New Music: Michael Jackson – ‘Much Too Soon’

Michael Jackson

Another record from the Michael Jackson vault was released today. According to, the bittersweet tune was written at the time of Thriller and features dulcet strings and acoustic guitars, with the King of Pop singing about a woman who won’t take his hand.

“I never thought she’d leave me here forever/ But who knows just what the future brings/ And would you like to go with me/ And she answered no to me/ Well guess I learned my lesson much too soon,” a broken-hearted MJ sings on the track, helmed by him and producer John McClain.

This and nine other previously unheard songs will be included on his posthumous album MICHAEL, due December 14.

Listen to the song on iTunes Ping.

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  1. Rosewood

    What a voice. Beautiful song.


  2. Alessandra

    I loved that song.
    It made me feel close to my angel Michael.


  3. a

    Here is a link for this song:


  4. Lyssa Audrey

    This song is beautiful and inspiring.
    Michael I love you.


  5. Deontae

    I love this song!


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  7. roscOE

    wow this is a beautiful song, i love it. its just so michael, and emotional, i couldnt help crying !!! thank you ‘a’ for the link to the song :) im defo. getting the new album now! i cant wait for it!!!


  8. YEAH

    I’m waiting for the entire album to leak because I’m definitely not buying it. The money doesn’t go to him anyway.


  9. Deuces

    Beuatiful song… reminds me a bit of Ben. I’m glad they’re including it.

    and YEAH …the money goes to his kids. What an asshole.


  10. Rachel

    Such a pretty song. I’ll definitely be buying it, and the single of course. :D It reminds me of Ben too.


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  12. Boy Wonder

    I love Michael forever! The Undisputed King of Pop. And on a sidenote Michael had the most haunting eyes in music history!


  13. Whatcha_Sayin

    I got all teared up…he went much too soon


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