Black Eyed Peas Earn Third Top 10 Debut, Soulja Boy Stumbles on Chart

Black Eyed Peas

The Black Eyed Peas return to the top 10 on the albums chart with the follow-up to their multi-platinum release The E.N.D., but their labelmate Soulja Boy didn’t fare as well in this week’s sales., Fergie,, and Taboo’s sixth album The Beginning comes in at No. 6 on the Billboard 200 with 119,000 copies sold in its opening week. In comparison, The E.N.D. topped the charts with 304,000 in the summer of 2009. The group earns their third top 10 entry based on the success of the Dirty Dancing-sampled single “The Time (Dirty Bit),” which peaked at No. 9 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The Peas can blame Susan Boyle, who bumps Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy from the top of the chart down to No. 7 with 108,000. Nicki Minaj’s debut Pink Friday drops six spots to No. 8 with 103,000.

R&B powerhouse Jazmine Sullivan blows in at No. 17 with 57,000 units sold of her sophomore set Love Me Back, while fellow songbird Chrisette Michele’s third LP Let Freedom Reign enters at No. 25 with 42,000 units.

Meanwhile, Soulja Boy finds his third album The DeAndre Way with meek first-week sales. The “Speakers Going Hammer” rapper only managed to sell 13,000 copies of the disc, putting him way down the chart at No. 79. Comparatively, his 2008 album iSouljaBoyTellem debuted at No. 43 with 45,500 copies.

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  1. RajibDavid

    Why don’t you say The Beginning was a flop? It was a major FAILURE!


  2. YEAH

    wow Soulja LOL don’t you have 2 million followers?…DAMN THAT’S SAD smh


  3. saio

    next week T.I. no mercy number 1


  4. Daquan..

    Lmao! At Nicki & Kanye You Guys Are Still Basically Like Close He’s 7 & Your 8 Idk Why I Find That Funny Probably Because Susan Boyle A Women Who Never Had Sex Or Been Kissed B4 Bested Kanye At Number 1 Lmao


  5. YEAH

    ^ smh


  6. tones

    Holy shit. I expected, Soulja Boy to at least sell around 75,000 and Jazmine around 100,000. I thought the Peas woulda did at least 150,000. I am really worried about Ciara, Keri, Keyshia, R. Kelly, Kandi and Diddy Dirty Money and how well they will sale. But for some reason, I think that Keri is gonna sell around 150k, Keyshia around 90k, Ciara 75k -100k, Diddy 100 -125k, Kandi around 65k, Kellz around 100k and Michael around 250k and T.I. around 150k – 200k


  7. Well Damn

    Soulja Boy say goodbye to your music career. 13’000 copies lmfaooooo? Really? #FAIL


  8. Souljaboys Crack



  9. Miniblock

    why people still buying BEP’s CDs??? i thought they are crap…..


  10. From Tokyo

    Get it, Susan!


  11. you aint built for this

    2.5 Million twitter followers and you sell only 13’000 records in your first week? He needs to get dropped that is absolutely atrocious smh.


  12. Kyle

    I still feel like the Black Eyed Peas kinda “rushed” this album. You can tell by listening to it that it was created on a limb. It’s still pretty decent though I guess. I’m glad Jazmine got herself a top 20 debut with LITTLE to NO promotion. Her album is probably my favorite R&B album this year; I can listen to it all the way through.


  13. J0rdan0re0

    Ummm… yeah. No comment for Soulja. lmao


  14. Atlantic

    Soulja boy flopped krazzy! phahaha! ..

    That dude been everwhere on tv, internet and shit and only managed to shift 13k. Etherd himself.

    BTW.. T.I.P takin no.1 spot with “No Mercy” next week.. Go get that real music heat!


  15. wow...

    LMFAO @ 13K *DEAD*



    WOW @ Soulja Boy that sad because like people said above he had a lot of promo and he does have a ass of followers on twitter and none of them supported.


  17. ...

    @tones: the only people from your list I expect to sell are Michael and maybe T.I. (some residual buzz from his prison stint?). There’s nobody else there with an established fan base or a big single, so they’ll all either meekly debut and then freefall (R Kelly, Keyshia Cole) or they won’t push any numbers whatsoever (Diddy, Keri, Ciara).

