Video: T.I. f/ The-Dream – ‘No Mercy’

The-Dream and T.I.

T.I. takes ‘em to church—literally—on “No Mercy,” the title track from his seventh album, in stores Tuesday. Tip teams with The-Dream in the house of worship as he tells the tale of those who would rather see him fail than succeed. Watch his harsh reality unfold in the video below.

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  1. Marc Adams

    Such an inspiration. FREE T.I.!


  2. Konvict gang is coming 2011

    T.I is a fool he keeps releasing the wrong songs as singles


  3. Dave

    I like this. The-Dreams vocals also sound good @ the beginning


  4. ray

    I like it to. I will buy the album on Tuesday for sure.


  5. tiffany

    album of the year

    can’t waiiiiiiit

    in france, he’s in stores tomorrow!!!!!!!!


    france love him

    t.i le meilleur rappeur


  6. Yes

    I’m so in love with this song! No Mercy in 2 days, I cannot wait!!


  7. YEAH

    Dream ruin the song!! I really like this song but hate the dream on it!


  8. T.I. Supporter

    @Konvict gang is coming 2011 actually – its not a single


  9. sihle

    I don’t understand y some fools compare T.I and Wayne, coz clearly Tip comes out top with better rhymes, better music and much more sense


  10. chris

    i love this song!!!i definitely gonna buy the album!


  11. Yes

    The album is #1 on Itunes! YASSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!


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