New Music: Teairra Mari – ‘Black and Yellow (Remix)’

Teairra Mari

Birthday girl Teairra Mari liberates another cut from her upcoming mixtape The Night Before Xmas, hosted by DJ Drama. Over the upbeat instrumental from Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow,” the belting beauty sings about coming a long way from nothing and doing it big. “I’m in my own world and I’m getting everything/ And now I’m everything these hoes will never be,” she proclaims. Sass it up by listening below.

Teairra Mari – “Black and Yellow (Remix)”

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  1. jeremydante

    good she’s really getting on her grind. R&B chicks aren’t playing right now. they gotta fight for the spot.


  2. YEAH

    real talk I just came in here to laugh…


  3. Oh Yeah

    she jus ruined this beat


  4. the truth

    Hahaha she SMASHED IT! #TeamTeairra


  5. YEAH

    When will artist make music from the heart instead of worrying about their album sales? That’s exactly why R&B is almost over. Go POP right? because that’s where the money is…


  6. theAREUMADshow

    i kno its just a song and everything…..but how she gonna say she killin every bitch when her album hasnt even seen the light of day…and her songs cant even make top 10 ????? #justwonderin


    jaylon Reply:

    @theAREUMADshow,whatever you say but teairra can sing way better than rihanna and peple need to forget about her nd jay z because hes wrong,shes couldve made alot of money for him but i mean that his descision.and she is killin,she just sighne a multi milion dollar contract with warner bros. records and then some endorcements so money aint a prob. and just like she said to ppl like u “dont worry about me, im fine,worry about you maybe youll become a better bitch.stop hattin because you probalby bump her shit when ainobodi watchin.JAYY&


  7. Ft.Gf

    its alright… i guess…


  8. LOL

    I think its kinda cool yall just mad cuz there’s more than one female in the game.


  9. xedos

    Really bitch. who are you killing? every time this bitch opens her mouth she convince me that Jay Z made the right decision


  10. Pop.Music.Slut

    She fucking did that.
    A lot of what she said in the song was “pointless” and “redundant” with no album out but she straight gave me life.

    LEGEND Mari.


  11. LaMont

    It sounds pretty good,but she really needs to come out with an album cause I know she not making any money off these mix-tapes.


  12. Mic Check

    i see you teairra keep it coming


  13. tiffany

    tyga got the best remix

    and he’s really black and yellow and the video he made is perfect and we can see his life

    here ( Teairra Mari mix) it’s too much moving, the beat need slow deep lyrics,

    you’re not ok????

    btw, the deuces remix she did was really good


  14. CrunchTime

    It’s not about number 1′s or top 10′s. Because the people that are suppose to be hot right now aren’t killing anything themselves. They aren’t even smashing the charts themselves. They’re exactly where Teairra is. They just get media coverage. But none of these so-called R&B chicks that are suppose to be hot aren’t doing anything. So I don’t know why everybody is dissing Teairra. When all these “celebrities” that y’all kiss the ass of, are in the same boat.


  15. RainbowBright

    Apparently, you guys didn’t listen to her lyrics, because she’s talking directly to you haters and detractors. She told you guys exactly what she did do and what she is doing, and what she’s about to do. At least I respect the girl for not giving up. Just because people said it can’t be done. Well, she did it. She got another major label deal, she’s recording her new album. So she did something right. They signed her again.


  16. mal



  17. Tracey dowdy

    hi Teairra Mari my name is Tracey Dowdy i’m your biggers fans when is your mixtape coming out i con’t wait i have your first album and poster on my wall, happy belated birthday Tea,Tea


  18. BoringCorin

    this itchbay is hella stupid. how she gon take my man wiz’s song and just drop a cleveland steamer on the ish then walk out? this song SUCKED. shes sexy, which is more than i can say for nicki minaj, but talented? she might be the ‘head’ of the class



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  20. fizzle

    yall throwin pointless & lame shade for what? uh huh yea ok. great job Teairra Mari.


  21. gonewithewind

    dayum she can get it! and she def right none of em bytches touching her with the exclusion Ciara tho ;)


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  25. FrMouth

    these bitches need to work on some real lyrics. not always the whole dollar getting, swaggering, killing haters and shit. wth, come up with some original not that generic bla.


  26. jhuntdaprodigy

    I really am getting tired of these cocky R&B chicks bragging on themselves all the time (*cough Keri Ciara Teairra *cough) it gets old. If any genre is dead it’s not Hip-Hop, it’s R&B. Especially female R&B. I’m not one of you stans, I don’t dislike any of these chicks, I’m just saying my unbiased opinion. I want to hear some real music from these girls, with substance.


  27. likai666



  28. Misty

    I loveeeeee this!! She did a great job. And I see the haters are doin’ their job well–hatin’! Why are you worried about Teairra? She aint worried about ya’ll. And unlike your faves at the top, she at least still has her soul O_o…


  29. misscarlybaby

    i love it ti-ti…she be going in fa real! go teairra mari.u did this shit! i love it 10times better than wiz khalifa


  30. Boy Wonder

    I really like this. I remember when she first came out and after the 1st single I really wanted to like her music but it just wasn’t that memorable or good to me. But this is a smash. Could just be the beat but this is what she should do. Half swag r&b songs like this (more Keri less Ciara) and half real r&b songs. She’s got my attention. Now what’s she gonna do with it?


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  32. kArson

    that was so amazing i really love that


  33. Tracey dowdy

    hi Teairra Mari my is name is Tracey Dowdy i’m your biggest fan i been watching you ever since your first album and i have your posted on my wall now and is your new album coming out i can’t wait till it come out


  34. Tracey dowdy

    hi Teairra Mari My name is Tracey Dowdy i’m your biggest fan i been watching you ever since your first album i have your posted on my wall now. and you have a nice singer voice when is your new album coming out and i can’t wait till it come out so i can buy it


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