    No mention of Flo Rida completely missing the top 200?

    I’m glad BEP and Soulja Boy both flopped. BEP rush released this with The End leftovers and Soulja Boy has been lame since day one. Hopefully we can start phasing out some of the wackness in mainstream r&b/hip hop and get back to good melodies and intelligent lyrics.


  18. Petit

    Hello people:) i wonder what this means:
    smh and imao


  19. totz

    soulja boy is currently doing the pretty boy flop

    T.i. No mercy definitely no 1 next week hopefully


  20. sagb

    damm bep might of ended at #6 but thats kinda bad considering that the e.n.d. reached #1 and was very successful…and for soulja boy o_0


  21. chunel

    LMAO BEP ! Seriously wprst CD of 2010 !



  22. Ryan S




    i felt soulja boy should of dropped his album earlier during when pretty boy swagg came out. it got played out plus all of those cocaine rumors and he’s trash LOL interscope should drop him right away because he isnt selling. I mean c’mon he flopped twice. i respect him but if he not bringing home the money then so long “brotha”


  24. Garyy

    I’m feeling bad for Jazmine and Chrisette. These young talents deserve better! As for Soulja Boy, all I can do is laugh and laugh and laugh. What a flop.


  25. Nick

    Well, considering how AWFUL Soulja’s album was, I think 13K is pretty good. LOL. I mean, I’m still in shock that their were 13,000 idiots that actually bought that trash. Soulja Boy KNOWS he puts out garbage. He probably doesn’t even like or listen to his own sh**. Soulja never cared about his fans. All he wanted from this industry was the MONEY. And he got it, because people were too foolish back when ringtone rap was hot and gave him the time of day.

    I can see Soulja Boy as one of those types who will go bankrupt in 5 years and end up on Celebrity Rehab or we’ll here some news story about him dying from some drug overdose.


  26. Joyams

    I feel bad for soulja boy…13 000… OUCH !!


  27. Terry-Andre

    “only managed to sell 13,000 copies” lmfao.. Damn!


  28. wtfever

    I dont find it funny about Soulja. I wish the young man much more success, he is doing him and thats all that matters. He is still rich whether people like him or not. I was just reading a post about how “words” that come from peoples mouth are so full of hate when you fail or dont do as well as people expect, but when you on top they are kissin your azz.


  29. BrooklynRaw1

    @wtfever but he did it to his self his new music is very disrespectful and jst all around bad he lost his following becuase of that


  30. LOL

    Im going to concur with all the other commenters on here. #FLOP. ok im done. bye guys!


  31. truth truth

    I agree with @wtfever . So much hate in here.


  32. AJ

    yea, if he starts pulling his FREAKIN PANTS UP, maybe his album sales miht go up, lol n alll them stupid jewelry his wearing dont help his image


  33. SmoothCriminal

    wtfever you are right, even though i don’t listen to Soulja boy,i still would like to see him do good look how many,followers he as and when he needed there help,they fling is ass over the bridge,that,s fuck up,no matter what i won’t knock any ones hustle,if i am supporting someone from the start i am going to do it to the end as in cap is album,if you supporting the dude, is album came out go out to best buy are some were and officially cap it, support him if you was rocking him from the start.


  34. !!

    Dang Soulja Boy only sold 13,000….Kevin Federline sold 7,000 in his first week sales…..#FLOP


  35. Benjamin-E

    Where’s Miguel on the charts? :(


  36. Brionna

    S/o to nicki 103,000 thats wassup …. Even Waka sold more copies than SB now he can’t say anything about the New Boys only selling 9,000


  37. Jay Jay

    At least soulja did better den kelis and dondria lmao


  38. luel14

    ^lol they forgot about Miguel. He probably debuted at a 1000 on the charts. No where to be seen like Flo-rida hair line. Smdh all jokes aside why are all these talented people flopping. (soulja not included)


  39. Rihanna Baby

    Why are people surprised about low album sales. People hello, we’re living in a time of internet domination and with that you get piracy and tracks being leaked. If you look at Kanye’s first week numbers, you’ll know because Kanye normally sells much more.People then start downloading sh*t. And its also artists fault for not being creative anymore. Always putting out the same old wack sh*t that we hear over and over.


