Ja Rule Pleads Guilty, Faces 2 Years in Prison on Gun Charge

Ja Rule

Ja Rule is headed to the big house. The “Put It on Me” rapper copped a plea deal Monday morning to attempted criminal possession of a weapon stemming from an arrest in July 2007, when he was pulled over by police following a performance with Lil Wayne at New York City’s Beacon Theatre. The 34-year-old was promised two years in prison when he is sentenced in February.

“Because of your guilty plea here today, you’ll have a record of having committed a violent felony. This is a very serious matter,” Manhattan state Supreme Court Justice Richard Carruthers told the platinum-selling MC.

He could have faced up to 15 years in prison, if convicted on the gun charge. “This isn’t a good day,” said Rule as he left the court. He is due back February 9, according to the AP.

Rule, born Jeffrey Atkins, wasn’t the only one who was discovered packing heat after the ’07 show. Wayne was also pulled over and arrested for weapons possession upon leaving the venue, resulting in a year-long bid at Rikers Island. He was released from jail last month after serving eight months of his sentence.

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  1. jeremydante

    the whole murda inc. clique just got shut down & they ain’t doing anything no more. how sad.


  2. Brown Sugar

    It’s a shame because he is sooo talented too!


  3. dead92

    “Rappers Go To Jail Like Oprah Go To Yale “-Ice Cube – no country for young men


  4. honeybun

    smh dang i used to be a fan of rue! i bet fifty laughing


  5. Rihanna Baby

    everyone is going to jail these days, is it a new trend that im missing? whats poppin in prison anyway?


  6. Terry-Andre

    @Rihanna Baby

    Shidd idk what’s poppin in prison and I damn sure aint tryna figure out.


  7. gonewithewind

    @ Rihanna baby
    damn you didn’t get the memo? anyways ftr,you can still forward your question to the Correction Officer at 5348 dropped the soap Ave,for more info.


  8. SDW

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Ja Rule is my favorite rapper and I was waiting on his comeback. At least he didn’t get as long as Lyfe Jennings and Da Brat. He will be out in…2013,maybe? Too long.:(
    *goes to see if DMX is facing jail time as well*


  9. Nick

    So much for that comeback……lol.


  10. Brina

    Wow 2 years I was waiting on his comeback too and I am a fan of Ja Rule…


  11. bobby

    What a shame! Career down the drain.


  12. Brionna

    y is her getting two years and wayne only got one??


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