Lil Wayne Stands Tall on ‘Carter IV’ Single

Lil Wayne

Ready for that new Weezy? Barely a month after getting out of jail, Lil Wayne is ending the year on a high note by breaking his silence with the first single off the long-awaited Tha Carter IV. Young Money president Mack Maine has revealed the name of the highly-anticipated track.

The song, titled “6’7”,” will arrive before the year’s end, according to Maine. “We definitely dropping it before the end of the year,” he told MTV News. “We ready to go now; we getting it mixed.”

Maine also hinted that the frenetic banger could feature YM’s newest member, Cory Gunz. “Just make sure you all remember two words: Cory Gunz. Incredible,” he later tweeted.

Wayne’s close associate DJ Scoob Doo previously described the song as a “2010 Version Of A Milli..But On [Steroids].”

In addition to dropping off new music, Wayne will make his return to television by performing “No Love” with Eminem on the December 18 episode of “SNL.”

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  1. Free Weezy



  2. jhuntdaprodigy

    I hope he does some songs with Kanye & Em again for the Carter IV. It’s rly been awhile since him and Kanye did a joint 2getha (Not counting Forever). Last one was See You In My Nightmares off Ye’s 808′s album I think


  3. Breezy

    its gonna be f-ing crazy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …and Kanye will be on C4


  4. IB

    Fuck Weezy !
    The dude shouldn’t be labeled as rap but as pop or something !
    Y’all have forgotten about the real Hip-Hop, and it ain’t about “money, cars, hoes, and jewels” .
    Y’all should look Hip-Hop up on wikipedia, and listen to the artists mentionned !
    I ain’t hatin, I respect the man’s success, but he’s giving a bad image to rap, just like most of today’s popular artists !
    All this bullshit about “swag”, what the fuck is up with that swag ?! Now a Mc is judged by the way he’s dressed and the way he looks, his style, that ain’t Hip-Hop ! A fucking real Mc, just gets on stage, a pair of baggy, a hoodie and a mic, and is judged on his skills ! SKILLS is what mceeing is about !
    You can distinguish a good rapper from a baad rapper by one thing : all rappers, when they ain’t famous, when they ain’t got no money, can talk about wanting to make money, it’s ok cause everybody gotta make money, but the thing is, when the rapper HAS the money, when he IS famous, it’s either he tries to be intelligent in his lyrics, or either he keeps talking about all the money he’s been getting, all the money he gets, what he can buy, all the girls he can fuck cause of his money and fame, his cars, his houses in Miami and all around the world! Lil Wayne belongs to the second category of rappers, the not respectable ones !
    Y’all wanna know what real Hip-Hop is, check all of these artist up :
    Slick Rick, Jeru the Damaja, Guru, KRS-One, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, The Roots, Method Man, RZA, Redman, LL Cool J, Afrika Bambaataa, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Big L, Nas, EPMD, Common, Lauryn Hill……..
    For the sake of the Real Hip-Hop !


  5. dmc

    lol @ you using wikipedia to define what “real hip hop” is.


  6. deuce

    @ IB STFU Son ur being ignorant right now.


  7. Dillon_68

    Crazy, cause I just told one of my friends that the Carter IV was coming out, today. I gotta let him know about the first single.

    I can’t wait! Will it top Carter III? Hopefully, CIII was a great album, but a bit overhyped. I think he can top it.


  8. yftopnotch123

    kids out there you need to chk out this kid on you tube video styles j aka yung floss he is todays star in youngests i believe he is going very very very very far and he going to blow the f*** up trust me i feeling this kid styles j



    for the hoe ass nigga dissin weezey. AREN’T U THE MOST IMPORTANT FAN.


  10. Breezy

    did that guy really write a paragraph cuz he’s mad? lol


  11. YT

    @IB fucc you keep ur definition and stupid rants to yourself cuz you can’t school nobody about what real rap is son. we all listen to what we wanna listen to and who can relate to, so fuck off you ignorant fucc.


