Review Roundup: T.I. – ‘No Mercy’

No Mercy

T.I. turns somber on his seventh album No Mercy, reflecting on his roller coaster ride of the past year. Kanye West, Eminem, Christina Aguilera, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, and more lend their troubled friend a hand during his tough times. While the incarcerated rapper seeks redemption, the critics have offered their ruling on his latest work. Find out how he fared.

USA Today: Sonically, he’s got loads of radio-friendly material with guests such as The-Dream, Trey Songz, Young Dro, Pharrell, Drake, and Eminem. Christina Aguilera helps close out the album with the standout “Castle Walls.” Fans have stuck by T.I., and his album is worthy of their attention. 3 out of 4

Los Angeles Times: Whereas he once toyed with tricky time shifts, his flow lingers conservatively in the pocket. Repeatedly confessing to his own fallibility, T.I. turns his attacks on gossip website TMZ and people who post Twitpics—uncomfortably interrupting his own celebration to snarl. 2.5 out of 4

The Boston Globe: “Castle Walls” has a terrific Christina Aguilera vocal and shows introspection, but throughout this disc there’s an unsettling celebration of the untamed life without any reflection on the consequences T.I. often laments.

Boston Herald: T.I. owns up to his personal failures and promises to do better in the future. But evidence of improved decision-making is scant on this solid if unremarkable effort. … Sparks fly when T.I. surrounds himself with top talents Eminem and Scarface, guys who know a thing or two about overcoming hard times. B

Newsday: On “That’s All She Wrote,” he trades well-crafted rhymes with Eminem, who delivers a wild, raging cameo as strong as anything on Recovery. B-

Rap-Up’s Favorite Tracks: “Get Back Up,” “That’s All She Wrote,” “No Mercy,” “Castle Walls”

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  1. Cassive

    6.5 out of 10 from me, I’m not much of a T.I. fan.


  2. graicen

    worst ti album honestly


  3. Me

    The album is incredible. Only Kanye 1 Eminem did better this year.




  4. joe franco

    Lay me Down i LOVE !!!


  5. Maravish

    I really like the album, i’m not a big fan of T.I but he surprise me. Ill give him a 9/10

    Castle Walls was one of my fav, Get Back Up, Big Picture and All She Wrote are my favorites off the album. The album is worth it


  6. philly11

    Damn, I’m a TIP fan but this is album is just ok. It hurts to say that…


  7. T_NewNew

    I have always liked T.I. and his music but within the last year I have fell in love with his struggle and the ability to maintain a family through his situations. I love this CD this really shows TIP as a regular person. People go back and forth to jail all the time, but he is letting us know that even though he has money he still is a regular person who makes tons of mistakes. The album is incredible and is filled with collaborations of artist who have been through public situations. Great way to get people to look at the bigger picture TIP!


  8. Yes

    At the beginning I was kind of worried about this album and I had doubts of getting it. Later on in the year he switched it up and made it great. I had this album on repeat all day and I must say the man did a damn good job. 5/5.

    Welcome to the World, All She Wrote, No Mercy, How Life Changed, Poppin Bottles, and Castle Walls are my highlights for the day :). I’m looking forward to all the accolades that T.I. will receive with this album.


  9. Josh

    T.I. is one of my favorite hip-hop artists, but this album isn’t that great. The most disappointing thing on the album is that the second half was quite sub-par and contrary to T.I.’s situation right now plus he refuses to really take responsibility for getting locked up again by doing drugs, etc. Hopefully T.I. can refocus and put out better music as well reform himself.


  10. sihle

    honestly this is an 8/10 album, it is better than kanye and eminem albums to be honest, Kanye West’s album has lengthy songs, some enjoyable some crap. In No Mercy there are 10/14 songs that are brilliant!


  11. sihle

    and for the ey, its the KING partner!


  12. Soloman

    Not much impressions for critics.


  13. tiffany

    album of the year

    i’ll get a copy!!

    from france T.I we love youuuuuu


  14. tiffany

    10 /10

    T.I is not like those loosers (kanye west uumh)who invite shits like rihanna on their album just because she sell

    T.I got real artists and this , no kiding, no joke
    it’s a serious work
    talking about redemption with king chris brown, talking about the feeling of being alone with chritina aguilera, talking about love to death with the amazing jazmine sullivan……………

    T.I have no lesson to learn


    addison garry Reply:

    @tiffany, u do realize that T.I. has rihanna on his album paper trail


  15. Daire

    Does the person above me not rember paper trail,T.I. got Rihanna on a song and it was a single!


  16. saio

    this album is OK 8/10
    i really like: That’s All She Wrote, Castle Walls, Welcome To The World, No Mercy, Get Back Up, I Can’t Help It, Poppin Bottles, Strip, Got Your Back, Yeah Ya Know & I”M Back (i got the album from itunes)

    but this album not gonna be one of the best of 2010 like: B.o.B, Ludacris, Eminem, Kanye West, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Nas, Kid Cudi, Big Boi, Gucci Mane & Bun B


  17. Miniblock

    Welcome to the World and All She Wrote….. the only good tracks….


  18. victor

    eu vo comprar muita treta


  19. Chaldeia

    omg.this is sooo kool..T.I rules…The king is bck…10outta10


  20. nyamal

    wow wow am so surprised of Chris brown he was really great guy, his better than anyone who can dance or can sing Chris brown his so cool, and his sexy hot, thank you so much all the people who love to support Chris brown, is great guy,i don’t like T.I cause he sing with Rhianna.


  21. KandyBreezy

    if u dont like T.I.
    why r u commenting?

    gezzzz HIS A LEGEND :)


  22. VL

    Tiffany u have given me the laugh of the day with ur comment. I waz reading it wit a french accent. Lol.


  23. tiffany

    lol VL

    france love T.I btw

    (french accent is beautiful , no?????????)


  24. salman

    From Pakistan. T.I. is a legend and this album is sick !! stop hatin on him. he made this in 6 months for your a##


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