talking about? Beyonce’s I Am Sasha Fierce has done a little over twice that amount and it came out a full year later. Plus she did that with a million re-releases. Is SHE a flop too?? Rated R a flop? With Rude Boy #1 for 5 weeks? And 3 top ten hits?? YEEES FOR RIHANNA’S FLOPPING CAREER. She’s just gonna keep flopping all the way to the top and you will have to DEAL WITH IT.
    @priscilla well that’s why noone asked you dumb bitch. Lmao. Pressed hoodrat.


  44. lexus

    And how the fuck do you know what she’s doing on tour? You know how much she made from each show??

    RCO Arena Sacramento 1526515,265 / 15,329 (99%) 1023842$1,023,842[55]
    Shoreline Amphitheatre Mountain View 1967819,678 / 22,000 (89%) 1394200$1,394,200[55]
    The Pavilion Albuquerque 1500015,000 / 15,000 (100%) 0988564$988,564[55]
    Staples Center Los Angeles 1999219,992 / 19,992 (100%) 1359456$1,359,456[55]
    1-800-ASK-GARY Amphitheatre Tampa 1958719,587 / 19,587 (100%) 1197512$1,197,512[55]
    Molson Amphitheatre Toronto 1471114,711 / 14,711 (100%) 0882941$882,941[55]
    Bell Centre Montreal 1077810,778 / 10,778 (100%) 0785707$785,707[56]
    Mohegan Sun Arena Uncasville 1092510,925 / 11,062 (98%) 0396438$396,438[55]
    Jiffy Lube Live Bristow 1645516,455/ 25,000 (66%) 0419939$419,939[55]
    Hersheypark Stadium Hershey 1140011,400 / 14,567 (78%) 0469285$469,285[57]
    DTE Energy Music Theater Clarkston 1348513,485 / 15,274 (88%) 0741675$741,675[55]
    TOTALS 282,293 / 312,929 (90,2%) $16,803,958

    Look at that amount from that number of shows. If you can handle simple math you’ll realise you’ve made a fool of yourself and just shut the fuck up. And don’t even think of comparing it to other tours that’ve been out longer cos this tour’s only been on for 6 months.
    Your desperation to see her fail has deluded you into thinking it’ll actually ever happen. Type singles artist in caps as many times as you want. Heck, throw in a million exclamation marks.
    That Rihanna Reign Just Won’t Let Up.


  45. Kyle

    @ Gavin- VERY GOOD POINT. Rihanna’s fanbase is obviously a lot younger than Susan Boyle’s and it’s unfortunate because todays youth is growing up in the digital era where “buying” albums is rare. Susan Boyle’s fanbase grew up when buying albums was the only way to get music before computers even came along. At 22 years old I am lucky I bought CD’s when I was younger because I still do. That’s the most exciting way to get music IMO. I love waiting for the album release and actually going out and supporting the artist and getting a physical copy. A majority of Rihanna’s fanbase probably got her album for free online. DAMN SHAME.


  46. CrenshawNegro

    like as though Ri Ri gives a damn about you fools posting Big Ups to her online looool retards!


  47. Kaspars



  48. king

    fuk gaga she is a devil bitch


  49. meme

    WHAT PEOPLE FAIL TO REALIZE IS THAT THERE HAVE BEEN ALOT OF #1 ALBUMS THAT DEBUT WITH MUCH LESS THAN 200,000. Rihanna just didnt have the best week in terms of competition. But 207,000 is a very respectable number. I do agree for a artist of her caliber she shud be pushing 300,000 easy but hey, i aint complaining


  50. bab boy

    That is so great. Well I can say she is heading for more record break for this and next year


  51. paris hoe

    i agree with @cakes beyonce can afford payin 4 her shit. no need 2 even mention her name here. it aint the same league. bey shud b compared 2 people like alicia keys, mary jblige, fantasia, jen hudson, gaga. i kno gaga’s the one who will outsell. her next album has been ready almost a year ago. she’s orginal. she’s talented


  52. Rihanna Baby

    I’m proud of Riri! Shes young and already accomplished a lot! And her career is definitely looking bright as her fanbase quickly increases. She’s going to go down as one of the greatest honestly 9 number one’s so far?? CRAZY!


  53. Cakes

    @Lexus – You can write loooooong essays if you want it wont change the fact that rihanna is a singles artist and rated flopped miserably selling barely 3M WW.
    After a yr IASF was 4.5M WW, fact!


