Keri Hilson Reveals Childhood Nicknames, Performs on ‘Lopez Tonight’

Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson followed fellow diva Nicki Minaj and appeared on Tuesday’s “Lopez Tonight.” Miss Keri discussed her all-girls slumber birthday party, shooting a 12-gauge shotgun, getting a massage from a mysterious man, and her childhood nicknames, Keri-aoke and Big Bird (“I was tall and yellow”). Plus, she strut across the stage with a remixed version of “Pretty Girl Rock.” Watch below.

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  1. tyler

    I love you keri hilson. You are my inspiration. My gawd i love you. I can’t wait for this album. show them why you are the best. Pretty girl rock is slaying itunes charts


  2. iLoveRihanna

    I do not like keri hilson but 1 thing I can say about this chick is that she is gorgeous. She worked it tonight and I like this song. I like the more feminine side of her more than the masculine side.


  3. RealMusic

    She gettin that promotion in


  4. meme

    keri hilson’s image is a mess. she needs a new team of sissies to get her look together. Between her and ciara i dnt kno whose image is the biggest mess.


  5. Applause

    Keri is just EVERYTHING!!! A woman that has that much stage presence and is so humble deserves that type of promotion. Her album is gonna do good.


  6. Gaga'sMonster

    1st off i agree with @iluvrihanna i to like the more feminine keri hilson. But anyway Ok keri get that promotion in. If only ciara had this.. I mean When it comes to album selling time miss hilson be gettin that promo in. I mean i am seeing and hearing about her everywhere whether it is good or bad. She made me eat my words because i said she would never enter the billboard hott 100 as a solo artist. Guess shee proved me wrong. This performance kinda made me interested in her. Ciara fire your team i have not seen you anywhere.


  7. QueenBeyonce

    No keri you are not the BADDEST that would be QueenBey but you are 2nd. I still love you but you not on bey level yet but you are improving quickly.


  8. Living Better Now

    @meme We all know why ciara isnt getting that promotion and Keri is its a no brainer. Keri just has that IT factor. Ciara needs to go independent and leave Jive cause she isnt ever gonna sell records again. Thats just the way is.


  9. meme

    ok i actually liked the interview look. hated the performance look tho but she actually did a great job performin for the first time.


  10. Whos Mad?

    Keri Hilson is gonna sell way more than ciara so there aint nothing to talk about lol. Interscope is puting too much money into Keri’s project for her to flop, its not gonna happen.


  11. jj33310

    GO KERI!!!!…that was hot and I can’t wait til Dec. 21st…so excited


  12. Keri Fan

    I can’t see both videos. Are they only available within the US or something?


  13. mindgames

    team keri, bitches!!!!! :]


  14. Carmen

    I think Keri will sell pretty good. Nice performance from her. She really worked on her performances cuz about 2 years ago I saw her open up for Keyshia cole and it wasnt that good.


  15. Will

    I love this woman!!!!! That is all


  16. SipDatBoyz

    Loved the performance..Heard the album Keri..I wish you much luck and success you deserve it..


  17. Kelly

    um Beyonce is the baddest, Keri you are a wannabe

    its makes me laugh when she dances, such a bey and ciara try-hard


  18. smh

    @Kelly Kill yourself!


  19. Fiona

    Kelly is right :)

    Keri tries to act all good and all but instead she comes across as a poor mans version of ciara and beyonce.

    can’t wait for the album to flop lol


  20. Teyonna


    there is no need for you to tell someone to kill themselves!!! That is so disgusting

    I mean seriously, the girl has a point


    end of story


  21. Keri Fan

    Thanks Rap-up for reposting the video!

    Vocals weren’t as good as what they have been, but she is really stepping up her performance game!

    The remixed part sounds like Shakira & Wycelf’s “Hips Don’t Lie” and a Nelly Furtado song I can’t quite put a name to. I loved it and prefer it to the original!


  22. Bitchplease

    Ciara’s name is always brought up in a Keri Hilson post lol. Ciara will be on Chelsea Latley, Lopez Tonight, Ellen, Monique,and 106andpark next week. Did somebody really said Ciara doesn’t have the it factor but Keri does.Are you serious?Ciara will mop the stage with this girl.


