New Music: Young Chris f/ Eve, Meek Mill, & Black Thought – ‘Philly Sh*t (Remix)’

Young Chris and Eve

Young Chris rounds up his hometown crew for the remix to “Philly Shit,” produced by Rico Love. The former Young Gunz member, who’s the first artist signed to Rico’s Division 1 label, trades bars with Eve, Meek Mill, and The Roots’ Black Thought over a dark club beat, spitting about running the Philly streets and repping for the region’s hottest artists.

“It’s the Fresh Prince of the city, no Carlton in here/ Soulchild of the Musiq, it’s the home of The Roots/ Living life like it’s golden, bumping Jill in the coupe,” raps Chris on the track.

Young Chris f/ Eve, Meek Mill, & Black Thought – “Philly Shit (Remix)” [Mastered]

[Rico Love]

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  1. Starrcartier

    Eve KILLED it!!!


  2. fizzle

    Eve my love I’ve waited to hear from you gra! You gave me whaat I needed! Where is that promised first single (behind the music interview) we were supposed to get in Nov? Im guessing the album will be out in May instead of March? I still love you!


  3. paul

    damn eve


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  6. Terry-Andre

    EVEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! lls Bout damn time.


  7. chris

    yes my favorite female rappers about to take over go nicki and eve. Eve you dont ever leave us that long again


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  9. young$$MOVEMENT;

    eve snapped! i hence a little shade thrown at a certain someone [kim]. hmm.


  10. Steve

    Eve, I love her even more for throwing shade at Kim !! Haha #TeamNicki. This gets me even more excited for a collabo on Eve’s album. Haha but this song is pretty sick.


  11. Rihanna Baby

    why does every black girl today have blonde hair,,,,haha like what the fuck


  12. ponyo

    y’all just can’t keep lilkim name out y’all mouth…..smh…eve not my fav rapper…but she is a very good rapper glad she coming out…vocals are on point


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  14. Leo

    What are y’all talking about?! If anything, she is talking about Nicki.

    “Got my strips, maybe you should earn some!”

    Kim has been in the game LONG enough(longer than Eve), and has BEEN earned her stripes. Y’all mofo’s is MAD dumb. Just can’t keep the Queen Bee’s name out your mouth!


  15. Shaytan

    Did he really say Kim said something about Kim. Keep Kim name out your mouth. Kim & Eve are friends dumb ass! If anything it was shade @ your favorite. Sit Down


  16. Shaytan

    I meant to say Eve. It sad Nicki fans cant stop talking about Kim. This post could be about Jesus and they would throw shade. Are you that insecure? There is a reason Kim was the most talked about person #6 on twitter and she barely uses it. Nicki fans keep her name alive #pressed


  17. Traci Summers



  18. nojusthenry

    you guys are idiots.. nicki and eve are have been cool..even were on the “my chick bad” video together… kim started shit with eve way back.. and to be honest.. she probably isnt talkin about either.. she is a rapper.. who doesnt say “them rap bitches” nowadays…


  19. Sharp Tongue

    Lol! ya’ll are funny but cool song everyone did their thing. SN: Can we not bring up Kim or Nicki i like them both but what do they have too do this song?


  20. nicki for president .

    nicki and eve are cool. from what i know, eve and kim aren’t cool. from what i heard, kim used to try and start petty BS with her back in the day so if anything that’s who’s she’s talking to. in my opinion, nicki has her stripes = broken records, etc. couldn’t have been talking to her. baby, kim is too hurt. ugh. you ain’t hardcore no more, baby. give it up.



  21. redbonechick22

    i agree nicki n eve r cool. n eve even liked her album. she’s also cool with kim. eve aint that kinda girl. shes just like missy, very kool person. i luv em all so i dont wanna have to choose or hate.its gonna kill em



    Eve went the fuck yessssssssssssssss she’s back she on that pitbull in a skirt shit


  23. Steve

    Nooo yall dumb as shit Have yall not heard a song from yall Has-been called “Lighters Up”… Eve referenced it in a negative way (if I dumb it down)uhh yeah your dumb as shit. #SitAllTheWayDown. Do yall know what shots are ??


  24. Steve

    And keep her name outta our mouth ?? I actually could care less about her..if someone is taking a shot at her they are..thats like Kim taking a shot are Nicki saying “I see Right thru you” if its a SHOT, thats what it is.


  25. Layla

    Idk what ya’ll were listening. I didn’t hear Eve take shots at anyone, just spit bars. Besides Eve is too busy getting hollywood paper and dating a multi-millionair. She’s not worried about rap chicks or pop singers.


  26. smoothcriminal

    Traci Summers something is wrong with you…you just went in on Nicki…all of that wasn’t needed,anyways this is a Nice song.


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