Video: Keri Hilson Rocks ‘Today’ Show

Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson, or “cookie face” as Kathie Lee referred to her, did the “Pretty Girl Rock” this morning on the “Today” show, mixing the ladies’ anthem off her sophomore album No Boys Allowed with James Blunt’s hit “You’re Beautiful.” Wearing a glittery multi-colored jacket over a black blouse, skin-tight jeans, and fly stilettos, the blonde singer performed the feel-good track after speaking with hosts Kathie Lee and Hoda about the cut.

“I think everyone should just feel the confidence. Everyone should feel beautiful when they hear the record,” said Miss Keri. “It was co-produced by Ne-Yo and Chuck Harmony. I love Ne-Yo’s approach to writing records. I probably never would have said these things about myself a whole song long. You can look at it on the surface or you can go a little deeper.”

Did Keri’s “Pretty” performance score a 10? Watch below.

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  1. YEAH



  2. YEAH

    wow in the first verse she just keep repeating…LOL i didn’t notice at 1st


  3. luvlife

    She did a good job. I’m liking Keri this era.


  4. EL

    Handle it, Keri!


  5. ItsOscarYO

    Okay, I won’t deny this one.


  6. buddyreal

    lovin some keri hilson these days


  7. ed

    Wown That’s a LIVE performance!! Amazing. Keri’s definetly been workin alot.

    people should pay more attention to her caus this girl is talented!


  8. jeremydante

    i would really like to see keri do some vocal lessons- to establish more vocal stamina. it worked very well for beyonce & she is better for it.

    love keri, her hair & that bang is lookin hella cute. pretty girl rock is catchy & suitable for the no boys allow theme. was slightly impressed by the breakdown but keri’s lack of vocal strength distracts from the power of the performance. that said, she started off great. more power in the end.
    will be support the album next week.


  9. Drew-Shane

    Definitely a different vibe for the performance. Not too bad. I rather see some dancing and popping vaginas though…


  10. music guru

    Jealousy is the ugliest trait, never do it.. so keri don’t be jealous of other artist careers!!!


  11. justin

    Liked it I am for sure getting the cd


  12. Lolsmileyface

    I’m glad this wasn’t too sexed up (well it was daytime not late night).
    I am liking Keri a bit this era.
    Ciara just didn’t have any good promo


  13. chris

    I know she can sing but i dont think i would ever go to see her live. its seems as though she cant sing at all if she moves an inch

    like jeremydante said above i would like to see her and a few other artists get some vocal training


  14. luel14

    ha at musicguru. you better tell her to use her own quote. She will never be on the Queen Bey level. Yes im starting shit. Who gone check me?


  15. TeeG

    YOU Go KEri!!!!


  16. king

    she sounded safe but that all that buh any way fuk Beyonce and gaga all u ppl act like they are all that and both of dem come with the same shit all the time


  17. m

    ooh she’s mixing different songs together just like beyonce. but the queen and her band put these music like a cinderella’s shoes it fits so great.


  18. tiffany

    she’s the bestttttttttttttttttttttttt


  19. mal

    she is soo conceited which is why she’ll never get any better than this :-/ cute performance though


  20. ヅ•·.·´¯`·.·•-ΛalexisR-♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ★ ☆ ✰ T.I.P.•·.·´¯`·.·•ヅ

    A 10 it is!


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