Video: Ciara Meets Chelsea Handler

Ciara and Chelsea Handler

Ciara strutted out like a supermodel in a sparkly cleavage-baring dress and high heels during her appearance on Wednesday’s “Chelsea Lately.” CiCi shared her newfound affinity for cursing with host Chelsea Handler and even dropped the F bomb on TV. She also presented 50 Cent’s rumored girlfriend with CiCi’s survival kit, including an Atlanta Braves fitted, Magnum condom, door knocker earrings, and Jordans. Watch the girl talk below.

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  1. Zzzzzz

    I’m surprised Chelsea didn’t bring up 50.


  2. Brionna

    Cici likes to keep it light and bright like she said on 106 … glad to see a little more of her personality in this video sometimes she can come off as kinda lame :\ lol at the gifts


  3. Anon

    Ciara looks like fucking supermodel. Those legs OMG!!

    Chelsea looks..


  4. Philly11

    Cute interview but were Ci and Chelsea having a dress off? Lol. When Chelsea start dressing like


  5. MB92

    Hahaha did Ci just pull out a pack of magniums?? Oh My


  6. Chitwnchick



  7. HUNNY_K

    i need that cici survival kit


  8. From Tokyo

    What harm is there to allow us to see it Japan – dang! Always blocking stuff!


  9. jojo

    Cute…. Classy….but funny cici survival kitt lmao rotff


  10. Jodys From Paris

    Damn those legs, my girlfriend’s by my side n she bein jealous lol…sayin im payin too much attention to her legs LMAO…
    Go ciara


  11. Beystanbish

    Ciara is so sweet. I’m not going to hate on her no more even though her stupid stans pushed me to when they shade my fave.


  12. 2XCL

    Wow Chelsea was ready to end the interview so quickly and Ciara was like “ummm I have a gift bag for you….”


  13. Gids

    Beystanbish, just ignore them, some of them are wayyy too much… this coming from a Ciara fan :P

    This interview was nice, and she looks sexy.


  14. meme

    I agree @ beystanbish. Ciara are fans are the worst. But I love Ciara to death, she is a sweetheart just like rihanna. I just wish her team wad get it together


  15. Phoenix_Wright

    i smiled thru this interview lol


  16. Lola

    I agree too I hate Ciara fans they make you hate on Ciara. Its cool for them to throw shade at everyother artist but they get all defensive when you throw shade at her.


  17. Jay

    Damn Ciara look good!!!


  18. Jay

    and she got the longest legs I ever seen! :)


  19. Ashley

    gone then mii guh ciara!!!!!!!!


  20. stalbans&jamaica

    I like her long smooth toned sexy thighs. I want to lick and kiss them.


  21. girl20

    ciara looks hot u go girl!


  22. Lele

    Chelsra was lawrys on the strength dress off for sure chelsea couldnt hold a lit match to ciaras goodys she knew it after the interview she said she wished she had little sexy boobys and then tried to renig salty like lawrys cici gave her those condoms like she was saying been there done that moved on chelsea get u someone who wants u not just ur becky


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