Video: Diddy Falls for De Niro in Drag

Robert De Niro and Diddy

The Blizzard Man strikes again! You may remember him from his work with Ludacris, but Diddy is also a fan. The Bad Boy mogul asks the rapper (Andy Samberg) to add a verse to his next hit. While Puff is impressed with his mic skills, he’s even more taken by his mother, played by Robert De Niro in drag.

“If you wasn’t my man’s mom, I’d tear that ass up,” says Diddy to De Niro’s character.

Laugh it up by watching the “SNL” skit below.

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  1. MentalPhipps

    WTF? Haha, Hilarious. Diddy, At the top. Dont make me laff


  2. Dillon_68

    is that susan boyle?


  3. Afowzo 3000

    it was amaizing! ma Godddd! like wow and diddy was really good, he killed it! … totally. Andy is the sizznit on this!!!!!


  4. Nait Phoenix

    @Dillon_68 Now you know Susan does not have that many wrinkles, and her breast aren’t that perky. LOL This and “What’s Up With That?” were the best sketches on last night’s show.


  5. ChoyceisUrs

    im at work and i had to hold my laughter in bcuz Blizzard Man(Andy Samberg)killed this skit. DUMB funny.


  6. ChoyceisUrs

    im proud of Diddy becuz Hiphop is judgemental and he did a brave thing. that was kinda Homo. (NoHOmo)


  7. netto

    i love you


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