Video: Black Eyed Peas Get ‘Dirty’ on ‘X Factor’

International superstars the Black Eyed Peas flew overseas to London to perform on “The X Factor,” doing a rendition of their hit single “The Time (Dirty Bit)” off their recently released album The Beginning. Dressed in futuristic ensembles, Fergie,,, and Taboo danced at the front of the stage as dancers with light-up blocks on their heads hit choreographed moves behind them. Watch the funky four take it to the future.

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  1. Miniblock

    they are crap now……


  2. jamie

    why havent u posted alexandre burkes performance? ….. was a million times better!


  3. cristopher

    ^ who the hell is that? LOL



    @cristopher She’s big in the UK lol. Her biggest single is “Bad Boys” ft. Flo Rida. Youtube it!


  5. The Beast

    i like bep but that wasn’t a very good performance. was out of tune while using auto tune at the beginning and that isn’t even possible. and he was just a little behind the beat when he was rapping which made the whole thing feel a little bit too slow


  6. Jay London

    one word: CRAP.

    Honestly what the hell was that about?? You can almost tell they hate doing it as well, they must know how shit their song is… and Fergie really really desperately need at least a lifetime of vocal coaching. Oh and they need a new stylist because it looks like they got dressed at Fisherprice’s!


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