Video: Kid Cudi Performs ‘REVOFEV’ on ‘Conan’

The revolution will be televised. Kid Cudi became the first hip-hop guest to grace the stage on Conan O’Brien’s new TBS show. Wearing a purple Prince T-shirt, the lanky rapper performed “REVOFEV” off his sophomore album Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager on Monday’s program, expressing his fondness for the late-night host following his set. Rock out with Cudder above.

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  1. The Prophet Blog

    He’s not that lanky because he isn’t that tall, he looks like he just scrapes in at 5’10.

    Anyway my man SLAYED as usual. MOTM2 is better than all the other shit out right now like My Pretentious Overrated Fantasy,


  2. Ebony

    Love the shirt… Good song.. Great album. Cleveland stand up!


  3. Vegard

    Damn, he’s short! =P


  4. H Man

    Just finished wathcing – man he was REALLY out of tune – quite bad, actually. Too bad, I dig him…


  5. mrrager

    of course he’s gonna seem short next to conan

    conan is 6’4


  6. SR

    his new music is boaring and stupide comperd to MOTM the first album. for exampel this song, it’s mostly just “oooo oooo uooo uoooo iiiim highe ouuuu”, can you realy comper this to “sound track 2 my life”\”the pryer”\man on the moon”???. kid cudi is one of the best hip hiop-rap singers out now, i hope he will come back to his senses. (and i’m deaply sory for my english)


  7. Agnes

    I saw him live in Amsterdam, best night of my life!

    Thank you Cudder, keep making great music.


  8. jahliss

    aah! He’s so great!


  9. YT

    LOL cudder this guy is sh*t f*ck him & his crappy music


  10. ryan

    kid cudi is easily in the top 5 rappers today. he is good as fuck


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