  40. The Beast

    just quit soulja boy. that is the saddest thing i have ever heard.


  41. Team World

    @Nicki dawn anything nice…


  42. Ghost

    How is it sad about Soulja Boy? When he did most of this to himself?

    Instead of showcasing all that junk-he should have been working on his MUSIC.

    Instead of fake beefs on Twitter with Bow Wow-he should have been WORKING on his music.

    Instead of insulting folks that hate his music-he should have asked WhY.

    He put out mixtapes and could have tried new ideas or suggestions.

    Folks are sick and tired of seeing and hearing about him in magazines and tv because he comes out looking like a JOKE.

    He needs a better mentor than Gucci Mane. 2.5 million followers and you only sell 13k?

    It’s time for a change.


  43. ponyo

    overall all thier album sales suck….i mean how many people are there in this world..these numbers are very sad…it has nothing to do with internet music out here is garbage…pure garbage…personally i won’t be buying anymore albums….pinkfriday was a waste of my money…..kanyewest was right on the money…rihanna on the money..i plan to buy ceeloos album when the price fucking drops….other than that….my cd collection stops now…


  44. FLOP

    @ghost i agree he did it to himself most of the songs on his album were pretty much recycled mixtape songs and since his fanbase were pretty much little kids and teens, it flopped because of the stupid songs on the album like 30 thousand hundred million and mean mug i mean they are trash just like every other song, but his older ones were for little kids to listen to like turn my swag on and crank that.


  45. hip hop police

    Yall do realize that sales for rap and rnb and anything involving black folks is down in general Because we Bootleg and always want shit free. We are the most unsupportive race on the planet. I swear. No wonder our music is in a slump and half the smart artist that are selling decent at all are looking to switch in other genres of music.

    U see whose on top of the charst right, because those artists fanbase are rich middle class people that dont believe in bootlegging because they feel its stealing. We gotta do better not just in this case but all around.

    And I agree with @ghost about souljah boy (or however u spell his damn stage name) tho.


  46. barry

    @hip hop police…co-sign with what you said abt black folks not buying albums,its why most rappers #’s keep droping,in the near future we’ll rarely see platnum albums from them.. .but for shits like pop n whatsoever whose fan base is wider to even the middle class(most whites *no offens*) they’ll keep on selling.And as for soulja boy..#imjustsaying numbers sometimes do lie..2.5+ follo
    wers,some ppl thought he’s going to sell a mill?…c’mon,most are still those download addicts


  47. hector

    Yep the black eyed peas rushed it. their songs from the End are still big and people think their new song is just a new single but i guess they did it to have time for their solo albums.


    girl Reply:

    I Don”t Uderstand !!


  48. Otheking

    I thought this was gonna be SB’s biggest debuting album, he seemed to get a lot of media attention. I wish Kelz a reasonable debut coz he is trying to bring the RnB sound back with this album, but the album leaked too early, everybody has a copy by now.
    BEP album was rushed period but they do have nice tracks on it, if they select the ryt singles they’ll sell reasonably well! I used to luv TI but I dont enjoy his new rap :(


  49. realtalk

    it really shows Soulja has fake fans. He has over how many followers on twitter??????? That’s sad though.


  50. realtalk

    but oh well that’s what happens for being a media Attention HOE… Yup that’s what happens.


  51. Breezy

    soulja sucks plain and simple proof is right there too


  52. jhuntdaprodigy

    All they had popping this time was “The Time” and it wasn’t a #1 for 2 months straight smash like Boom Boom Pow. And then last time, they had an equally big song in “I Gotta Feeling” so they had 2 huge singles, they had just one “pretty big” single this time.


  53. Phoenix_Wright

    Jazmine actually did okay, her didnt do as well on the 1st week when compared to her 1st album, but it did sale close to it’s amount. She has a new fan here =) love the singles and what I’ve heard from the album so far so I’m happy & will be buying.

    Poor soulja boy, this was probably his best album too…2.5 million followers and u cant get not even 100,000 of them to cop your stuff??? He is appealing to the kids and teens when mainly download illegally. Hate to say it but it might be time for him to try to make for grown-up music, or should I say songs with deeper meanings and lyrics.


  54. tiffany

    no mercyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    the best valbum of the moment

    with the nelly’s one


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