What’s on Justin Timberlake’s iPod?

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake hasn’t released an album in over four years, but that doesn’t mean he’s lost touch with the music landscape. The star of The Social Network tells Entertainment Weekly what’s on his iPod, including some soul, a little rock, Prince, and something from Drake, who recently revealed that a collaboration is in the works. Peruse the pop prince’s selections below.

Drake – “The Resistance”
“What he reminds me of is what I grew up loving about hip-hop, which is grooves. It’s like if Tribe Called Quest was still making music.”

Ray LaMontagne – “Jolene”

Radiohead – In Rainbows

Prince – “Head”
“I’ve been listening to it recently. That dude. If there is a God, Prince has him on speed dial.”

Donny Hathaway – “Jealous Guy”
“It’s on the Donny Hathaway Live CD. Just go listen to it. It’s one of the coolest covers. It’s a whole other thing. It’s so soulful; it’s such a crazy great rendition of that song. It sounds like he played it in a juke joint with, like, 200 people.”

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  1. MusicMusic01

    man, justin TIMBERLAKE needs to quit playing and come out with some more music. funny, u usually don’t see justin without a bieber behind it…


  2. Mr. Mann

    Agreed music.


  3. jhuntdaprodigy

    Futuresex/Lovesounds is the best pop album of the last decasde imo. Really wish Justin would drop a third album, but he’s really pursing his aspirations as an actor. Don’t know if we’ll ever see a full LP from him again really. He should at least do more features or something


  4. u knoe

    he got some good taste in music…only GOD knows when he’s comin out wit a new album…smh


  5. GangsterA

    hes music taste is really good i want a new album from him


  6. kani

    he either quit playing or completely quit


  7. Nait Phoenix

    Q: What’s on Justin Timberlake’s iPod?

    A: Hopefully, a third album the whole world’s been waiting for.


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  9. gazza

    Interesting, retro and funny, so thats what he enjoys


  10. Unk

    justin is dope


  11. ugh

    I respect Justin for the way he puts out music. He doesnt saturate the industry (like rihanna) and drop an album every 2 weeks. He makes his fans WANT to hear his music. Thats what makes his albums such classics, because people have waited so long they listen to every single word and beat. You can tell he takes him to make his albums perfect and its paying off. Im sure he will be making a new album soon enough, but for now, well keep yearning for some new tracks :)


  12. ILoveThis

    Hes catchy, but hes no great. I truly believe if he had came out in the 60′s-80′s, a period ruled by talented musicians, he would’ve been laughed off the stage. Hes catchy to listen to but man have we dumbed down our standards.


  13. D-Lon

    Course is going to come out with a new album… he will stay here for a bit longer… Justin Timberlake loves makin music.. you can tell… and movies are not for him, he is not going to make it as an actor… cause he is not that good… im no hatin, im just sayin….


  14. Colgate smile

    Has been…he is jumping on the drake wagon to stay relevant. He is desperate


  15. TOKIHO

    Justin doesn’t need newcomer Drake to stay relevant.


  16. Soloman

    Miss U, Justin TIMBERLAKE!
    Come back with your new stuff!


  17. babygirl

    Justin’s comparison of Drake with Quest is absurd. Yeah everyone has their own opinion, but really………? Sad


  18. Tex

    JT is beast who ever said he wasn’t talented is high and stupid….the man is so creative in the way he does things. I never heard an artist come with the vibe he does, and I’m not even a huge fan


  19. CJn

    I can’t wait for that album cause even though it might take a while when he does drop it will be epic!


  20. lydia kabugua

    Justin, you have followers in Nairobi, Kenya ( me being no1), love your music and will wait no matter how long coz its is always worth it!!!!


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  22. lolitajeanmax



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