Keri Hilson Gets Smart with J. Cole, Weighs In on Lil’ Kim vs. Nicki Minaj

Rap-Up TV caught up with Keri Hilson last week in Los Angeles to discuss her sophomore album No Boys Allowed, starting with the first track. The blonde singer, wearing a No Boy sweatshirt, shared why she enlisted J. Cole for the Polow Da Don-produced “Buyou.” “What I hear is a very smart person when I listen to J. Cole,” said Keri. “He’s very intellectual and I knew that he would bring that side out of the record.”

A version of the song with Lil’ Kim in place of the Roc Nation MC previously leaked, but did not make the album. “[Kim] was basically just trying out a verse for Polow Da Don,” she explained. “I happened to love it, [but] having all boy features kinda took precedent over that whole thing happening.”

However, the door is still open for a remix. “In a perfect world, it would be Kim and Nicki Minaj on the same track,” revealed Miss Keri, who also weighed in on the Lil’ Kim vs. Nicki Minaj beef and Nicki’s rise to stardom. “I respect both of them,” she said of the rap rivals. “You can be inspired by so much in life and still carve out a lane for yourself, which I think Nicki has successfully done.”

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  1. OnlyBoy

    I’m so tired of these celebs playin it safe with Kim and Nicki… They know that they are are either on Kim or Nicki’s side. Sry Keri this is not a perfect world and your little perfect response isn’t cutting it with me! AND u know u had a say on if Kim was going to be on the track! Nicki is who you want to invest in right now. The world is not stupid! But yea…. U LOOK GREAT BTW LOL!


  2. Jon

    what a wonderful and sweet girl she is.


  3. Keri Fan


    Keri has been friends with both before IAPW even dropped. Keri loves them both and I’m sorry if you can’t accept that.


  4. John

    LOL at Keri dumping Kim’s verse.


  5. Boy Wonder

    @OnlyBoy It is possible to like both equally you know, but she’s going with a theme for the album and it happens to be all male features. It woulda been real grimy if she woulda took Kim off and threw Nicki on it. Then I’d be like “Oh yea she’s showing favoritism”


  6. OnlyBoy

    ok im just tired of people playing it safe!


  7. KimGotDropped

    Kim’s stans shouldn’t get upset at Keri because they know that Kim’s verse wasn’t hot. If they are going to get upset at Keri, then they should get upset at Usher who dropped Kim’s verse from Hot Tottie in favor of Jay-Z’s verse.


  8. g3

    i like everything she said


  9. OnlyBoy

    Its just sad all around for Kim, im a nicki stan and you gotta appreciate the chica puttin in work.. and Nicki is doing that.


  10. turtle

    Keri is smart by saying ”Its an all boy theme” Lol.. Kims gonna try what Nicki is doing by Hoppin on features cos her albums arent going anywhere lol.. Love Kim But her verse was absolute RUBBISH SMH *thumbs down* *Walks away*


  11. Chris

    I wanna know why is it that her album is coming out soon and most of her interview is talking about lil kim and nicki minaj…ask her some relevant stuff pls rap up


  12. kia 'barbz' minaj

    Let’s all get NO BOYS ALLOWED… It comes out next week, DEC 21.


  13. A Realist

    I might actually buy her album. I like what she’s doing. =)


  14. 2011k

    I hate how it seems that her whole interview turned into a “Nicki & Kim” speech…I wish she would’ve done a breakdown of each track, considering it’s HER album that comes out next week…


  15. tyler

    ^^^ Well tune in TOMORROW.




  16. chris

    no offense to kim we all know what happen, she obviously asked nicki to be a feature and nicki was too busy with her album and she was forced to retreat to lil kim. no offense but we all know if you want to chart high, get hype, and perform well you always go to Nicki Minaj for the monsterific feature .


  17. tyler

    ^^^^ umm keri hilson never asked nicki to be on the track. Why would she have a girl as a feature that would be dumb on her part. the album called No Boys Allowed. It features MEN not boys. Putting Kim or Nicki on the track would look stupid.


  18. Nikki

    As a HUGE Nicki Minaj fan, Keri’s words make sense. Good luck getting Kim and Nicki in the same room, though. I think Kim needs to leave the QUEEN alone, go Nicki.


  19. YEAH

    ppl have forgotten about Trina <<<< LOL


  20. DaDonRoMaN

    Queen Nicki Reigns


  21. From Tokyo

    That was a very diplomatic answer. She’s a lot smarter than these people arguing on a daily basis about people who don’t know she exists.


  22. From Tokyo

    “people who don’t know THEY exist”, I meant.


  23. Brionna

    WOW shout out to Keri she really understands Nicki… Me being a huge Nicki fan i love it thanks Keri for sharing with the people…. i might actually buy her album after this


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