Rap-Up TV: Keri Hilson’s ‘One Night Stand’ with Chris Brown

Keri Hilson is sharing details about her “One Night Stand” with Chris Brown. Keri and her good friend Chris collaborated on the sexy track for her sophomore album No Boys Allowed. “If TLC and Jodeci did a record together, ‘One Night Stand’ is what I imagine it would sound like,” the R&B beauty tells Rap-Up TV of the suggestive song, produced by Tank and Kevin McCall.

The “Pretty Girl Rock” hitmaker decided to keep Chris’ vocals on the song. “It’s a perfect marriage,” she says of their duet, which Breezy co-wrote.

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  1. ashley greer

    i really just love keri she is an amazing artist n song writter i love her so much she is so beautifulllll and when i seen chrisbrown at da car show i started cryin i love him so much i been lovin chris since he was 16 came out with run it!!!


  2. Amanda

    Every other song that comes on the radio has chris brown in it lol I can’t wait to hear this one


  3. ZANIA

    I hope they make a video to this song. It would be hot.


  4. ellis

    all i have to say is perfect, i would have named the song(made in heaven).sweetie go for the video straight away.


  5. SandeePB

    Keri Hilson is such a cutie pie… I so adore her. I enjoy every song she sings especially if it’s with my one and only #1 super star Chris Brown :)


  6. Keisha.J

    love that keri hilson! she gives me life with the new attitude and “no boys allowed” persona!

    Also cant wait for this album to drop!


  7. tresha

    Cant Wait for the album. Im starting to like Keri Hilson this era!! No Boys Allowed 12.21.10


  8. Rihslayurfave

    Keri slutty attitude will only get u so far… cut the crap and oh ho ho ho ho…merry christmas


  9. tiffany

    this will be hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot

    can’t wait
    they are the 2 greatest and most complete artsits of the generation so…….

    just perfect


  10. yasss

    amen! i can’t say anything else


  11. Young

    Keri Lynn Hilson is the best artist of our generation. I’m so addicted to her music it’s a crime. I cant wait for it am counting down the days even. Brilliant and HOT is a mean combo.


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    [...] recently told Rap-Up that “Chris Brown is a good friend of mine. He actually was one of the writers on the song, [...]

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