New Music: Sean Kingston f/ Rihanna – ‘What’s My Name? (Remix)’

Sean Kingston and Rihanna

Oh-na-na. Sean Kingston adds some extra island flavor to Rihanna’s hit single “What’s My Name?” “She affiliated with the Roc, Beyoncé/ The King getting in her hair, Garnier/ I can’t get much higher, Kanye,” raps Kingston on the latest offering from his upcoming mixtape King of Kingz.

The “Beautiful Girls” hitmaker previously told what he liked about his fellow islander. “She’s never changed. Even when her music changed, she always represented for the Caribbean, always represented for Barbados,” he said. “And that’s what Sean Kingston does. He represents for Jamaica. Anything I do, I always put Jamaica in there. You can’t leave where you’re coming from and I like that about her.”

Sean Kingston f/ Rihanna – “What’s My Name? (Remix)”

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  1. @RihannasMonster

    Dear sean take a sit and stop covering her songs lol there’re so girly for a dude like you :)


  2. asunkee

    I can’t stand his fake-Jamaican backside. WI NUH WANT YUH !


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  4. roxy heart

    its not bad…but its not the original


  5. islanderboi876



  6. meme

    ery1 i kno calls sean k a fake. lol. y? is he not from jamaica?


  7. KC

    @asunkee LMAO


  8. Miss P

    God, this is so bad I didnt pass the 40 seconds mark…


  9. Curaçao 4 life

    this on is hot


  10. mrz.gh3tt0

    this song is tight really is the junk


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