Jazmine Sullivan, Fergie Honored at Billboard’s Women in Music Awards

Jazmine Sullivan

Jazmine Sullivan suited up for Billboard’s 5th Annual Women in Music Awards. The R&B powerhouse, whose sophomore album Love Me Back was released this week, received the Rising Star Award following last year’s honoree Lady Gaga.

“I admire Lady Gaga, so to be honored in a category that she was once in is such a rewarding feeling,” the Grammy-nominated singer told Billboard.com. “When I heard the news, I was so happy. I feel honored to be chosen as this year’s Rising Star.”

Fergie was also on hand as she was presented with Billboard’s Woman of the Year Award at the event held at New York’s Pierre Hotel on Thursday (Dec. 2).

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  1. OnlyBoy



  2. Kyle

    I think it’s a shame that Jazmine’s album has received little to no promotion. I guess touring with Mary J. Blige the past few months doesn’t hurt but I bet the majority doesn’t even know that it was released this week. Maybe it’s just me but anyway; just like her debut album ‘Love Me Back’ is seriously one of the best R&B albums to come out this year. Jazmine deserves so much credit and success for everything she has done so far. Not only is she an amazing vocalist, but her voice is like no other.


  3. Kyle

    I meant not only “is she an amazing songwriter, but her voice is like no other.” Woops.


  4. jean

    she s the best rnb singer for me !


  5. jeremydante

    jazmine looked’ted cute.


  6. Phoenix_Wright

    Jazmine’s 2nd the album is so dope, way better than her 1st 1


  7. TheDimplePuppet

    Yes Jazmine CD is in heavy rotation OMG, her voice is to damn dope.


  8. Lisa

    whoaaaaaa i didnt even recognize her lol


  9. LoverGame

    Jazmine Sullivan = BEST R&B SINGER of our generation and one of the best voices of all time!


  10. Dave

    Jazmine’s album SLAYS! U have to get it! She looks nice here


  11. From Tokyo

    I love Jazmine’s suit!


  12. chantel

    she’s definitely the most underrated artist out right now. Already bought her album but I’m bout to buy it again. It’s crazy how people don’t appreciate REAL music anymore and she rep Philly ALL DAY!! Yeah Jaz!!


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