  23. g3

    that was actually good go Keri she stepped it up


  24. tiffany

    she’s the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest

    i don’t know who’s the queen of rnb

    CIARA or KERI HILSON,?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    big question


  25. Lolsmileyface

    Beyonce is queen.
    I guess Ciara can be a princess.
    Keri needs to do a little bit more.


  26. Tyler G

    All i wanna know is how did Keri go from Pretty Girl Rock to The Way you love me. Keri has sold out.


  27. Ryan S

    Such a good interview and performance. Cannot wait until the album drops in the UK. GO Keri !


  28. Terry-Andre

    Who is this again? -thinks to self- Keri Hilson? -Still thinking- Nope Never heard of her.


  29. lostonez

    keri really stepped her game up glad to c she took time off to get better at her art


  30. 2011k

    OMG, SMFH!!!! Why can’t we just respect Keri’s artistry for what it is? Yes, we all know Beyonce is great!! And yes, we all know that neither Keri nor Ciara will ever…EVER COMPARE to Bey, so STOP TRYING TO COMPARE THEM!!! Bey is the QUEEN, Ciara carries a nice tune and can dance her ass off, and Keri keeps it real! There’s room for everybody in the musical spectrum!!! (Coming from a Bey/Keri fan…)


  31. QueenBeyonce

    @terry chile please you know who keri hilson is or you would not have commented on the post epic fail. LOL at yall thinkin ciara will do any damage with her new album. lmao i still don’t even know the release date of it. i know i will not be getting it. all her songs suck


  32. Cut that check

    These ciara and Beyonce stans are coming in this post like there worried or something. Do you think Keri Hilson is worried about all that? Shes doing what she loves, getting paid millions to do it and all u can do is say Beyonce and ciara is better smh. Well first off ciaras Basic Instinct leaked almost 2 weeks in advance which means the album is most likely gonna flop. Beyonce isnt even out with a new album right now so shes irrelevant to this conversation. I dont care about that all i care about is Keri getting recognized for a great album and it doing well on the charts, which it will.


  33. its too late

    Keri Hilson is by far my favorite female artist since Aaliyah i absolutely love her i dont care what anyone says Keri is killin the competition. As for ciaras album, it will be an EPIC FAILURE for sure. It leaked almost 2 weeks in advance plus the album is horrible. Not even another 4 month push back will help that album sell.


  34. Sweet hunny

    Keri rocked it. i’ve never been a big fan of her or disliked her but after seeing this i wana see what she’s about. do yo thang girl


  35. Kyle

    She is definitely on her promo grind, I feel like I’ve been seeing her everywhere lately. It’s helping her out a lot and “Pretty Girl Rock” is still rising. Can’t wait for the album!!


  36. ikidroc

    @tyler it’ slaying itunes causse it’s free dumb fool lol keri need to stick to writing songs *yawn*


  37. ikidroc

    these haters ain’t taking no prisoners.. you guys came out in full effect cracks me up… these people debate over people who don’t pay our phone bill..who never met us and don’t give a f about us to be honest:) i enjoying reading your comments…You go keri u stepping up you’re performance game …support all the black chics in game people :)…Haters gonna hate.


  38. You be killin em

    Keri has got her ish together i mean she knows how to promote. 21 day video blogging for her album, Tv promotion, viral promotion etc. You can hate on her all you want but shes doing damn good for only her second album. She will be around for a long time. I love u Keri Hilson :)


  39. tyler

    @ikidroc 1st off the single is $1.29 on itunes

    2nd off it was only free for 1 week.

    3rd. if a song is free and 4 million people bought it it would not go up the itunes chart

    only paid itunes songs recieve credit.

    What is your excuse for pretty girl rock hitting the billboard charts hot 100. stop hating on keri hilson.


  40. Cassive

    She’s sexier than Ciara.


  41. LaMont

    What a great performance! Keri is so sexy her body is bangin’.I love the hot pants she has a great ass! Keri Hilson is a dime piece!


  42. karen

    hi karei hilson i am a big fan of yours and i an righting a riport on you.also i rilly want to be a sinder like you but if you need someone just reach me at karen.tousant@ yahoo.con and


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