Mariah Carey’s Christmas in the Capital

Mariah Carey and Ellen DeGeneres

Host Ellen DeGeneres felt Mariah Carey’s baby bump at TNT’s “Christmas in Washington 2010” taping earlier today at the National Building Museum in D.C. The pregnant songstress rang in the holidays in the nation’s capital by performing seasonal tunes from her Christmas albums at the annual show, airing December 17 at 8 p.m. The First Family also joined in the festivities, along with Maxwell, Annie Lennox, and Nick Cannon.

Mariah’s holiday special “Mariah Carey: Merry Christmas to You” airs tomorrow at 9 p.m. on ABC. Watch a sneak peek of her duet with her mother below.

[Mariah Daily Journal]

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  1. Melanie

    No one does christmas like MC, corny but true! lol



    luv mimi’s christmas songs <3 i luv her version of o holy night


  3. Chris

    She looks obese.


  4. TheRealest

    @Chris BITCH, she is pregnant. What do you expect dumbass?


  5. Terry-Andre

    lmao!! HAHA!!
    @Chris lmao
    @TheRealest rotf.. you mad?
    yall funny as hell man..


  6. TheRealest

    @Terry-Andre. Lmao, I just hate when people act like they don’t know the woman is pregnant. I mean c’mon now!


  7. hidef

    so true.

    when its other pipol or another artist they know she’s preggy but when it comes to Mariah she’s fat or obese.

    i swear… lotsa hatin’ from stupid pipol.


  8. GangsterA

    she looks cute and gotta love ellen touching every pregnant cleb baby bump


  9. YEAH

    she may be fat or preggo but before she had a real nice body. so keep laughing haters, she’ll bounce back. (no pun)


  10. kim

    awww i cant wait for christmas!!!


  11. Cassive

    Wow! She got fat and not the good Nicki Minaj fat, the “damn I need to go on a diet” fat, the “She let herself go” fat.


  12. asd

    fat bitch he needs to get off stage asap


  13. oebie



  14. emmanuel

    I fine she looks old and fat.and nomoily she looks nice pretty and young


  15. Jaime

    She Is Pregnat with twins so of course she looks fat thats how your suppost to look when your peagnat!! I Think She Looks AMAZING!!


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