Video: Keri Hilson Turns On Chelsea Handler

Keri Hilson

Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent may be an item, but Chelsea also has her eye on Keri Hilson. “You want me, don’t you Chelsea?” Keri told the comedienne, to which she replied, “You know how I love my chocolate.”

Miss Keri also shared how her “VH1 Divas” duet with Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles came about at the last minute, her connection to the Kardashians, why she won’t date a rapper, and how she lost $16,000 in a basketball game.

“She’s hilarious, but she kinda makes you a little bit nervous ’cause you don’t really know what she’s gonna say next,” Keri told after the show. “She had me dying laughing.”

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  1. YEAH

    I hope Keri SLAYSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! C-error #FAIL


  2. Rosewood

    LMAO Chelsea is a mess. Fun interview.


  3. let's be real

    LOL they were great together


  4. JD

    I like Keri and all but CIARA will also be appearing on her show. Watch your mouth bitch.


  5. tyler

    LMFAOO.. i love this chick she be on every show dang she was just on lopez and tavis smiley now chelsea lately…

    also keri will be performing on BET CHRISTMAS this SUNDAY and she will also be on the today show around the time her album comes out. So the promo does not stop here


  6. nke

    this how you promote an album you go keri. i will be getting this album for sure


  7. tiffany

    she’s t best with cici


  8. meme

    im standing to “kinda” like this hoe. I see she’s working on her charima and becomin more entertaining in her interviews. These girls must have been paying attention to rihanna.


  9. jhuntdaprodigy

    She sure like talking about wanting dudes to fuck her, that’s cool though, I’d be glad too lol, but as for the keri/ciara stans, quit arguing neither of their albums are selling worth a sh*t. Ride was the closest thing to a hit Ciara’s dropped, and she’s let the buzz from it die down, and Keri has nothing resembling a hit


  10. Dont go There

    @meme oh please Rihanna is a put together gimmick from the islands that cant speak proper english her songs dont match her personality. Keri is very natural, she speaks fluently, she writes her own music as well as for other artists, she dances and she sings. Does Rihanna write her own songs? I’ll wait………


  11. RIP to the Competition

    Keri is promoting the hell out of her new album i love this woman. These other female artists need to take notes cause Keri is headed for the top. I will be purchasing 3 copies of her album


  12. JayRide

    Um @Yeah this has nuthin to do with ciara! just keep stanning for keri and leave ciara name out ya mouth! keri is on her grind she knws how to promote but the in a perfect world era was still better Ciara Basic Instinct Dec 14! Keri No Boys Allowed dec 21 i like em both


  13. king

    she tryin to act like rihanna


  14. king

    fuk u Dont go There
    u is jus rihanna hater she is the best and dont be fuk hating on my island ppl keri is a big flop


  15. meme

    @ Dont go There

    rihanna dnt speak proper english? And i guess ur dumb ass thinks american english is the proper english? go fuk urself. rihanna speaks way better than these ghetto southern artist with all these slangs. an accent doesnt make someone english non-proper.


  16. Dont Go There

    @Meme Once again u did not answer my question. (You lose) Read over my comment again. And your telling me Rihanna speaks better than Keri or even ciara for that matter??? U must be living under a rock smfh.


  17. Im just sayin

    Lmao @Dont Go There. Im guessing Meme didnt answer the question because the answer to that would be a big “NO”. There for Keri is killin her as far as talent goes. Rihanna may be bigger as far as sales and popularity but as far as talent goes, Keri takes the crown. #Imjustsayin


  18. YEAH

    I’m neither a Keri or Cerror stan
    Fuck both them FLOPS
    But Keri >>>>>>>>>> Cerror


  19. Soss

    Love her GO Keri !


  20. KOS-MOS-18

    I honestly think Rihanna, Keri and Ciara are all amazing with their own styles, can’t really say who’s better since they’re different


  21. lostonez

    y every time in a der is a blog that has nuthin 2 do with beyonce or rihanna der worshipers always brings up der names like der the only female arist in the world..If yall didnt kno beyonce or rihanna is not the biggest artist in america..go check gaga n taylor swift resume shyt even usher’s back to keri..i hope this album sells well cuz she’s bringing sumthin diff 2 the table..


  22. dc

    @dont go there… win vs meme. lol


  23. Heminem

    Yall are all so negative! Why can’t you like one of Rihanna/Keri/Ciara and not hate the other 2? They are all talented!

    But I won’t be buying any of their albums.
    Spend all your Christmas bucks on Michael Jackson’s “Michael”. It is the best album ever. Every song makes me want to cry or dance!


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