  54. chuchi

    all ya fucken haters make me sick .. so wat she didnt have a number 1 album she has 5 dat landed in da top 10 wihich is not easy 2 do n have more number 1′s than ya presious beyonce so go on n fucken hate cuz she must b doin somethin right if ur commenting .. oh n another thin wat ya do wen her 2 NUMBER 1 SINGLES come on da radio cuz her songs r on every 5 min … stop hatin it show how ugly ya r .. n plus theres artist i cant stand i might tell ppl i dont like them wen it comes up in convo but im not gunna waste my time 2 write a whole story n how much i dont like them smfh .. get a life u jus mad cuz she looks better than ya ugly ass n she richer n more ppl like them .. keep hatin cuz she gunna stay @ number 1 so sorry


  55. Cakes

    @Paris hoe – I concur.
    Rihanna fans are crazy and insecure. They love to bring up beyonce when she is clearly out of rihanna league. I think all the catchy forgettable #1s have gotten to their heads.
    lol. No more comments from me.


  56. Ash3s

    rih has been out 5 years and sold more albums worldwide
    than bey
    so are u sayin bey is a flop =/
    oh n why do ppl make it seem like sales jn the US ae most important
    she sells alot in europe
    ther currency is worth more so more money lol
    just be happy for her
    cz ur hatin cant change anything


  57. jjj

    Rihanna looks so pretty in that picture.
    I like the darker red curly hair she now has.


  58. ponyo

    she deserves it this album loud is right on point…i just love riri….


  59. xx

    shut the fuck up haters..!!
    ‘Cheers’ to crack top 10..!!


  60. Brionna

    Umm S/O to Rihanna i like her but Bey is my fav but RiRi did not sell more albums ww than Beyonce idk where you are getting your number from


  61. Sandy

    I bet Bey scorns the day Jay-z ever discovered this chick. Nonetheless, they are each in their own lanes. No need to compare. Regardless of what anyone says, Nine #1s is a big deal. If it wasn’t then everybody would have #1 hits, Right? Rihanna’s style is diff from Bey’s. She makes hits and Bey sales albums. So it comes down to making money vs. making good quality music. Sometimes artist are able to achieve both and sometimes Not. I do find it kinda interesting that Jay, Kanye and other major artist will feat Rihanna on tracks before they feat Bey. But who needs a Jay or Ye feat when you got GaGa? I like them both but I love RiRi’s swagga. Bey got swagga too but, I just like Ri’s better.


  62. Rihanna Baby

    @Sandy I agree with what you said about sales but in terms of talent, you can’t put rihanna above bey. I’m a big….BIG fan of Rihanna and shes definitely incredibly talented but when she’s up against the MEGA-TALENTED Artists like bey, she is no match. But she will one day but not now.Beyonce is the number one female in music right now and no one is close. She can sing and dance! Now thats a Diva


  63. lexus

    @Cakes oh now you wanna backtrack? you can call her a “flop” and a “singles artist” as many times as you want but it’s not going to make it true. Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t. Then again you have to be able to comprehend the numbers…lmao. Illiterate.


  64. Luel14

    Dead at this stans war. Beyonce and Rihanna name should never be in the same sentence. Just as bey name should not be in the same sentence as Whitney or Aretha. Beys lacefront>>>>>>>>>> these lesser gurls. Don’t get dumb now.


  65. K.K.

    So happy she got her ninth! :D
    But so sad she got only No.3 for LOUD!
    She should be #1 on that
    Hate Susan Boyle :(


  66. Sandy

    @Rihanna baby like I said. RiRi is making hits. If she didn’t have talent she wouldn’t make hits right? If Bey was so much better than Rihanna the billboards would show it. Where are her number ones? I’ll admit Bey is hot right now but her reign is slowly coming to an end. Riri is all already picking up her slack. Besides uncle Jay getting old as hell, she gone have to spit out some babies soon. When people talk about artist they mention #1 HITs first Not album sales. When people talk about Janet, Whitney, Mary J, R. Kelly they FIRST mention the number of hit records they have before the albums they sold. so her #1 hits do indeed reflect that she has talent. I am in no way even attempting to compare RiRi to the legends above bit one day I will be able to…One lighter note I’m so ready for Beys knew album. Like I said I love them both.


  67. Destiny

    Rihanna is the most MAINSTREAMED artist out there, don’t get me wrong now, she a good artist BUT she is not the best, she’s jumpin all over different genres. Think she needs to focuse on what she is, not dropping hit after hit. She has been doin everythin from west-indian to rock, pop or whatever and yall think everythin she puts out is a masterpiece just bcuz it’s Rhi, well it ain’t. And whenever a new artist put up their stuff yall say she is trying to copy Rihanna AND that is bcuz Rihanna has done all genres as I said.


