First Listen: Michael Jackson – ‘Michael’


Michael Jackson lives on through the music. A collection of 10 previously unheard recordings from the late King of Pop, simply titled Michael, will be released next Tuesday (Dec. 14), featuring appearances from 50 Cent (“Monster”), Lenny Kravitz (“(I Can’t Make It) Another Day”), and Akon on the uplifting first single “Hold My Hand,” as well as production by Teddy Riley, Eddie Cascio, and James Porte. Stream the album in its entirety on

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  1. Flexy

    I’ve listened 2 The whole Album;..
    & It’s a great 1….stop saying that’s not Michael’s Voice
    West Africa…


  2. jaymeb

    I’ve heard this entire album already and it rocks! It’s packed with incredible music from vintage Michael to the most recent tracks. Full of versatility vocally and creatively that will NEVER be matched, beat-boxing and all. The man is a musical prophet. This album puts Thriller to shame!


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  4. YEAH

    it leaked YES!!!!!!! I wasn’t buying it in the 1st place :P


  5. let's be real

    6-7 of the songs are his. I’ll buy track to track not album. That’s ludicrous.


  6. King of pop x King of rap

    That “Monster” track is a monster for real!


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