Chris Brown Wows Big Sean with Rap Skills

Chris Brown and Big Sean do it big in the studio while recording a pair of original collabos for Breezy’s recent mixtape In My Zone 2. In the first of a series of webisodes on the way, the friends chop it up in the lab, with Chris explaining how “Shit Got Damn” and “Glitter” made the final cut of his DJ Drama and DJ Babey Drew-hosted tape.

“On the mixtape, it was all love. We was both in Miami at the same time, so I said, ‘I got these beats, come by the studio.’ When he came by, he started listening to a couple of the records. We caught a vibe,” explained Chris, who brought him in the studio and played him a few cuts off his forthcoming album F.A.M.E.

The pop star also shared that he was scared to bust a rhyme for the G.O.O.D. Music rapper. “When Big Sean came in and heard me rap, I was kind of almost intimidated, because I thought this dude was probably going to think I was wack. Because I’m not really amongst the rapper alumni. So he was just like, ‘Dawg, you can rap!'” he said. “From there, I just tried to have fun. I don’t consider myself a rapper. I just try to have fun with it.”

  • BossDawg

    That glitter track is hella tight I fux with chris brown

  • tiffany

    congrats chris

    this mixtape is fucking amazing
    and the colaboration “shit got damn” ft the rapper big sean is one of you’re best work

    chris brown brings rnb to his orininal roots
    chris brown kiiiiiiiing

  • Ciaralover

    I really liked is mixtape and can tait for F.A.M.E :)

  • Ciaralover

    sorry i mean wait not tait lol SMH

  • tiffany

    plus: i want a video for SHIT GOT DAAAAMS

    Chris if you hear me….

    and i wonder a thing : if he got all those fucking incredible songs on his 3 mixtapes (in my zone, fan of a fan, in my zone 2), what he’ll have on F.A.M.E ?????

    it looks like the dude have the bests songs everytime….. so i can’t wait for F.A.M.E
    where he got all those ideas, and all those crazy colaboration?????????????

  • jeremydante

    good for chris; he is working hard to earn his spot. very impressed.

  • Emma

    Chris Brown is a SUPERSTAR! – he works his ass off to give us thee best of him! loveyouuuuuuuuuu Breezy! [Fan since RUNIT 05′]

  • BBCocoChannel

    Lol at the fact when Big Sean was doing those stupid dance moves it said: ‘WTF is he doing?’ He look stupid, but I guess he good, I have never seen a rapper dance!!! Lol!!! I love the Machanical Dummy Webisodes!!! And of course I love Chris Brown! FAME is gonna be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! I don’t know if I can take Bey, Brittany Spears, Christina A., John Legend, CB, and RnB making a comeback all in 2011!! I can’t !! It’s gonna be a repeat of 2008!!

  • victor

    muito lokooooooooo!!

  • tiffany

    chris brown men!

    this shit goes hard

    from france……. WE aRE WAITING FOR HIM
    i’m tired of those shits without any talent who come in my country

    so it’s time for chris (the biggest talent i’ve ever seen) to come in paris and give me a lil “deuces” or a “kiss kiss”

  • VA 4 Life!

    I saw this earlier. Great footage. It’s nice to see Breezy in the studio doing his thing. It’s cool seeing how things come together. His fans really appreciate things like this.

    I had no idea that’s what Big Sean looked like. He is actually quite skinny. For some odd reason I expected him to be, I dunno, ‘big’. Lol! He sucks as a rapper though. IMO.

    ‘Sh*t Got Damn’ and ‘Glitter’ are two of my faves from the mixtape. I still like his first mixtape better though.

  • LeslieI.Brown

    love the mixtape…can’t wait for his album FAME!

  • Colgate smile

    Two basic bitches .who is big sean except kanyes ghostwriter? And fist brown is far from being a superstar . He is in the game since 2005 and in less than a year justin bieber sold more album than him in less than a year .SORRY Chris maybe you should ask justin or Usher to hire you as back up dancer since it seems that this is the only thing that you are good at

  • SandeePB

    Chris Brown really deserves more recognition than what he’s getting. It’s obvious he’s got true raw talent! Society, the Media, and other talentless artists are truly holding him down and I’m sick of it. I used to hear his music on the radio constantly and now it’s rare to hear anything he does. I’m sick of CB not being treated with the respect he so deserves. He’s the BEST :)

  • Raheem T

    IMZ2 >>>> No boys allowed + PF + Basic instinct.

  • heather

    @colgate smile you are such a hater, if you love Justin B soo much go his article and comment on his wack, pasty white ass. Thanxs.
    Anyways I love the mixtape and Big Sean seems like an interesting person, can’t wait to hear more from the two! #Deuces

  • David John

    materialisim, drinking, and sex, …

    god i think its time for a new topic,,,

  • Keesha

    @David John: Chris’ mixtape has more on it than just those topics. Listen to “Life Itself” “Last Time Together” “Quits” “Another You.” You can even listen to his other released songs, like “Between The Lines” on YouTube. I do get your point though.

  • brian

    i hear so much brandy inspiration in his runs .. thats why he’s so damn good


    i love this song!!
    and i love in my zone 2,