Keri Hilson’s Hometown Listening Party

Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson gave 100 of her hometown fans a sneak peek of her sophomore album No Boys Allowed by playing tracks during Hot 107.9’s “Very Keri Christmas” listening party at Atlanta’s Harlem Nights Ultra Lounge last night. In addition to hearing music ahead of its release next week, Miss Keri showed the crowd how to do the “Pretty Girl Rock” and explained the inspiration behind each song. Check out’s favorite cuts from the album here.

Keri Hilson and Pastor Troy Keri Hilson Keri Hilson Keri Hilson

Photo credit: Jazmyne Simmons

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  1. Brionna

    Ciara or Keri Hilson?


  2. Brionna

    I’ll give to to Keri


  3. lol

    does it matter? lol but can’t wait for her album!


  4. UMMMMMMMMMM...........

    Keri duh! lol Cant wait until No Boys Allowed


  5. misscarlybaby

    ciara all day..keri tries too damn hard to fit in…


  6. No Brainer

    Keri Hilson ofcourse. ciara is flopping for a second time in a row which is sad and the stans still want sympathy and to make excuses about why it happened. Her music sucks thats why it happened and its evident nobody is checkin for her anymore. Its Keri Hilsons time now. “No Boys Allowed” 6 Days left. Yayyyyy!!!!


  7. Nae

    Wat? There is no competition…Keri is soo different from Ciara and so much better!lol 12-21-10, Can’t Wait!! Btw she doesn’t HAVE to try, it comes naturally…MissKeriBaby!


  8. tyler

    I choose keri hilson. misskeribaby


  9. The truth

    I knew Keri Hilson would not disapoint with this album its gonna be fire and thats why her fans stay loyal to her. ciaras music has gotten so much worse over the years basic instinct is by far her worst album its definately worse than even Fantasy Ride. Her fans have lost hope in her the only ones that go hard regardless are her crazy stans who dont care what her music sounds like they will eat anything she releases up and say its hot even when its not.


  10. Hustler

    You can now listen to all the snippets on itunes and the album sounds AMAZING!!!! I will be buying the deluxe edition on Tuesday. Keri did not disapoint.


  11. deja

    i hate her hair so much she look like a white girl now.


  12. Nobody cares

    She looks beautiful with blond hair fuck what u think ^^^^^


  13. jessica

    keri hilson all the way can’t wait for the album to come out it going to be good.Ciara is good but her songs I am not feeling it


  14. Chris.M

    U surely cnt compare those two they ar both sexy,hot,talentd artist


  15. Phillybul

    Keri is THAT BITCH


  16. candee

    Ciara. Why would you ever ask a stupid question like that. Keri is trashy, ugly, and nasty. Pretty girl rock is the only good song of this album. She sucks and needs to stop makin music. Ciara has the best album of 2010 and is the best artist ever. Stop with these comparsions. Keri looks and sounds like a dude.


  17. The way it is

    No Boys Allowed shits on Basic Flopstinct by far i mean Keri has nothing to worry about ciara is done now after this second fail flop.


  18. Lala

    I think she looks beautiful, and I love her hair!!! Can’t wait for the album…


  19. kia 'barbz' minaj

    @candee why da name calling? Jealousy’s da ugliest trait..


  20. 49ers160

    can their be a third option please?


  21. lostonez

    i like both keri and it’s hard to choose just one cuz both ladies been holding down their own lately..but if my life was depend on it i will go with ciara cuz she’s more experience



    Keri Hilson >>>>>>>>>

    No Boys ALlowed December 21st!!!!!


  23. Yung381

    I Love Ci-Ci but in her albums there are always those tracks I despise. I am addicted to Keri’s music and this album is far from being dissapointing. All the tracks are great but Bahm Bahm is ok. shoulda been replaced with Lie to Me cause that track is gangst. Lose Control is greater than great. GET IT GET IT GET IT. Basic Instinct hasn’t even charted in the US yet. I may not be an expert but I atleast know thats not a good sign.


  24. janaih

    hi my name is janaih and i want to say i like your song and the best one i like is breaking point


  25. janaih

    hey girl it me i want to say i love you and i want to say god bless you and thank the lord what he bring you to and happy valetine day and god bless you and i 8 year old


  26. janaih

    hey my name is janaih and i love the breaking point and you said a bad word two bad word


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