Rap-Up TV: Nelly Explains Why He’s Waiting to Marry Ashanti

Nelly talks to Rap-Up TV about his return to the music scene with his latest album 5.0 and what he thinks of people calling it a “comeback” after the success of “Just a Dream.” “I understand why people do call it that because when you’re not on the charts and you’re not visual with current music that is basically relevant at the time, you’re kinda missing out,” says the St. Louis rapper. “So without me being in that mix, it’s a comeback basically.”

He also opens up about his relationship with girlfriend Ashanti and why he’s waiting to put a ring on it. “I think you really have to be friends first. It’s not about how long it takes,” he explains. “I’m not a person that wants to get married more than once. If I’ma do it, I’ma do it. You’re dying if you leave me.”

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  1. LolaAM

    I don’t blame Nelly or Ashanti for going the friend route. Privacy is good for relationships. ;)


  2. priscilla

    they are doing the right thing IMO. everyone in hollywood is splitting up when ever they can. good to see a few of them who wants be marry forever. Nally have come a long way i trust he (and asnanti) knows what they are doing. wish them all the BBEESSTT.


  3. N.Y.C

    He better hurry up and marry her before I do.


  4. Brionna

    he right society puts pressures on these artist to live up to what we want them too [relationship wise] but we dont take responsibility when it doesn’t work….. so i dont blame them for keepin their relationship under wraps


  5. rp coleman

    that’s right take your time. make sure u both r committed to it. it can be a beautiful thing.if she’s happy who she is and u r happy who r it will work. put god in it.


  6. jeremydante

    i like his response; but i feel like he’s waiting to put a ring on it because ‘shanti’s momma.


  7. Yep Yep

    If they aren’t friends after all of these damn years, it ain’t gonna happen.. I don’t like this part… “You’re dying if you leave me” What? He sounds like a NUT!!!! Ashanti needs to RUNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!


  8. Kelsey

    ^^ are you stupid??? he’s basically saying that whoever he marries he will not divorce. they will grow old and die together.


  9. Miss Boss

    I feel Nelly is doing the right thing no need to rush if he know he going to marry her. Just do what u got to do to be a good man to her that why its good to have privacy. Do u nelly n let the rest of these clowns get marry 10 times.


  10. eurogirl

    americanos are so obsessed with marriage. good lord


  11. Philly11

    His response was great. Finally someone in this industry that takes marriage seriously. He and Ashanti are definitely doing things the right way..


  12. Poison'Gurl

    Deyy Alreally Been 2gether 4 So Many Yearz N Still R 2gether So Watt Isz He Still Waitin 4 He Dntt Wanna Give Up Kelly Hummm……..


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