  12. Scarlette

    Ur 100% True!


  13. ...

    co-sign IB. mainstream hip hop is garbage.


  14. Dillon_68

    I’m with IB too, but Wayne isn’t horrible. He’s just from a new era of hiphop than the greater artists like Sugarhill Gang and Kurtis Blow.


  15. Lisa

    Cannot wait!


  16. BaLLeR

    Ib is a Mariah and glee fan too. More of a bitch than a bitch. No mention of dr dre big or pac…. Ether urself


  17. YEAH



  18. wow...

    @ IB calm the f-k down it a’int that serious! lmao


  19. Unplugged

    Weezy is cool but at times loses the plot a bit….carter three was dope in terms of production……..hope the next one is better than the “im not a human being” thing he put out.


  20. Gabe

    @yt unless you drink codine all day, smoke weed all day,get whatever girl you want, and make millions like wayne how can you relate to that??? You cant. Support the real because the phony got you bobbin your head to the beat


  21. chris

    i think he is just slapping the cater name on it to get it to sell because of his mediocre sells of his last cds


  22. Chri$

    I relly hope that carter IV won’t be anything like IANAHB


  23. allen

    hey! big up meeeen! appreciate yah as usually. tel me wh
    at are you goin to do in game of music for this period?


  24. allen

    hey! what are you talking about of that song? what daz carter 4 means?


  25. WeezyFan

    i much prefer lil wayne auto-tuned than him raw on a track. I hope there’s a least a lil bit of auto-tune on Carter IV. Thats what i didn’t like about IANAHB, it was all raw. Anyway this track should be siiiiiick :)


  26. Soloman

    6’7″ or something
    what’s that supposed to pronounce?


  27. Raheem T

    @ soloman, kn rite but im thinking 6foot 7inch prolly, but thats very unlikely cuz weezy ain’t even that tall. anyways can’t jus wait, thats all.


  28. Chri$

    @SOLOMAN i think it’s pronounced like this: six – seven, and not sixtyseven.


  29. Tyler

    @IB are you suppose to be a damn hip hop scholar? Man listen its not like we have forgotten where hip hop comes from.We havent forgotten the hip hop pioneers but people like u get too damn carried away. Times have changed. The world has changed. Things are not what they used to be, so how can u expect people to still rap about the same things. Hell even KRS ONE knows that. It’s a damn fact. That’s just how it is.


  30. sihle

    I don’t know y this punk is always compared to T.I, they are not on the same level, T.I is lyrically unstoppable i.e Swagger Like Us, live your life, No Mercy? C’mn man, he just the Taylor Swift of hip hop, overrated but can’t rap, this guy shames Hip hop. T.I is the king!


  31. Jim

    It’s “Six foot Seven”


  32. Dillon_68

    @Soloman, it’s pronounced either “6 foot 7″ or “6 foot 7 inches”.


  33. Architect

    I think he needs to leave that wack ass Young money feel out of this album. Go back to that dope Grimey feel we got from the carter 3, Excluding lollipop. God I hated Lollipop.


  34. Brionna

    Wow I didn’t kno Weezy had so many haters…. I personally can’t wait to hear the song ao to buy C4 I think the game is really missing hos voice and Cory Guns is nice tho


  35. Vince

    i agree wit IB, hip-hop aint the same no more. Bac in da days it waz way more up-lifting.


  36. DaDonRoMaN

    So did IB just mention a whole list of dead people?? ii hate when people don’t get the fact that we are indeed in 2010 not 1990… Nobody is checkinq for those artist.. if we were they woulda been doinq they thing..


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  38. hip hop police

    Im looking forward to carter IV cuz I want to see if he has evolved with his music and content all that sinc ebeing locked away.

    and stop fronting yal kno wayne got bars, even if its not ur tase cant deny his skills. Hes a good rapper.


  39. DetoxIsComingFast

    @IB agree wit u other than the fact that u use wiki to define hip hop


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