New Music: Diddy-Dirty Money f/ Trey Songz – ‘Your Love’

Diddy-Dirty Money

Prepare to party with Diddy-Dirty Money and Trey Songz on “Your Love,” a club-ready track included on the Bad Boy mogul’s upcoming album Last Train to Paris. Trigga Trey takes first verse duties on this romantically-inclined tune, where Dawn and Kalenna encourage their men to skip the foreplay and get down and dirty. Diddy comes in at the end on the self-aggrandizing song, repping for the fans with a toned-down verse. Get gritty by listening below.

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  1. king_awesome

    3 stars from me


  2. Melissa Diamond

    This is what I’m talking about! This track should go on the album. Or is it on the album? I like this neway


  3. mrmagoo

    This is terrible… I see the potential in the track but it missed the mark somewhere along they way. Sounds like noise.


  4. Dave

    I like it


  5. This aint it

    This track is honestly all over the place to me.


  6. Paige

    This aint it… i think your right it’s everywhere idk what to think about this….


  7. jhuntdaprodigy

    Kaleena actually looks good in that picture, she screwed herself over with that ugly haircut she got. Anyway, Trey kilt it, the girls were passable, and Diddy was weak as usual. 3 1/2 stars out of 5


  8. fizzle

    I wanted to like it but it wasn’t executed properly. On top of that it sounds more like it was Trey Songz ft. Dirty Money. SN: Diddy-Dirty Money? *side eye* Diddy needs to cut that crap out he is not no Diana to be putting his name out in front like he do anything for the group.


  9. Scarlette



  10. Lisa

    Love the song!


  11. Ross

    I was liking it until Diddy voice cam into it.

    He just needs to not. He does nothing good for himself or others musicly. GIVE IT UP and let the talented people sing


  12. YEAH

    YEAH TREY I know u was being nice but say no next time, to diddy!!

    I didn’t know Dawn is/was 27 O_O

    Overall this song SUCKS…What’s the point?


  13. bijan

    I love it except for Diddy


  14. bijan

    Okay I’ll admit Diddy’s party sucks but I really like the rest of the song damn!
    I think Trey wrote the girls’ parts and it’s hot


  15. chris

    alja jackson help pen this track she a dope artist!!


  16. jeremydante

    trey songz cannot fuckn sing.


  17. BBCocoChannel

    Wow! Trey’s vocals an lyrics were actually good!!! And Kaleena dis greeeaaat! Oh don’t even know why Diddy was on the song! I wish Dawwas on it instead of him! Now I respect Trey (singing wise) a lil’ better!!! This album gonna be good!


  18. dat419dude

    this a gud look for dirty money


  19. Sharp Tongue

    @Ross i agree.


  20. 1koni

    Shout out to Aljah Jackson! Playing uptown with the heavy hitters. You are so talented, can’t wait to see you on the RED Carpet!


  21. tyler

    some cool song but not his best


  22. tee-tee

    i wish diddy wud read some of these comments and take heed to wat ppl r saying. it’s not about hating: rap-wise he need to hang it up FLAT SCREEN. i know mad ppl who love all the songs DM has released but the complaint is the same “except for diddy’s part!”


  23. keisha

    i lov dis song


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