Brandy Dishes on Dating Woes, Raps on ‘Lopez Tonight’

Brandy was in the hot seat last night on “Lopez Tonight,” sitting down with the host to promote the second season of her VH1 series “Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business.” The sexy singer emerged from backstage after a clip rolled of she and her brother arguing, which she explained was about his questionable decisions.

“He has a girlfriend now and she’s beautiful and she loves him for him, and that’s really hard to find when you’re in the industry that you’re in. It’s hard to find honest people. Ray is all about his career right now, and I’m saying balance the two because you need them both,” advised his big sis.

She also chatted about building her confidence on “Dancing with the Stars,” getting her swag back, maintaining relationships with her competitors, trouble with dating men, and spit a short verse as her rap alter-ego Bran’Nu.

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  1. dr

    love her asss so muchhh


  2. wtfever

    Love Brandy! wish her much love and success!


  3. Keona

    Brandy looked great on the show I’m such a big fan its really good to see her back in the spotlight looking great. I just can’t wait to hear her on the radio again, performing at award shows and topping the charts again. She’s the undisputed Queen of R&B. #whomad


  4. Jay

    Really ready for Brandy to drop some new music! I’ll be coppin that!


  5. Jay

    and man her skin is so beautiful!!


  6. EDED

    Really happy for her! She has been looking really good lately! She is really getting her name and face out there again! I wish she would stop wearing that lacefront with the part in the middle tho looks horrible!


  7. jeremydante

    i wish brandy would get back on the way monica has; monica’s doing real well with the grammy nods & everything. hopefully brandy can resurrect her music career in the same way.

    & ray-j ain’t shit without brandy, we all know that so whatever to that previewed clip. & i thought brandy was with flo-rida, just seen him with eva marcel. switcheroooo


  8. jeremydante

    i loved the rap at the end, super cute even if it was cut short by brandy.


  9. Goodlooker

    My Queen on the rise.. the perfect thing to watch after a days work.. Sayin I cant wait for the album = understatement.


  10. juicybear

    brandy is the! 2011 baby


  11. EDED

    @jeremydante Brandy is still more popular and getting way more TV time than Monica. Look at the major write-ups she is getting now. She even has a full page in the New York Post today. She already has a new deal. She just has’nt announced it yet but trust me she will release music soon.


  12. babygirl

    She’s adorable.
    George with the white comments… getting old…..


    croqque Reply:

    @babygirl, Yeah, that was lame – and so was his now cancelled show.


  13. Nea

    That rap was real impressive! I didn’t want her to stop.

    Loved Lopez — “we of color have to all stick together.”
    So, so true.


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