  68. Sandy

    Hits are what count in the industry. Jay-z is slowly but surely grooming Ri for the takeova as soon as he can knock Bey up. Why else would she take her talents to Roc Nation. Artists are here to entertAin. Hell Bey started off an R&B diva and now she’s a damn pop star!!!!!!She don’t even make quality R&B songs no more but u buy her albums any way just like I buy Riri’s because I want to be entertained!!!!


  69. julien


    that’s a reason why she is as big as she is…her music isnt in a box…she’s done literally everything but country! the idea of quality music and bad music can’t even be said for rihanna because when you have NINE #1′S ppl LOOOOVE your music, not like but LOOOVE enough to request and buy…and plus her music doesnt sound da same as the haters say, cuz she DOES do different genres, soooooo…


  70. selina



  71. Rihanna d Queen of POP

    SLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shout to all my caribbean peeps…Rihanna still have like hmmm 4 more number 1s on loud…get it. Only girl in the one world with 9 number 1… you make is look so easyyyyyyyyyy. ..breaking your own record ….Rihanna is the turth.


  72. Ahh2

    AWWWW five albums later still no number 1 album but stans still go off singles sigh!CONFRIMS MY CASE RIHANNA THE SINGLE ARTIST is her name it has a RING TO IT!!!!


  73. asunkee

    LOL. I still don’t think she sings well but, GWAN GYAL! GIVE IT TO DEM!


  74. tones

    only 207,000 copies, wow, i honestly thought Loud was going to sell like 350,000 copies because there is no reason that Rihanna shouldn’t be selling that much. I am not a fan of hers, but I was like ” oh yeah, Loud is going to be #1 and she’s going to get her first #1 album” and then Susan Boyle came out of no where and sold 315,000 albums. I’m not even hating on Rihanna, but I really think she is just a singles artist. Like how can u have 9 #1′s and 5 albums and none of them hitting #1 in your base country. Didn’t she cancel almost 10 shows from her last tour because her ticket sales were low, maybe people just like her songs and videos and aren’t really concerned about her albums, but hopefully Rihanna an really get the level a real superstar like Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears.


  75. Tyler

    WELL DONE RIH!!! LMAO at the haters wow u guys are rediculous u are soo delutional. u acting like babaies what did Rih steal ur favs bottle please. get over yourselves u and i know Rihanna deserves it. WTF shes rushing her albums out how many tracks did she release off of RR what did u wanna c her do the whole album in music vids.so what dont u wanna c or hear new stuff by yo fav artist so they should just fade away after an album. yup thats whats happening with Bey,gaga,britney etc u have to stay relevant if u wanna be a singer ur only famous for a while these days so u put out what u need to now and this is why Rh is doing so well im proud to be a rih supporter. and what u talking bout her album not selling its doing great it reached number 3 BTW!!!and gaga’s gonna get 2 number 1′s and she’ll be gone for…ever.HATERS DEAL WITH IT RIHANNA’S BETTER THAN YA FAVS


  76. Tyler

    Morons she’s a singles artist u say WTF duh Rih puts the right singles on the abum duh people download the singles and than they get the album and too many people just download the albums anyways these days so whats left THE SINGLES duh!!! infact the only album i would buy these days are Rihanna, Ke$ha or Katy Perry i think those are the only albums worth buying maybe Nicki Bey or Gaga i will never get they both are huuge copy cats Grace jones even turned down a COLLAB WITH GAGA “i only work with originals” lmao!!! and keri hilson another huuge fraud but she just showed us all what she does best in pretty girl rock vid right Rih take em all down! hahahaa


  77. sarah

    this industry is sad. The only reason why this chick is makin #s is cuz of her CLICHE music. Her songs are ALL club shit. Artists like Gaga, Beyonce make REAL music. At the end of the day TALENT shits over hit records. Honestly whose gona be known as a legend? Rihanna or Beyonce? Lmaooo BEYONCE!!!!!!!!!! Rihanna can have 20 #1′s and Beyonce will still be more respected as an artist and as a person. Now…. U MAD BUT SO WHAT? *Breezy Voice* So RIHTARD keep making them hit records, just know u will NEVER be on Beyonce’s level! Point blank period! *Evil laugh* Oh and how is Chrisbrown a flop? Last time i checked flops dont get GRAMMY NOMINTAIONS OFF A MIXTAPE? Oh and his 3rd album that flopped got a grammy while RATED R AINT GET SHIT. LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO GOD IS AMAZING DONT U THINK? And another grammy nom for a song that was NEVER released as a single got a nomination. MAD? Breezy&Beyonce>>>>>>>>>>>>


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