New Music: B.o.B f/ Wiz Khalifa – ‘F**k the Money’

B.o.B and Wiz Khalifa

B.o.B revisits his Kanye West-produced mixtape cut “F**k the Money,” this time swapping out original guest star Asher Roth for Wiz Khalifa. The track, originally included on Bobby Ray’s May 25th mixtape, is kept intact, with Wiz sprinkling some weed-inspired rhymes on the soul-laced instrumental. “How could I not/ Give these n****s the game when game’s all I got?” asks Khalifa. Get your money up by listening below.

B.o.B f/ Wiz Khalifa – “Fuck the Money”


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  1. wavluv

    first! LOVIN’ it!


  2. 49ers160

    second! NICE


  3. DrDreThatDude

    B.o.B. is a boss. Different style, but he got talent.


  4. rita

    i ABSOLUTELY LOOOOOOOVE THIS SONG!!! mostly because of the ye beat but i do love me some b.o.b but if ye would’ve kept this to himself for mbdtf it wouldve of been EPIC!


  5. KanYeezy

    if ye kept Swagger like us , Live Fast die Young wouldve of been epic !!


  6. Saadkid08

    I wish he kept asher on this, its a pretty dope track.


  7. Dave

    B.o.B. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


  8. mrrager

    wow the hook is insane and the piano is sick
    amazinn song


  9. jd6er

    This beat is ripped off asher roths last mistape. Good song though


  10. Ebony

    Yeah… I like the original better.. but the beat’s so fye it’s hard not to like it.


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