Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz, Jay Sean, & More Commit Social Suicide

Alicia Keys

Tomorrow some of your favorite celebs will die for the cause. Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Serena Williams, Swizz Beatz, Kim Kardashian, Usher, Diddy, Janelle Monáe, and Jay Sean are among those pulling the plug on their social networking sites to help raise $1 million for Keys’ Keep a Child Alive foundation. In an attempt to help those afflicted with HIV/AIDS in Africa and India, the stars will appear in coffins, representing their digital death.

Prepare for the social suicide by checking out some of the Markus Klinko & Indrani-photographed ads below.

Swizz Beatz Jay Sean Serena Williams

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  1. YEAH

    I don’t like the title and everybody talking bout they dead. It’s creepy!


  2. KingCuDi

    cool….I don’t want to be an asshole, but its not like i was following any of these ppl anyways…about to unfollow Swizzy for that wack ass song he put out yesterday..


  3. novelero

    im not paying for those (bleeps) to be tweeting haha


  4. Gladis

    Such and idiot before me, you’re not paying for them to tweet…you’re raising money to help AIDS and HIV victims get the care and shelter they need. If it were you, you’d want someone to sponsor you to get the help you need. Such an ignorant soul and limited thinker.


  5. gabe

    i have an idea how about these rich ass celebrities who already have millions of dollars donate it to this charity instead of working class people like me and you. these celebrities can go ahead and get off social media sites who cares. let the rich spend the money on the needy and let them stop being so greedy.


  6. LovelyBones

    2 things, You gotta reach a million for each one? (yes, I know.) And 2, I better not see nan tweet for anyone of them. Why do I think Kim Kardashian is going to fail?


  7. LovelyBones

    And I agree with number 1. You need to be careful with words.I’m sure there was another way to do this without saying someone is dead…


  8. MIMS

    Oh Gabe…they do donate a lot of money, some of them at least but it has been proven time and time again that a respected celebrity bringing awareness to an organization or cause can have more of an effect (ie AK hosting an auction that not only raised $2mill+ but brought that charity into the spotlight).

    Don’t be so negative…they’re just trying to help


  9. Diana

    @gabe they’ll donate for themselves


  10. J

    everyone, lets raise the money and stop criticizing the ads. its to help ppl with HIV/AIDS. we must help each other in this life! i’m sure they’re donating as well. but every little bit counts! i’m sure some of you spend dollars on things you dont NEED while there are people in africa and india who NEED help!


  11. fly guy

    uhh…serena looks alive!


  12. trippin456

    i think the title is stupid and acking this is cool it aint funny people die everyday and when celebs are in pictures like this it not funny!


  13. Ruthy

    Can they add Justin Bieber to the mix, too?


  14. Kelly

    Wow!! These comments prove that there is definitely a diumbing down in America, this is about their millions of fans not their haters.!!


  15. Cameraman

    I will donate to the cause IF it does not result in the destruction of any unborn life. (Translation: If the money goes towards destroying embryonic stem cells, don’t bother to get ahold of me.)


  16. KingBida

    Don’t you know that ‘just by writing comment in here’ you have already donate what you got on one way or another..think!



  17. YT

    i swear to God AIDS,Cancer and all these other fatal diseases were mainly created to keep the drug companies profiting endlessly as well as depopulating the world. Worst thing is that the names we often honor like UN,WHO and Globalist like Bill gates, US govt, british govt (royal family)etc are the ones driving this conspiratory theory wagon.smdh sad how we livin in prison planet whether knowingly or unknowingly.


  18. Laughing at you

    You may not like the title of the campaign, but it got its point across. It got your attention, and you’re talking about it. So, if you don’t like the campaign, guess what, you’re actually helping Keep a Child Alive by spreading the word about it, even if you’re only complaining. And the celebrities are only trying to bring attention to the million of people who lose their lives to HIV/AIDS everyday.

    So you know what, stop complaining. It’s not worth your time, and you’re not going to change the minds of the hundreds of thousands of people who are going to donate to the cause. You actually want to make a statement worth being read? Do something for the world. Think your life sucks? Trying being an HIV/AIDS orphan.


  19. Kris

    So u stop messaging in a free forum? I agree w/Gladis. This is the dumbest shit I`ve ever seen. I don`t even respect Alicia anymore. She`s a home wrecker & made it public like wrecking a marriage that included innocent children was ok. She`s already committed digital suicide. Have u heard her whack ass CD? Has ANYONE noticed she can`t sing? Her presentation & skin got her fame, NOT her raspy ass voice. DONE!!


  20. imma

    Forte…ma un’ottima iniziativa!


  21. Dae

    lolz it’s a great idea, a good message but I don’t see how them not using social network sites is raising awareness about such a cause. I mean I don’t follow any of them. Not to be rude.


  22. Nait Phoenix

    Serena, your eyes look open. You ain’t that dead, are you? KK :D


  23. Tamieka

    While I really don’t care for the idea of my favorite artists in coffins being laid to rest (we all gotta go sometime though), I believe this is a great cause & all of those full of negativity will indeed flee from the scene….. Unfortunately, many people will miss the mark on this one (which is) “when you give from the heart, you will have many blessings poored into your life”.


  24. Migrator

    I ain’t following any of ‘em so they can all happily die, it’ll clear up twitter traffic a lil.


  25. denise

    some of these people that left comments is idiots…ur not paying for them ur paying to help raise money…duh! bunch of simple minded idiots seriously!


  26. Ms. Bee Barnes

    I think it’s a worthy cause to support. My question is why is Kim K posing like she was at a photoshoot? Serena look like she is looking down, doesn’t even look dead. Alicia Keys is the only one looking like she is dead, tho still beautoful. LOL @ Swizz Beatz with the deuces. I will be donating tomorrow to buy back Alicia Keys life.


  27. guest

    Totally agree with “YT” and everyone who thinks that the Celebs them self can pay for this AIDS thing them self…I don’t like this idea “oh yeah opinions are like assholes” so F-this ish!

    And i can see who is behind all this….read between the lines people.


  28. Haha

    i hope they don’t raise enough money for their purpose so that those annoying “celebrities” will shut up forever.


  29. redbonechick22

    LMAO. serena i love u. but u really dont LOOK DEAD. u were thinkin abt tennis…lol keep makin money sis…venus & u r the greatest


  30. Soloman

    The campagne title really get my attention. Alicia is beautiful (even in a coffin) lol


  31. Becky

    Serena yu definetly dnt look dead,lol@kris plz diz haz notin 2 do wit alicias album or her voice..


  32. 1500



  33. AI

    Some of you are so ignorant, the point is to for raise money for Children living with HIV and Aids Aids.end of story


  34. AI

    They don’t have to look dead. Just donate money gosh


  35. Staxx McDougie

    Good! now with them out the way maybe some good artists will emerge and make some stuff worth listening to! A Million Dollars!? HA! we dont even buy albums why the ef would we buy your digital life back? this is extreme! i cant wait to tell my mom!


  36. MRBIG

    I am all for the cause but some of these pictures are damn frightening I don’t want this people to die :-P


  37. shawna

    KRIS, you poor soul. You don’t even know what a good voice is. Not to mention a GREAT voice! Much love to Ms Keys,glad she made so many more people aware of the aids epidemic in Africa. Too bad some just can’t see or don’t want to see the need or have the desire to help. Anyone who uses there celebrity status to help a charity is not all that bad. Think about it. Homewrecker? Don’t think you can prove that and even if you could, it’s not your business or mine. Let it go, you’ll feel SO much better. Ha! Smile. BTW, love her voice.


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