Willow Smith Whips Up Holiday Cheer

Willow Smith

Willow Smith whipped her candy cane hair at the holiday tree lighting and grand opening of the L.A. Kings Holiday Ice at L.A. LIVE in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday (Dec. 4). Proud parents Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith watched from the audience as their daughter sang her debut single with a Christmas twist. Willow will travel east to perform at the Power Live Holiday Party at New York’s Highline Ballroom next Saturday (Dec. 11).

The 10-year-old singing sensation and her brother Jaden were named Entertainers of the Year by Entertainment Weekly, along with Taylor Swift and Kanye West. Willow, who picked Lady Gaga, B.o.B, and Eminem as her favorite entertainers of 2010, said she wants to pursue acting. “I’m focusing on music right now, but I’m going to pick acting up soon,” she told the magazine.

Peep pics of Willow with Santa Claus and watch clips from her festive performance below!

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  1. diza

    i love this song


  2. tiffany

    i couldn’t be a fan of a 9 years old baby


    but we gonna see what she will become


  3. OMfG

    WOW that kid is realy talented, shes awesome i luv er, i wish she make bieber dissapear


  4. AMX

    she look like her father..


  5. YEAH

    so much (other) talent in the world, but whatever, right? :)

    Go Girl!!


    Justin Bieber, Willow, etc… WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD CONGRATS!!!!


  6. xxx

    willow is a great singer for a year old girl – she is very talented, interested to see what she will become


  7. chuckster

    Is she wearin lip gloss….girl is tooo yung for that ish!!!


  8. miss mars

    ummm…just cuz u got famous parents doesn’t mean u have talent…but whatever, i guess there are tastes for everything. personally i think she’s trying to be a baby gaga…


  9. @lukasfakhouri

    there’s so much HATE in here! is evident the vocal ability and the talent she has, even being so young. congratulations, willow!


  10. let's be real

    @ Tiffany
    People were fans of Michael Jackson when he was 9 and 10.

    Brandy sold over 10 million records worldwide of “Never say Never” when she was 16.

    Music is universal, it’s not about age. You can dance or exercise to this song and that’ll probably be the tone of her albums.

    People over the age of 25 still love cartoons.


  11. let's be real

    Is it really that much easier for some people to be more positive then negative.

    Her parents are famous but that doesn’t negate her talent.

    Everyone screamed that her song was full of autotune but she sung it live on “Ellen” and did great.

    You watch her video and performance and interviews and she’s talented. She can sing, she has personality in her performance and in her video.

    There are a lot of other celeb kids who don’t succeed. Kelly Osbourne had lukewarm success. Rumer Willis (Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’ daughter) acting career hasn’t peaked.
    Lil Romeo never sold the amount of rappers with no nepotism like Bow Wow or Lil Wayne despite coming out within 3 years of them.

    People have heard her song on radio and loved it before it finished on the station and someone told them it was Willow Smith singing it.

    There are other kids who couldn’t make this song pop like she does because she has natural ability. Not because she’s the daughter or successful actors who recorded music, and not because she’s a cute kid. She’s has “IT”


  12. ILoveThis

    @ “Lets Be Real”

    MJ and Willow SMith made music that were extremely different from each other. You cant and you shouldn’t ever compare.


  13. From Tokyo

    @Let’s Be Real – Thank you, thank you, thank you! People trying to be slick with their criticism (threatened with the success of a child, judging other people’s parenting skills when they need to mind their own) when they know good and well that people like Raven-Symone put out an album when she was 5! Uh – I think she’s a success story.

    ILoveThis – I could carefully explain to you the nature of Let’s Be Real’s comparison but I’m not gonna bother cause you’ll be determined to not understand it.


  14. From Tokyo

    Anyway, saying that mess I forgot to say that she looks so cute and did a great job!


  15. new york baby

    some black people are so negative the girl is just singing. she’s doing this instead of maybe playing tennis or soccer. its always the black people that are complaining more then any other race. thats why we will always stay behind. the girl is not dancing sexy acting sexy or having a bad attitude. just shut the hell up and be proud.


  16. king_awesome

    let’s be real…..u said wITH I WAS GOING TO SAY THANK U AND @NEW YORK BABY


  17. From Tokyo

    new york baby – thank you for speaking some more sense!

    I can’t with people being so insecure and judgmental about stuff that’s NOT EVEN BAD but defend stuff that’s questionable to outright bad. The child is having fun and doing the hobbies her lifestyle affords her. She could be involved in sports instead, which I personally know takes up a ton of time and energy, or she can do these other activities which her parents are carefully looking over.


  18. SWAG

    @ LET’S BE REAL….I AGREE 100%


  19. SmoothCriminal

    From Tokyo, i agree,people is just being bias.


  20. jeremydante

    horrible sound quality on these videos.


  21. ikridroc

    i can’t believe these grown ass people are actually hating on a innocent 9 year old..i see u guys aint taking no prisoners. #hatersgonnahate


  22. maria from england

    willow give me your number


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